Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How To Dye Your Hair?

Women love to make changes in his appearance: whether it is new stuff, makeup or new hair color. You can radically change the color or change color only, in any case, it gives a boost of energy and creative freedom.


Painting the hair for the first time, matches the color close to natural. In this case, when the hair will grow, the roots will not be very apparent.

If you dye your hair the first time, you can use Rinse-off products. You can easily remedy the situation in case of ill-sorted colors.

If the staining of the hair you do not use the services of a specialist, ask a family member to help you. You can not see how a well-crafted neck, and some other areas. Mirror in this case, of course, can help, but it's not very convenient and does not exclude the fact that you can still miss a lot.

Follow the instructions. Do not miss anything. Test the paint on a few hairs to make sure you choose the color you want.

Comb hair after coloring your hair down and leave the assembled into a bundle. This will ensure a more even color. Zachesyvanie hair up leaves open the possibility for an inhomogeneous staining.

Divide the hair into several zones, dye your hair in the direction from roots to ends. In this case, start the procedure with the temporal region.

Apply moisturizer to the hairline. If dyed hair and gets on skin, wash off the paint will be easier.

If you want to achieve a stylish light-colored, contact a professional. First, the hair color from dark to lighter - not easy. Secondly, to produce color to it once and well, as all subsequent attempts to rectify the failure, do not give excellent results.

Staining spend on dirty hair. " Best of all, if, after washing your hair will be day 2, as just washed scalp becomes more sensitive, and hair lose fat containment.

If you're all set as correct, then your new image will give you lots of positive emotions.

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