Thursday, August 4, 2011

Effective Treatment for Hair Loss at Home

If you have a day falls 40-50 hairs, this is the norm, but if 100 or more, you need to think about. Hair loss may be due to hormonal disruptions, stress, health problems, lack of vitamins.
If you are healthy, then you should pay attention to hair care, quality and quantity of staining, use a hair dryer and varnishes, and other harmful influences.

Folk remedies treatment hair quite effective and have many advantages - it's accessible to everyone, lack of contraindications, the ease and simplicity of preparation. Before embarking on treatment for hair loss folk remedies, visit an endocrinologist, immunologist, a psychotherapist, and only if you have a health procedure, we begin to topical therapy.

1. Reduce to a minimum the use of shampoos, coloring agents, hair-dryer, paint, tools for styling.

2. Eat properly, avoid stressful situations, find time for rest and sleep.

3. Hair loss well help burdock root. They need to be washed, mince or rub on a grater, squeeze the juice and rub into the scalp. The procedure should be applied several times a month.

4. Burdock, castor and olive oil when rubbed into the scalp nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, preventing hair loss. Necessary to apply a few times a month.

5. You can mix castor oil with 96% - ethanol in poportsii 1:1, and rub into the scalp. It is recommended to apply several times a week.

6. The good effect is achieved by rubbing the hair roots infusion of kidney poplar. To prepare pour poplar buds (2 tbsp) vegetable oil (1 cup) and can withstand 7 days.

7. For the treatment of hair loss may use table salt. She gently rubbed to prevent damage to the skin of the head. After the procedure, you must wash your hair. The treatment course consists of 6 sessions.

8. The healing properties of honey are undeniable. Hair it is also very useful. A very effective mask: 1 tablespoon. a spoonful of honey mixed with 1 egg to the hair, wrap a warm towel, in an hour rinse with warm water. It is used several times a month.

9. Help solve the problem of hair loss bur. Boiled burdock root until tender. Rubbed through a sieve. Must be rubbed into the scalp once a week.

10. It is widely used in folk medicine for hair rinse decoction of nettle leaves or oak bark (1 tablespoon per gallon of water).

11. Chop parsley (1 tsp.) Mixed with 96% alcohol (1 teaspoon) and castor oil (2 tsp), rub into the scalp. Repeat the 15 procedures.

12. Immediately you notice the good effects of onion mask. Onions grate and rub the juice into the scalp. If excessive hair loss, repeat the procedure every other day.

13. Onion peel will also help in the fight against hair loss. Husks with five - six large onions poured two gallons of water, boil for 15 to 20 minutes and this broth wash his head.

14. Very nice effect can be observed from the use of calendula. Prepare a solution of tincture of calendula and castor oil in the ratio 10 to 1, and rub into the hair roots. Apply twice a week.

15. The mask of yogurt. It is desirable that a home-made yogurt. His hair and put on hold for 15-20 minutes, then wash the head.

16. Before washing, the head is useful to make a mask of aloe vera juice.

17. With abundant hair loss using a decoction of the root of sweet flag (3 tbsp. Tablespoons) and vinegar (0.5 liters). Used as a shampoo.

18. Tincture of red hot pepper. Add the pepper in a glass of vodka, put in a dark place for a week. Rubbed into the scalp. The course of the procedure - a month.

19. Of hop cones and water in a ratio of 1 to 10 prepare a solution. My head it a few times a week.

20. A great natural way to strengthen the hair - henna. If you are afraid of hair coloring in red color, get a colorless henna.

Using these recommendations, you'll have gorgeous, thick hair, forget about the problem of their loss.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hair Loss Causes and Treatment

More and more, you begin to notice a lot of cushion in the morning on their hair. After a massage brush on your scalp, you are shocked of fallen hair. You know that every day people lose hundreds of hairs, and it is quite normal. But here began to notice that every day your hair fall out more and more. It's time to think and to draw attention to the problem. The first question that arises in the mind: what was the cause of hair loss?

Causes of Hair Loss
Causes of hair loss a huge set. Here are the main ones:

 -   Genetic predisposition
 -   Hormonal disorders
 -   Reduced immunity
 -   Infectious diseases of the scalp (seborrhea, dermatitis, etc.)
 -   Internal medicine, the body (diabetes mellitus, hepatopathy, iron deficiency anemia, etc.)
 -   Hormonal drugs, or chemotherapy
 -   Insufficient blood supply to the scalp and hair roots
 -   The impact of external aggressive factors (hair coloring, perming, styling hot)
 -   Postpartum hair loss
 -   Environmental factors
 -   The extension of surgical intervention in the body under general anesthesia
 -   Malnutrition
 -   Stress

By the nature of loss distinguish temporary hair loss and abnormal loss (alopecia areata, or). If hair loss is only temporary, hair follicles do not die at the same time. Therefore, if the time to begin treatment, you can quickly restore hair growth. The pathological loss is much more complicated and for the successful solution of problems MirSovetov recommends that as soon as possible to see a specialist (trichologist). Men than women suffer from hair loss. Most of alopecia in men exposed to the frontal region and parietal region. The reason for hair loss in men is genetic, but other than that the reason lies in the wrong diet. For strong hair is very important to the intake of vitamin B. MirSovetov draws your attention that smoking prevents assimilation of any vitamins in the body. So if you want to be healthy themselves and want to make your hair healthy, you have to give up an addiction.

On hair loss may also affect the high or low temperatures on the contrary. It is therefore recommended to use the appropriate headgear. In women, hair loss often provoke hormonal surges. It is known that the female hormone estrogen increases the life cycle of the hair and the male hormone androgen on the contrary it reduces. In the female body both these hormones are in balance. However, during the hormonal stress (childbirth, menopause, hormonal drugs), this balance is disturbed, the content of estrogen in the body decreases as a result, hair loss begins.
How to deal with temporary hair loss?
The biggest mistake in any treatment - is getting rid of the symptoms. Symptoms only indicate a disease are the result. It is important to find the same cause. The same can be said for treating hair loss. The main thing - to find the cause. The difficulty lies in the fact that after experiencing stress, body, hair starts to fall only a few months later. Therefore difficult to tie the hair loss to some event in your psychological life or the life of your body. But be that as it may, it is necessary to try to do to eradicate the cause. For example, such a stress for the organism could be the treatment of drugs. To eliminate the cause, it is necessary to consult a doctor about the possible abolition of drugs or their replacement by others.

It is possible for you not so long ago suffered a serious illness, and after a while your hair started falling out. Before you take action against hair loss, you must first restore the weakened immune system.
If you have, say, a disease of the scalp, then, how would you do nourishing masks for hair loss, they will continue to fall as long as you do not cure the disease. If you wear heavy winter hat, then you can disrupt blood circulation of the scalp, and, consequently, may start falling out hair. To resolve the cause, replace your hat to a lighter or better yet, on the hood. When the cause of hair loss, can and should try to restore hair growth. Here are some useful recommendations on how to do it:

Massage the scalp. Massage improves blood circulation. Blood brings to the hair follicles the nutrients and vitamins, so it is important to supply blood to the cells of the scalp regularly. During shampooing massage your head with your fingers. Every night before bed brush your hair a few minutes a special massage hairbrush.
Nourishing oil mask. It is known that castor oil, burdock oil impede hair loss. Rub the oil into the scalp, cover head with plastic cap for 20-30 minutes (for better result can wrap your head with a towel) and then wash your hair. For maximum results MirSovetov recommends the purchase of a pharmacy in the vitamin B complex capsules, the contents of one such capsule, mix with two tablespoons of burdock oil, add a few drops of lemon juice. The resulting liquid is thoroughly rub into the scalp, hair, close the cap, and top with a towel. An hour later, rinse the mask.
Masks from milk products. Yogurt, or any other dairy products are rich in vitamin B, so necessary for hair growth, so once a week to do a mask of sour milk products. Shampoo against hair loss. To wash it, use special shampoos. Modern cosmetic manufacturers offer a wide selection of shampoos, conditioners, and even entire systems for hair loss. Do not brush wet hair, try as little as possible to use styling products, as well as a hairdryer, ironing for straightening or curling irons. Proper nutrition. It is also very important if you have hair fall out. Try to eat plenty of foods containing vitamins B (rabbit meat, peas, cereals, lamb) and C (kiwi, citrus)

If the cause of hair loss was the hormonal surge in women (childbirth or menopause), you'll just have to wait until the body to restore natural hormones. While waiting to do the above procedures to try to minimize the loss of hair.
How to deal with hair loss?

If the nature of hair loss is abnormal, you should immediately get to a special clinic.
To find out the cause of hair loss, trichologist will assign you a number of tests, including blood tests for hormones, blood chemistry. Also, you need to make thyroid ultrasonography, spectral and microscopic analysis of hair. On the test results doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment of baldness. Most often, hair loss problem can be solved without transplantation. Therefore, it is important to address in a professional and strictly follow his instructions.In the clinical treatment of alopecia used several different techniques: injection of steroids into the problem areas (for a local hair loss), high-performance cream apparatus of quantum therapy, vacuum massage and others.In the most complex cases, you can use the services of a hair transplant clinics.

Every day, science moves forward in the field of cosmetology. So if you are faced with the problem of hair loss, do not despair, trichologists will provide you with the most successful treatment. However MirSovetov recommend not sitting, entirely relying on the skill of physicians and, in parallel with the clinical treatment to make masks, self-massage, as well as eating and avoid stress. Then you will, without doubt, will have a beautiful healthy

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hair Removal - Which Offers A Modern Cosmetology?

Even in times of Cleopatra, women have fought with excess hair on the body: do sugaring - hair removed with a mixture of sugar and lemon juice. And always the presence of excess hair growth in women was considered mauvais ton. But now men are paying more attention to their appearance.

First of all I want to make a classification of methods for removing the "extra" hair. This - depilation and epilation. By waxing should be understood as the temporary removal of hair above the skin are: shaving, depilatory creams application, hair removal and wax depilation elektro depilatorom, or, as it is called, biodepilyatsiya. Among the above methods of the latter is considered the most effective because the effect is smooth and shiny skin very long - two to four weeks, and re-grow back the hairs are not as rigid as after shave.

Under epilation understand the full or temporary removal of hair with a hair follicle or hair bulb. By modern methods of hair removal are owned electrolysis, epilation and laser hair removal.

The latter is considered the most effective in the fight against unwanted hair. Unlike other methods, a laser can be achieved by removing about 70-85% of excess body hair, and those 30% that will grow, just turn into a soft light fluff, which will not create any discomfort.

The essence of this method is to use light energy, which, when applied to the skin, heats and destroys the cells that contain melanin. Thus, the laser beam penetrates the hair follicle and destroys it rapidly. A special system instantly cools the skin, so do not feel the slightest discomfort during the procedure. The only drawback to this method is that the laser does not react to cells devoid of pigment, therefore, can not influence the blond and gray hair. Also to possible complications include the appearance of burns, if the procedure was performed correctly. To avoid this, you need to very carefully as to the choice of method of hair removal, and the choice of specialist, given his experience.

The results of laser hair removal can be felt immediately after the procedure. According to information collected by the American Academy of Dermatology, after the first procedure on the arms, legs and bikini area for a month it grows about 55% of the previous amount of hair a month after the second procedure - 40% after the third - about 25%, and after seven months after the fourth and fifth only 10% of the hair. But even the hairs, which continue to grow, turn into fluff that does not create any discomfort. Cleopatra could only dream about ...

This gradual destruction of the hair is predetermined by the fact that the laser only affects hair follicle, which is in a growth stage. In this phase the hair follicle receptors are most sensitive to the influence of external stimuli. And if you're somewhere will ensure that at a time getting rid of unwanted hair forever - do not believe, because such an effect can only be achieved by radiation or high-power X-ray irradiation. But it is better not to put yourself in unnecessary experiments.

If you decide to make the procedure of laser hair removal, it is necessary for 4-6 weeks before the session to abandon all other methods of hair removal. You can only use shaving. Also, because the laser affects the cells with a sufficient amount of melanin, you can not tan in the sun or solarium, two weeks before the procedure.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hair Legs Removal - How To Do it Correctly? Women On the Note

The desire of women to be always beautiful and well groomed generates a lot of effort on their part. Back in the Stone Age to the feet of beauty women resorted to sharp rocks and sea shells to remove unwanted vegetation on them: they just scrape it, and shells are often used for pulling out the hair, using the principle of tweezers. But the American in the late 18th century, used a more cruel method - burned the hair on the legs caustic lye.

Speaking of shaving, his history is more than one millennium, how to remove unwanted vegetation during this time tried a great many. And the way to a more or less painlessly get rid of the hair was not quite simple: using the means at hand, women are often traumatized themselves, leaving the cuts.

It is now no way to just get rid of hair on the legs is not beautiful: hair removal wax, bio epilation, chemical depilation, etc. But most women still remain true to the proven method and remove all unnecessary in the old way, but without feeling pain. What kind of way? Well, of course - close, only to replace the stones came to high-quality razors.

So, we have more than 11 000 hairs, pushing up through a layer of skin on each foot. But it is necessary to make one wrong move with a razor blade - and the sad consequences are inevitable.

"Women, unlike men, tend to shave in the shower, where the slippery, wet and difficult to maintain a balance," - explains Jerome Litt, a professor of dermatology at the Medical School of the University of Cleveland.

Razors for women appeared in our everyday life not so long ago. Prior to this, we used a razor in his view, belong to our men. But the use of male razors significantly complicates the procedure itself, because women have to shave the rough surface - at the ankles, knees, and men's razor is not too suited for this purpose.

To keep your skin was shaved perfectly, even and smooth, and so on it was cut and bruised, just follow your advice, happy to share that Dr. Litt and experts of "vest" in New York.

First, one must always choose the razor designed specifically for women. It should pay particular attention to its design, "should have a pen-slip pad of material, a razor blade to be single or double with a lubricating strip, impregnated with aloe and moisturizers, shaving head - turning to slide easily along the ankles and knees. The choice of such machines is very diverse. "

Second, before the procedure, shaving, skin should be lubricated humidifier. You can use any moisturizing gel, soap and shaving cream. It is desirable that they contain vitamin E and other moisturizing ingredients to wet hair so that the razor glides over the skin and cut the risk remains. In addition, moisturizers have another significant advantage: they do not dry the skin and not clog the razor, as it makes the soap.

Thirdly, it is necessary to comply with rule 2.15. It means that the procedure needed to start shaving, not earlier than 2 minutes after you get up in the shower and finish no later than fifteen minutes. The secret is simple: in the first two minutes, the hair softens under the influence of warm water, the pores widen, contributing to a rapid and safe removal of hairs. But after 15 minutes the water clog hair follicles, skin wrinkled, and get a close shave is problematic.

Check out the shaving procedure is a special lotion. This requires a slightly wet towel wet feet, and then while they are still damp, apply moisturizer to the skin.

It is worth remembering that shaving legs shaving one movement is sufficient. You do not need to shave twice the same place, since removing the hair in one movement, the second time already razor removes the top layer of skin, which can lead to bleeding and possible infection.

Regarding the frequency of replacement blades, the general recommendations are as follows: they must be replaced after every four shaves, as blunt blades cause cuts and skin irritations. To make it easier to remember when you last changed the blade, you can suggest the following way: in that case if you shave your legs twice a week, then just make it a rule to change the blade of the 1st and 15th of each month or each second Sunday. Well, women with dense vegetation, the blades should be changed frequently.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Changing the Hairstyle What You Should Know the Customer Salon?

What does it cost to tip? Do I need to pay if the result did not like? Let's start with a story that, I'm sure many will seem familiar.

Output turned out to be crazy. In the morning I had to go to work, after some shopping, then the child in the pool, at last, exhausted, fall into a chair. Salon unknown, but seems to be good. Now get out of here is not just a beauty, a beauty queen, full of strength and energy! Master stares at me and decided that I needed a new image. Yes, perhaps this is true. Change the image, add a little fashion lines, transformed. I have a traditional square, ash-colored hair, it is somehow fed up and bored. Meekly submit to the girl-stylist, relaxing.

After some mysterious manipulations in my hair strands appear bold. In place of relaxation comes anxiety. After an hour in the chair hair color changes dramatically. Trying to convince myself that I really is that you just need to get used to, but the auto-training does not help. I come from a blonde turn into red-red girl with dark strands. Nightmare! Girl-master chirps that it's the latest rage that glamorous ladies of London and Paris are just that ...

In shock, I agree to a haircut, in the hope that it somehow change the outcome. Another hour in the chair, and now I'm not just colorful but also like a girl working in a nightclub. Asymmetrical bangs cover one eye, hair glistening strands unexpected length.

In my dumb question for the girl's chair said that the style becomes fashionable polish punk, ragged strands and the length of the game are coming into fashion and go to business meetings - says she was with a certain pressure. Of course, her well say her hair and normal, and natural hair color. And I recall a cat, not a home. And for this I pay a lot of money. What can I say, because the master performed his work, honestly busy with my hair for over two hours. We were just different tastes and views on fashion ...

I think many have learned in the story itself. At least, dissatisfaction in a new way, probably at least once every spoiled life. In this case, unfortunately, all that can be done - to make it the most dissatisfaction. Another thing, if the barber was wrong. For example, if instead of blonde highlights turned a greenish color or by mixing the paint color is very different from what you talked about. In this case the master is obliged to fix the problem free of charge. If he does not, you can not pay.

Better, of course, to protect themselves in advance. From the outset, clearly agree on what you would like. The best way - to poke a finger in a particular image (of good quality and large enough). If you came with a request to change the image, right off, how far would you go, changing the image.

If you're new to a new salon, and you think anyone is to entrust their fate, a closer look to the masters of hairstyles. That's just hairstyle eloquently tells views on fashion. The same importance is the age. Sometimes, of course, that master of pre-retirement age is better versed in all youth haircuts, but this is rare.

Tipping is traditionally left in 10% of the total, but in light of the crisis, the size was reduced to 5%.

In a good salon you have to show and explain how to lay a new haircut. True, personally I never learned to style your hair, although I was shown these things act many times.

And, of course, it is worth remembering that the best insurance against the corrupt image - the master with whom you are dealing for years. After all, the image of beauty is still associated in our minds with the luxurious and fashionable hairstyle.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to Give A Volume of Thin Hair?

In our house, recently opened a new barber. Mistress of the salon was my old friend. Often come to her for a cup of tea, manicure, pedicure, make, talk about life. Once again I had the idea to take it as a professional a few tips on hair care products. Please note - on her haircut and styling comes a girl with watery tails and go with bushy hair. What is the secret chic hairstyles? As in any business, there are many nuances that will help women become more beautiful and irresistible.

Lubin advice.

To get the amount of hair, first of all, they must be properly cleaned. For fine hair there are special shampoos "Volume 24" or something like that. Carefully read the label. After washing your hair to be processed, rinse balsam or concentrate for curls. I can not give you a specific brand, Luba uses professional series. The main thing is that the membership of such drugs include vitamins B3 and amino acids. It was they who enliven the hair and make them firmer. Excellent add volume and dull lifeless hair shampoos and concentrates with an extract of nettle. It contributes to swell the scaly sheath of hair. As a result, hairstyle looks bigger in size.

Even the hairbrush for fine hair should have its own, antistatic. A haircut is better suited, such that you can quickly wash my hair and make styling easier. Advantageous step haircut look, "teeth." They are dried in dryer with a round brush.

Stacking will hold better if you tilt your head forward, throw a hair dryer and process them using a large flat brush, combing her hair in different directions. At the roots of his hair slightly raised and then treated with a spray or hairspray. Thus, hair roots will be recorded and become more elaborate hairstyle.

Thin hair permed can fade and lose luster and vitality. A month after aggressive treatment - a curling - coloring hair is not recommended. At this time, treat them well balms, hair mask every night, or rubbed into the roots of the olive oil.

Beautiful hair obtained by the rollers. Benign, covered with velvet. Wet or dry hair wound on curlers such. Their surface is covered with a special microfilm and does not harm hair. After the curlers are removed, a rare and comb his hair with his hands attached to the desired volume and fixed with hairspray. Lush hair always enliven my hair.

To make the volume possible before winding on rollers to cause the latch. Now, the locks will be elastic. You can make hair soft waves.

It is important to know your hair type - oily, they are dry or normal. If your hair is literally the day after becoming greasy - fat. Owners of dry hair can not wash your hair a week - the hair will be well-groomed appearance.

If you have oily hair, use shampoos with soft foam, with biologically active additives. They are quite suitable for frequent washing. There are special masks for oily hair and therapeutic concentrates. Does not prevent to see a doctor - increased allocation of sebaceous glands in the scalp often indicate internal medicine.

For oily hair styling Luba suggests using foam with a strong locking effect. They dry the hair and are used only for oily hair. The brush should be special - a natural bristle, so as not to stimulate sebum. With greasy hair look very impressive hairstyle with 'wet hair. " They never go out of fashion. On washed hair immediately applied to a large amount of gel and a comb made of rare desired styling. The gel dries, the hair is fixed.

All was quite simple. With every problem is solvable pro!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Attractive Force of the Hair - What Hairstyle Will Tell About A Person?

Remember the myth of Samson and Delilah from the Old Testament? In the ancient hero all the power stored in his hair. A treacherous Delilah shorn them ... There is something to think about. It is believed that the comb or cut hair to drown in the water or burn. Bird's nest and will sovet your head hurt, go away from you the strength drop by drop. Old wives' tale, but the truth is hidden in them, the age-old wisdom. Why do people in all ages and times of such an important role to your hair? Even now there is a lunar calendar Hair. Even now, a new hair style we associate with the turn of fate.

How many changes have been the fashion for hair! With portraits look down on us from the stern faces of the past - in powdered wigs, huge pile, with lots of lace, pins and jewelry on your head. Every woman knows a win-win Adult men - dissolve a knot on his head - and falling hair flowing over her shoulders ... Who can resist such beauty? Play the tip of the locks or screw the lock on my finger ... How men reacted to it? Oh, flirt!

Asa hairdressing skills know that hairdo - one of the most important elements of interpersonal communication. There is even a so-called dress code for solid companies with clearly defined hairstyles for employees. No frivolous radical cuts and aggressive colors of hair. Neat haircuts. The washed hair, beautifully arranged on a business hair.

Hair will tell a lot about human health. Dull, sluggish, dandruff ... It's time to go to the doctor. Weight of internal medicine may cause such unwanted signals.

Psychologists have developed tests to determine the nature of the owners of different hairstyles. Look closely at the sides. Here comes the young man with long hair, a mustache, beard and sideburns. Who is he? Maybe it has to do with the art world? His anarchistic nature? He Bohemian? Clearly, to the business world he has nothing to do - it has its own laws. Psychologists say that for long hair hiding diffident man, capricious and sham. Infantile and hysterical. This imposing facade and such a weak person ... I do not believe me? Check!

Personally, I always was impressed by the men shortly cropped, with open faces. It's the fighters, they have highly developed competitive spirit. Business people. They walk and confident, and we are competent, clear-cut. They are leaders. And leadership is manifested in everything - in business, personal life, sex, friendship and sport. But they can dominate.

Softer, flexible people are democratic and hairstyles - medium length, with a step-haired. Soft, flowing. They usually even temper, a cheerful disposition. They will not alien to the romantic and quite creative in their actions.
Adventurers and extremals usually shave - both men and women - and are very short, radical haircuts. This is a risky people, players and life. But as a rule, such people are very practical!

A woman with her thick hair. What could be nicer? These women know their own worth. Usually this is a very remarkable person. Strong-willed and energetic. Clearly understand their purpose and well go to achieve it. They are leaders in the home and at work.

And finally - the advice from my grandmother's chest hair care products.

For oily hair, dandruff and enhanced by loss.

After shampooing and drying hair to rub nettle infusion. Tablespoon dried nettle leaves brew a cup of boiling water and insist for 1.5 hours. Apply once a week for a long time. The effect is noticeable almost immediately.

Excellent tool to strengthen the hair.

Old, proven recipe. Onion juice - 4 parts brandy - 1 part burdock root broth - 6 parts. Take not inside! Rub into the scalp before the next wash. After an hour rinse shampoo.

Tempt, boldly declares itself! A gift to hear from their favorite: