Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to Give A Volume of Thin Hair?

In our house, recently opened a new barber. Mistress of the salon was my old friend. Often come to her for a cup of tea, manicure, pedicure, make, talk about life. Once again I had the idea to take it as a professional a few tips on hair care products. Please note - on her haircut and styling comes a girl with watery tails and go with bushy hair. What is the secret chic hairstyles? As in any business, there are many nuances that will help women become more beautiful and irresistible.

Lubin advice.

To get the amount of hair, first of all, they must be properly cleaned. For fine hair there are special shampoos "Volume 24" or something like that. Carefully read the label. After washing your hair to be processed, rinse balsam or concentrate for curls. I can not give you a specific brand, Luba uses professional series. The main thing is that the membership of such drugs include vitamins B3 and amino acids. It was they who enliven the hair and make them firmer. Excellent add volume and dull lifeless hair shampoos and concentrates with an extract of nettle. It contributes to swell the scaly sheath of hair. As a result, hairstyle looks bigger in size.

Even the hairbrush for fine hair should have its own, antistatic. A haircut is better suited, such that you can quickly wash my hair and make styling easier. Advantageous step haircut look, "teeth." They are dried in dryer with a round brush.

Stacking will hold better if you tilt your head forward, throw a hair dryer and process them using a large flat brush, combing her hair in different directions. At the roots of his hair slightly raised and then treated with a spray or hairspray. Thus, hair roots will be recorded and become more elaborate hairstyle.

Thin hair permed can fade and lose luster and vitality. A month after aggressive treatment - a curling - coloring hair is not recommended. At this time, treat them well balms, hair mask every night, or rubbed into the roots of the olive oil.

Beautiful hair obtained by the rollers. Benign, covered with velvet. Wet or dry hair wound on curlers such. Their surface is covered with a special microfilm and does not harm hair. After the curlers are removed, a rare and comb his hair with his hands attached to the desired volume and fixed with hairspray. Lush hair always enliven my hair.

To make the volume possible before winding on rollers to cause the latch. Now, the locks will be elastic. You can make hair soft waves.

It is important to know your hair type - oily, they are dry or normal. If your hair is literally the day after becoming greasy - fat. Owners of dry hair can not wash your hair a week - the hair will be well-groomed appearance.

If you have oily hair, use shampoos with soft foam, with biologically active additives. They are quite suitable for frequent washing. There are special masks for oily hair and therapeutic concentrates. Does not prevent to see a doctor - increased allocation of sebaceous glands in the scalp often indicate internal medicine.

For oily hair styling Luba suggests using foam with a strong locking effect. They dry the hair and are used only for oily hair. The brush should be special - a natural bristle, so as not to stimulate sebum. With greasy hair look very impressive hairstyle with 'wet hair. " They never go out of fashion. On washed hair immediately applied to a large amount of gel and a comb made of rare desired styling. The gel dries, the hair is fixed.

All was quite simple. With every problem is solvable pro!

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