Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Color Your Hair Safely and Cheaply? Traditional Methods.

At all times, women and girls wanted to have beautiful hair color. He emphasizes the beauty of their owner, said the health and female attractiveness. When there was no diversity of chemical dyes, which we have today, our ancestors used natural dyes. And the color options are pretty diverse.

"And we are something's that for? - You ask - because in any beauty store such a large selection of colors in any color and intensity. Why resort to some kind of prehistoric methods? "

Stop. First, many chemical dyes are contraindicated or not recommended. Some such products occurs on an allergy. Especially careful to be red-haired the fair sex - that they most often seen in hypersensitivity to the dye.

Secondly, the chemical dye on the basis of peroxide or ammonia damages the hair. Burned, dull, lifeless and brittle, such hair is not added to the attractiveness of their owner. Furthermore, if the hair is dyed, for them requires special care: the hair roots grow, they need to be painted at least once a month, which again is a hair test.

Third, the so-called dye without ammonia with caring, not all components are available, because it really high quality paints are not cheap.

So, what gives us the people's makeup?

For blondes is the best means of chamomile. Owners complain of blond hair that often looks dull hair, especially in winter, and paint them with paint and ammonia sorry. And then comes to the rescue Daisy.

100 g of inflorescence (you can buy at any drugstore) for light hair and 200 grams - for darker pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and leave for 40 minutes. Dampen your hair and hold it about an hour. Then rinse. You will receive a soft golden hue.

Instead, a variety of shampoos for black hair, you can use a product that is sure to find the home of everyone - black tea (baikhovi, but rather Chinese). It will give your hair a reddish-brown color (if the 3 tablespoons of tea 20 minutes in a glass of water). And if the color is sick, it will wash off relatively quickly, leaving no damage to the hair.

Rich Brown color can be obtained by using the following recipe. Mix equal parts bark oak (there is all there in the drugstore) and peel onions. Glass mixture to fill a liter of boiling water and keep the fire an hour. Moisten with broth hair, wrap a warm towel and hold an hour. Then dry the hair, not wiping. This recipe fits in and if you have thin or falling hair.

A rich shade of auburn hair with henna will give. To properly prepare the henna in a water bath heats it with water, stirring constantly until the condition of slurry. Then distribute evenly on hair, wraps and polyethylene wrap in a towel. Keep the hair for 2-3 hours.

If you want a darker color, add the henna coffee, somewhere tablespoon (more than add, the darker the shade will). If you want to amber color, add a strong brewed tea, but if a red or ruby hues - beet juice.

In addition, coloring or tinting hair with natural dyes and has a therapeutic effect of caring. So sometimes it's worth to give up chemical dyes and pamper your hair with natural dyes.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Waxing - How it is Done in A Beauty Salon?

The procedure for removing unwanted hair with wax is gaining more and more popular in the salons. Of course, not all women decide to go for it to master professional. Many prefer to remove unwanted vegetation on their own at home. Why is this happening? Someone pity to waste money on this procedure, but some may just shy.

In this article I will tell it to the salon hair removal, how to make this procedure a professional master. Perhaps, after reading one of the women decide to leave the salon, and men will think about how many women are willing to do to please them - men.

So, after you go to the salon and tell the master of its wish to do waxing, before you start you have to careful diagnosis of the skin. Professional cosmetologist individually selects the type of wax specifically for your skin and advise you how best to treat skin after hair removal to slow hair growth and prevent them from growing into the skin. And if there is damage to the skin, sores or scratches, beauticians offer to postpone the procedure until they heal.

In the beginning of the procedure you will shape a soft couch or chair cosmetic. Then cleanse the skin lotion and a special disinfectant wipes will dry, as the wax is applied only on clean, dry skin. Often in the salons of masters use lotions, tonics with menthol. Menthol creates a pleasant cooling effect of the skin and reduces discomfort during the procedure.

While beautician carefully and gently cleanses your skin, in a special applicator, the heater heats the wax cartridge. Once the wax is heated to a temperature of 45-50 degrees and becomes liquid, it will be very thinly applied on your skin, strictly on the hair growth.

And then the most interesting thing on top of the wax master imposes a special tissue paper, pressed her hand tight and abrupt movement of the hand ... removes this tissue. Together with unwanted hair, of course. This procedure, though not very pleasant, but less painful than the same procedure at home.

After hair removal wizard immediately cause the skin to a special agent, slowing the growth of hair. It selectively acts on the hair follicle and destroys its cells and increases the interval between treatments hair removal. Professional lotions, hair growth is slowing, not sold in regular stores, because it is a very concentrated way. Typically, these funds are contained in ampoules and used only by professional beauticians.

The treatment is a little wizard look after your skin: remove irritation, redness, softens and moisturizes it. For this purpose special tools - oils, foams, gels and emulsions - with natural extracts of herbs. May, for home use wizard will prompt you to purchase any or peeling cream with AHA. This tool is really worth buying, as it not only exfoliates dead skin cells and prevents ingrown hairs after all types of hair removal.

Well, your skin at any time, remained a beautiful, soft and smooth, do not forget to regularly use a nourishing cream or body lotion. After all, it's easy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tips on How to Color Your Hair at Home?

Coloring hair at home - troublesome. There is no dispute: it is better painted in the barbershop or salon. But if this procedure hurts in your wallet, then you may well save by using the paint itself. This process may seem complicated and time consuming, but after a few painting of you will gain enough experience and learn how to dye your hair better than the novice stylist.

A week before the hair coloring makes sense to hold a series of procedures, heals the hair: it is possible to make a mask made of natural almond butter, you can use ready-made cosmetic products. Way for the lazy - for a week to wash my hair every other day using a regenerative balm after every wash. To healthy hair dye falls better: they stain uniformly and retain their color longer.

One day prior to staining should be skin test paint, which will help avoid allergic reactions. Draw a bit of substance from a bottle with a pigment in the crook of the elbow during the day and watch this place, if unpleasant reactions (itching, redness, peeling, blistering) was not followed, then there is an allergy and the paint can be safely used.

In order not to stain clothing during hair dyeing, it is best to wear an old shirt or at least put an old towel over his shoulders. Before painting, you can sprinkle the hair with water from the sprinkler, as wet hair dye absorbs better. Then apply a thin coat of any fat cream (works best pharmacy Vaseline) on the skin around the hairline to avoid staining it.

A small detail: gloves that come with hair dye, as a rule, a huge and terribly uncomfortable. Better stock up in advance by a pair of thin gloves  its size (you can buy at any pharmacy).

Divide the hair into four roughly equal parts (two - from the forehead to the nape of the neck, and one in each ear) and secure them with plastic clips. Begin to paint the hair from the back part of the roots, in turn releasing the hair from the clips. First paint the rear locks, then - the front. When all the hair will be treated uniformly dye composition, assemble them on top and note the time.

Many ladies think that if you hold the dye on the hair for 10-15 minutes longer than the recommended time, the result will be more durable. This is plainly wrong! Obey all instructions of the manufacturer of paint: prolonged contact of hair with an oxidizing agent can be bad for their health.

When time is up, do not wash away with the sprint speed of the paint with a soul. Wet the hair with a little water until the paint turns into foam. Then thoroughly rinse your hair and if you complete a balm, use it as recommended by the paint manufacturer.

After dyeing the hair a couple of days you should not use shampoo - let the paint to gain a foothold on your hair, and she will entertain you for two months.

Friday, June 17, 2011

How To Cope With Unruly Curls? Straighten!

Most of the girls, which nature endowed straight hair, buy hair curlers, electric tongs, make braids, in general, tend to make hair more wavy. A girl with curly hair, by contrast, just dream of perfectly straight and smooth hair. Do not they understand my happiness! But, as the saying goes: "Smooth Dalmatian does not understand." How to bring about direct and smooth hair?

There are several methods of rectification.

The easiest way - is hair styling with hair dryer and a round hairbrush. It's easy and accessible to everyone, but there are very strong disadvantage: the result very quickly becomes invisible. Especially if the weather is wet, it is still "nature take its toll and hair.

To enhance and prolong the effect when installing use the gel, foam or other means for straightening hair, and start laying until the hair is wet. Separating the strands of hair and pull them through brushing. For maximum hair straighteners are best to use the most powerful hairdryer and brushing with the addition of natural bristles.

Hair straighteners use and special paddles. The result of their use as short duration, but straightened hair is much better than a hair dryer. Better to choose a pad with ceramic plates, not metal. It spoils the less hair.

Hair can be "ironed" only if you have them completely dry hair dryer! In no case do not use the paddles on wet hair - it can be very damaging to them! You also can not stay long tool in the same place: the hair can simply "fall off"! And do not forget to always use a thermal protector means (milk, serum, lotion, etc.) before using the paddles.

But still not worth them to get involved. Once or twice a week - is the limit, otherwise the hair is very hit and perepalyatsya! Even professional ceramic pad for very frequent use can make your hair overdried "tow."

Straighten hair can also use chemicals (relaxation). They change the very structure of hair. This kind of "chemistry vice versa." Only the hair is wound on special sticks for a perm, but on the contrary, the maximum rectified and wetting solution for a wave, which penetrates the hair, changing its structure, and thus rectifies it. Usually the effect of straight hair after this procedure retained 2 to 6 months.

If you do decide on this, remember to make rectification will regularly as it will grow, you have wavy hair!

By the choice of cabin and a wizard that you will do "chemistry, conversely, approach very responsibly and seriously. Straightening do not in any salon, and not everyone is a master of it is taken. Most importantly, from the salon, where willing to do relaxation, without even looking at her hair, it's better to stay away! This is a clear sign of incompetence, but in such a delicate procedure that is very important!

In no case do not perform chemical straightening hair yourself at home, as in the best case on your head will be "chewing sponge, and at worst - a bald head!

The hair after chemical straightening need a more thorough and careful care, as they in any case be damaged: the first time we can not use rubber bands and bobby pins, very carefully conduct subsequent staining (if needed), a smaller comb them wet, it is desirable to reduce to minimize use of hair dryer and curling and a little more "pampering" of different restorative masks, oils and conditioners.

If you have dyed hair, chemical or natural dyes (henna, Basma), it is best to refrain from relaxation. After chemical hair dye and so damaged, as if to add a solution for straightening, the hair will become even more dry and porous. And if you're painting with natural dyes, then straighten your hair almost unreal. Henna and basma firmly envelop the hair, so the solution is to get inside it can not.

You can not say for sure that the relaxation - it's definitely good or bad. This is very individual. Some of it thrilled and say that it does not affect the health and condition of hair, and some have enough once to lose half of the hair.

Straight hair - the dream of some girls. But do not forget, the execution of this dream may lead not only to the beauty of hair, but also to the strong damage. All the methods described above, in varying degrees, damage the hair: dry and split ends, loss of elasticity, thinning hair cores - all this will be a payback for the change of image. Therefore, hair straightening should be very careful and accurate.

And yet, look at yourself in the mirror, well: maybe your sick of the curls you are to face, and straightening them, you lose your charm?

Take care and love your hair, whatever they were: straight or wavy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

What a Hair Dryer Fits Your Girl?

Girls in the world are many, and they are all different. If you have decided to give your friend a hairdryer, then Be aware that not every model will have to taste it. In order to know exactly what types of machine is right for her, pay attention to her hairstyle.

Your girlfriend - the very natural, and her straight locks are not torn the daily washing and complex packings? Hence, her once or pay too close attention to your hair, or laziness. This girl fits the simplest model, with a nozzle hub. Hub - a hollow cylinder, tapered at the base to direct the flow of hot air in the right place and quickly dry hair, simultaneously giving them shape and volume. In addition, these dryers are small and convenient enough to carry around sometimes.

If a girl is a winner of exciting curls (natural or chemical), in addition to creating hairstyles suitable thoroughly, it makes sense to give it a hairdryer with a nozzle-diffuser. The diffuser is a plastic dish with lots of holes and hollow tubes, called "fingers". Cone nozzles are used for more rapid and gentle drying.

With their help, you can:

1. Carefully dry the hair. This requires a diffuser with short fingers, or one in which the air comes out not through the "fingers", and through the very surface of the diffuser.

2. Give volume. With longer "fingers". They direct the hot air directly to the roots and help lift the hair.

3. Give special splendor. Existing dryers with the so-called active diffuser. This device allows the hot air through the rubber membrane and sets in motion the "fingers" which, vibrating like a whipped her hair at the roots. This model is suitable only to owners of short or medium length hair. Long-haired need a diffuser in the form with very long "fingers" to raise Bole heavy strand.

4. Write a wave. To do this, there are diffusers with the function. Their "fingers" grab the hair, after which the nozzle to rotate and dry in this position.

Diffusers are ideal for curly hair.

If a girl loves creativity and change the hairstyle with the frequency of day and night, her suit fen-brush, he is the styler. This device is a cylinder with a nozzle in the form of a round brush on the end. However, in these models of attachment, as a rule, not one, and it allows you to create the most intricate hairstyles.

Lack styler that they are less powerful than conventional dryers, and the best results show, once again, the hair short and medium length.

Besides all this, it is desirable that possessed a hair dryer next characteristics:

1. Had few options adjustments. At least two power levels and temperature switches (more welcome).

2. Frequently encountered feature «Cool» - supply of cold air. This feature allows you to fix my hair. The hot air makes your hair supple and pliable, and under running cold as if they freeze and become a specified form.

3. Humidity sensor. For those who are very responsible about his hair. Hair contains about 15% moisture, which gives them a healthy appearance, softness and shine. When blow-drying of the needed moisture evaporates and the hair may be affected. To avoid this, the sensor detects the moisture level and if necessary, automatically switches the dryer mode delicate drying.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How Do I Know if A Man Threatens to Baldness?

Alopecia - this is the problem that begins to disturb men almost from adolescence. Baldness - one of the reasons male nightmares and complexes. Hair loss men perceive as the beginning of old age. But contrary to popular belief, baldness is not a sign of old age, and full sexual maturity males. There is only one group of men who never grow bald. This is a eunuch.

It is known that castration of men before it starts to go bald, it guarantees the preservation of hair because of alopecia men needed to operate the testicles. Bald men from that testosterone wrinkles hair follicles. For reasons unknown, this action is directed only at the hair follicles of the upper part of the scalp, and hair-temporal parts or beard is not affected.

Contrary to popular belief, male pattern baldness is not the result of hair loss. Each of us loses about 100 hairs per day, because the normal hair fall out once every few years, and in their place, grow new ones. Since follicles balding man declines, growing them into new hair is shorter and thinner than the fallen, and even on a completely bald head is always invisible fluff.

But some men may already cease to worry about coming in the future baldness. What to do this? Never mind, just remember his relatives. A more precise, we must recall the father of your mother, because the tendency to baldness is passed through the genes of the mother. If you do not know whether there was a bald your grandfather from the mother, the state of the scalp relatives mother - men, of course - can predict the future of man.

The method I checked on her relatives. So far it has paid off. But also do not forget about the factors that influence growth and hair loss. They are:
• health status and medications that are taken;
• usual manner of her hair: excessive heating of the hair dryer or some ways to injure a hair styling;
• Stress and poor nutrition;
• Bacterial and fungal infection that affects the scalp.

If you are healthy and the scalp looks normal (dandruff does not count), then the thinning or thinning hair indicates the onset of baldness.
A clear sign of early baldness is thinning of hair on top, or thinning of hair on the front boundary. This is typical for men start balding.

But men often do not even notice that they began to go bald until the time comes that fateful epiphany. Twenties men may not notice the decrease in density of hair over the years. There is a very routine, tedious and not very accurate test. Only need to calculate the total number of fallen hair a day. At this time, it is advisable not to use shampoo, do not forget to thoroughly collect all the hairs from the pillow in the morning and those that remain on the comb during the day. Not to lose, it's best to put them in an envelope. At the end of the day to calculate the "yield" per day - over 200 fallen hair signal that the disease, strengthening the hair loss. Sometimes the reason is obvious - the current illness or fever.

For those who are remembering their relatives came to the conclusion that still threatens to baldness, there is hope. Ever since the mid-80's appeared lotion for baldness, but they are effective only at early stages, when there appeared a bald patch. But these lotions must be buy in the pharmacy and use them every day. Cosmetics sold in stores are often ineffective.

But remember that for those who love you is not so important how much you have hair on top! They love you so what you are!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Choose a Hair Spray?

Today, to keep her hair long, do not cheat your hair in curlers while dampening their beer or sugar syrup, as did our mothers and grandmothers.

You can buy just the foam, mousse or gel for styling. But the leader is still lacquer. However, many regard it with suspicion. Believe that he glues hair, they are more polluted. But in fact it is misleading. Before I talk about how to choose paint, let's talk a bit about how to use foams, mousses and gels. If you do not take these moments, to keep long hair does not help even varnish.

Foam is applied to the hair is clean damp hair. It helps when laying: the hair becomes more manageable, easier to fit and, most importantly, the hair gets bigger. But, as experience shows, they are worse than coping with his appointment.

The fundamental error when using the gel in that it is used instead of foam for hair that is applied to clean damp hair. This is wrong! The gel can not replace the foam. Foam is easily distributed evenly through the hair, and the gel is not possible to distribute evenly. He simply glues hair, and make a good quality styling you do not get. The gel is intended to simulate a finished hairstyle. It can make stylish, trendy "feathers" or the beautiful, resilient curls with a "wet effect". For the same purposes intended and waxes for hair.

When using a hair dryer (or cheat in curlers), your hair is ready, it is necessary to fix with varnish. Modern paints are not only long retain her hair, but thanks to vitamins and amino acids strengthen the hair structure, protect against UV rays and other harmful environmental factors that give hair shine and a special connotation. Also on offer is a varnish with herbs. They will make even the most unruly curls and ringlets flexible and soft as silk. In the varnish, as foams for hair, can include special inks to give hair a particular color. Some varnishes form on the hair very thin film, and she keeps her hair perfectly even in the rain.

What kind of paint to choose? The answer to this question is simple: read the labels carefully. The first and most important condition: the structure of varnish should not be part alcohol. It changes the structure of hair, can cause scalp irritation, allergic reactions are unpredictable.

Lucky (as well as foams and hair) are of different fixation: low, medium, high and ultrahigh. Strength of fixation depends on the concentration of polymers: the higher it is, the longer survive hairstyle. Different fixation is used for different types of hair, for example, soft hair, thin enough and weak nail fixation, but the hard unruly hair will only fit superstrong. To nail went smoothly, it must be sprayed from a distance of approximately 15-20 cm

What should be a good paint? Firstly, it is not glued to the hair. Secondly, we can easily sprayed, and third, no odor, and fourthly, leaves no white "trails" after scratching, fifthly, on the can necessarily be the label that contains much information about this product. This composition, storage time, the address of the manufacturer recommendations for use. If you use a good polish hair retain brilliance, flexibility, plasticity, and do not look dull.

Do bad strong smell of varnish, hair is kept long hair look dirty, difficult to comb, and nail badly washed.

Well, if you are against "chemistry", a hairstyle can help ... brew diluted with water in a ratio of 1:1. After shampooing rinse your hair with this solution and place.

The way your hair is always perfect!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Choose a Hairdresser?

The French say: "Do you want to change yourself, change your hairstyle."

How often is following the spiritual impulse, we go into the first room, sit in a chair and says: "Cut me beautiful, fashionable. I want to change. " The wizard begins to cast over our heads, and when finished, room in your throat - the expectations were not fulfilled, for you to look in the mirror any other person that you are not pretty. "I would not, I told you - it is beautiful, I wanted slightly shorten the length of the hair and change shape!" On the master you calmly responds: "It's the most fashionable haircut, you are one such in the city, you really are." Sound familiar?

So what do you do? First, pay attention to what salon you go, talk to an administrator, ask any of the masters, he advises. It is not always the stylist, who cuts well you know, could you please. Because you have different hair textures, lengths, etc. Most often, every barber qualifies for certain hairstyles, he can perform flawlessly haircuts, for example, on short and medium hair and long - not his path. Conversely, there is a wizard specializing in haircuts for long hair.

Secondly, we should not choose a wizard based on his appearance. His head was put in order colleagues, and not himself, as the cut itself, well, very uncomfortable, tell their own experience. And as they say: "shoemaker without shoes", so a stylish on the head does not mean skill.

Third, all people are different and have different hair, someone gentle and docile, someone hard and erect, dense or rare, etc. Always comes from the fact that you have from nature: a hair growth, what is their capacity for stowage. Never you will not have the same haircut, as in the magazine in the picture.

Because the model for magazines to choose very carefully, with a special structure, texture and hair growth. Then the stylist, or a whole team working for several hours to create this masterpiece, using all means of laying. A professional photographer makes a series of pictures of them choose one of the most successful. Thank you all, all are free, a model for another hour trying to wash your hair, and all the magic is over. And we think that everything is so easy: a skilled master of a new haircut, you have washed his head, shook the hair - and all as it should, no worries, the solid beauty.

Hike to a beauty salon must be carefully planned, you should have time to spare. Run into the lunch break to make a beautiful haircut only to his master a long time friend who knows your hair and shape of the hairstyle as his own. If not, then you have in reserve should be at least an hour and a half. Literate stylist should conduct consultation with you, to diagnose the hair, find out exactly what you want to get as a result of what form, how long, how you style your hair afterwards. And only then proceed directly to the haircut.

During operation, do not be afraid to ask the master what he was doing, and watch carefully what happens in the mirror, and then you run the risk of eventually not know that someone out there will see. Often, the master begins to speak in riddles: We think: "Professional" Knows so many words! ". Words - not important! Professionalism is correctly selected the form of cutting, which will suit you in every way.

If, however, you end up not very happy, feel free to talk about it. Maybe you can fix it. You have the right not to pay for the work, if it does not suit you.

Successful you will change!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cook Porridge for Your Hair?

Hair, released in late winter day out of a hat, often a sad and not very pleasant sight. Tiny and seemingly unpretentious follicles cheat easy. They are very responsive feel comfortable or uncomfortable to them. They, of course, the remaining atavism and all, but does not reckon with their whims - can not.

It is one thing - advertising space "Winter Care" and another to the harsh reality that is not getting enough sleep lovely waves you on his shoulders, and at best is naturally suspicious of aberrant strands that have not yet icicles, but not graceful curls ...

In spring and autumn - the hair falls out more actively. What of it? Not surprising as we are in the fall and spring shedding our cat or a canary. Normal, fully reversible process. We use the vitamins, buy yourself a new balm-conditioner, and especially the brave men rubbed into the roots of burdock oil, after which the head during the week you can safely fry fritters.

Quite another thing - winter. We are just beginning to upset the cat, which in winter becomes downright round from his fluffy, whereas in our head is not always in a hurry to set the desired thickness and beauty. Maybe the secret is that the cat does not wear a hat or a fur coat? Maybe wear it every morning, down jacket with hood, running in a state at work and drink coffee in abnormal amounts - and it would have diminished gloss, and by evening skin would not have been so happy about their ideal class hair to hair?

And I'm here for anything.
These their bitter observations I shared with my hairdresser Tanya. I came, as always, with a sigh, slowly pulled off her hat and something about any miracle mask. Type I was approached a series of some kind of endless winter holidays, so Tanya went to the issue with all information available to it women's solidarity and professional knowledge.

strongly told me she - let's do this ...
In a large glass, I was asked to pour a tablespoon of pharmaceutical chamomile or nettle. Grass, of course, buy in the drugstore, because Tanya knew that I was not one of those thrifty citizens, which is dried in store for the winter all sorts of botanical wonders of diarrhea and prick ears.

Next tablespoon of hemp had to fill with boiling water, then rub it as henna gruel into her hair. Of course, cool down. My question - whether to pre-wash your hair - Tanya waved her hand and said:
- Do not care ...

My concern is about how long to keep, and whether to wrap up was greeted by more than blithely:
- How do you like ...

Do I have to explain that the answer to the question: How often can I repeat this procedure foreseen?

Then there was a spontaneous workshop.
Until rubbing oatmeal in my head all went well, though, nettle after brewing gets a little slippery and unpleasant to the touch, but this is not the most fun in the process. Stage, which Tanya (accidentally, especially if?) Maintained silence. leaves and other items of medicinal plants. For thin, thick, long hair, it can take half of your cozy evenings in which you expect to lie and read.

But the result ... The result is definitely worth and effort, and the situation in this time. Within a week the daily herbal "kash" I'm not looking to January and a hat - could look at my hair without sadness and compassion.
Hair, lift and fluff that I had managed only a hair dryer - cheerful resilience, and even if not dazzlingly shone like in those commercials, but, well, nice and glistening mysteriously, at the right time drawing attention to themselves.

Is the same for us so that soup or fried potatoes we bother? Despite the fact that they grew almost all the children of the Soviet Union? And sometimes suddenly want something ... sort of ...
Imagine that, and hair as well ... shampoo, conditioner, air conditioner - and so every day ... and suddenly - p-times! And wonder porridge!

There is not just a joy - from surprise to shine ....

Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Save My Hair?

Each of us on the head has hair, though there are exceptions. Someone who likes short hair, some long. Hairs are light, dark, different colors. Some like blondes, but someone brunette ...

Beautiful, well-groomed hair is a good addition to our own image. While the luxury hair is given by nature are not for everyone. In our time, had enough of all means of hair care products. It is quite possible to correct the mistakes of nature itself.

Hair - almost the only part of our appearance, which can be changed without the aid of a plastic surgeon. For it is well-matched grooming helps us to be more attractive and even a career. Unlikely to me someone would argue that men love long hair in women. But regardless of the length of hair should be groomed, so that they would like to touch.

Straight hair has attracted more attention than curling or hair. Since straight hair is usually more shine. Well-done cut will boost your confidence. A short haircut will make you relaxed and optimistic.

Neat and tidy hair suggest that the owner is patient and calm.

With the advent of winter hair loses some of its vitality. Hair becomes brittle, Hair begins to experience stress from the drop in temperature, changes in lifestyle and nutrition.

Hair experiencing discomfort from the permanent location under the cap. Also suffer from hair from the stuffy room, heaters. Dry air affects the condition of the hair. Normally, a person per day falls to 100 hairs. If a greater number of daily falls, then you need to take action.

When washing your head, massage the scalp - it improves blood circulation and activates hair growth. Try to eat plenty of vitamins. Eat dried fruits, citrus fruits, cauliflower, spinach. Drink more water and green tea. Nice cup of multivitamin preparations.

Place the jar of water near the battery and Get a humidifier. Use cosmetics that suit your hair type. Make hair masks, but not more than 1 time per week.

Hair lotion, strengthen weakened hair, dull returns shine, gets rid of dandruff: make a strong infusion of green tea (3-4 tablespoons in a glass of water). Add a few drops of lemon juice, vitamins A and E in oil form. Mix well. Rub into the scalp, wrap head with a towel. An hour later, wash the hair.

But this mask will add rich copper-brown color dark hair and strengthen them: Take 1 packet of henna, 1 teaspoon of ground coffee, 0.5 cups buttermilk and 1 egg yolk. Mix and cook in water bath 40 minutes. The resulting put a mask on a clean, damp hair, put on bathing cap, wrap the head with a towel. Hold the mask of an hour and rinse hair.

Even our grandmothers washed their hair with rye bread, egg yolk instead of shampoo. Well-rinsed hair infusions of chamomile, stinging nettle. They strengthen and promote hair growth.

You can rub into the scalp burdock oil, it also strengthens hair and promotes their growth.

Plenty of sleep, watch your diet. Use shampoo with vitamin B5. Do not desiccate the hair! Avoid using hair dryers and curling.

And then your hair will shine with the beauty and health! Good luck!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyle?

Doubts about selecting a new hairstyle can bring to this headache with the consequences in the form of failed (God forbid!) Experiments, and the desire to shave bald.

But it turns out, get rid of this torment is quite simple. Need to remember only two basic rules, and your choice will be optimal.

Rule number 1. Determine your face shape.

Face shape determines the hair. What suits one type, it is not suitable to another. Distinguish 5 types of face shapes: round, oval, triangle, square and oblong. Determine the shape of your face simple to start. Then take something writers, for example, lip pencil, go to the mirror and draw on it reflected. Done. Now go away for a couple of steps back and without the labor is determined by its type.

Oval face is suitable for almost anything: from extremely short hedgehog to infinitely long hair. You can experiment with the curls.

With his round face is best to choose hairstyles medium length. Especially good are the step cut. Bangs can be thinned or combed to one side. But chemistry and smooth bangs try not worth it.

If you have a triangular shape of the face, and his features are soft and rounded, they perfectly complement the lush hair and hairstyles fringe. If the features inherent in some awkwardness, the haircut should be geometrically distinct.

Square face shape suitable structural haircut. The desired effect can be done with strands of varying length or light waves. Parting, long straight hair and smooth bangs that person did not adorn.

When an elongated face can not do without the bangs. It will help reduce the visual face on a couple of centimeters. You can choose any hairstyle: a small short or asymmetrical. But it is worth experimenting with long straight hair and high tail.

Rule number 2. Find your hair type.

To any hairstyle looks great, keep in mind also the hair structure. In order to determine its type, only need one of your hair. Tighten it and tear. If he gave in easily, so you have thin hair. It took some effort, it means that the average hair style. Well, tough, thick hair, torn with difficulty.

Thin hair does not need to leave too long. Strands should be structural. This will give them extra volume. If your hair is curly, fit and short hair, and medium length. For straight hair is better to choose a step cut a semicircle.

On average the structure of the hair you can do almost any hairstyle. But especially well for them look ragged haircut.

Thick hair hard to style and form hold for long. Therefore, for them would be the best step haircut. Facilitate such help and thinning hair. But do it very carefully.

Importantly - in choosing hairstyles wisely. Taking into account your hair type and face shape, the next time you hike to the hairdresser you probably will be satisfied with the result.

Successful you haircut!

Friday, June 3, 2011

How to Cut Bangs?

A good haircut - is the key to success and good mood. It is no secret that we women adore experimenting with colors, shades of his hair, cut, grow, and place all sorts of configurations in their head ...

Another important detail in the hair of modern fashions - it bangs. What kind of bangs to choose how to lay it and even trim their own hands, today we'll talk. So ...

What kind of bangs to choose?
 Long oblique, universal, it will decorate the owners of a square, oval and round type of person who will balance the proportions. Long Geometric shorten a long, long face stockyard, visually soften the hard chin.
 Deaf, dense, from one ear to fit the possessor of a narrow face. Strictly contraindicated chubby ladies.
 Short is not recommended if you have high cheekbones and large forehead. Straight line to brow-fits-all, without exception.

By the way, if you choose bangs should be guided by the age and growth. Low girl must abandon the lush, nachesannyh chelok and girls high and full of contrast is not "zalizannost" because as the head of this seems disproportionately small.

If you have hair
Subtle, it is recommended deaf bangs, which starts at the top, above the hairline. It visually makes hair thicker, heavier and lush. Curly, beware thick bangs (it will be extremely difficult to stack). Prefer sparse fringe, laid on its side. Tough, unruly. Avoid short bangs, otherwise it will stand upright Shrew. Ideal - a rare medium-length bangs.

Perfect styling
Straight hair should be dried by directing a hairdryer down while making a motion with a brush. If the fringe needs to the extent necessary to direct a jet of air at the base, the roots of the hair.
Coarse hair to prepare for installation: put them on serum or cream for unruly hair. After this fix in the desired position. Curly previously smoothed with a special cream (which is called - Smoothing) and then fit a round brush.

Wetness - the main enemy bangs
Now, when fashionable chelochka laid, it must somehow retain until the end of the day. Main dangers of work five minutes laying on the street - it's moisture. If your hair wet weather "pushatsya" and begin to curl (especially suffer from the subtle nature of the hair or washed up before going out on the street), covers them with antifreeze, rectifying means, and use a special air-conditioning.

The inverse problem - the hair is drying out, suffering from the hot air (from a hair dryer), direct sunlight or salty water. For their protection, use the funds that hold moisture inside the hair, do not forget about safety balms and masks.

How to trim their own
1. Select the most acute of those scissors that is at home.
2. Separate the bangs from the main mass of hair, slay them so as not to interfere, and some extra hairs not mixed with a bang.
3. Cut only need to dry hair. Otherwise, cut wet bangs, you may find that "hvatanuli" too much: after drying the hair have a tendency to rise.
4. Leave a couple of spare inches, if you have curly hair: curls, twisting in the hair, are lifted.
5. Cut the utmost care, directing scissors - attention! - 45-degree angle, selecting a small locks and cutting off a little bit.

That is, in principle, and all that it may be advisable. Still be recommended before thinking: "And if I do not cut your hair?" To get a most useful computer programs such as "Stylist", which you can look at the results (predictable or unpredictable) of their future experiments. But the council's number one, about the circumstances we can not remain silent - to trust his head professionals, because one wrong move with scissors - and again! - A few months of ill mood and depression due to the ridiculous oversights you provided. Is it worth it?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Seven Questions You Should Ask to Your Barber-Stylist?

Before you fully trust the hairdresser, make sure that invented them your new image as corresponds to the result that you wish to receive. Protect themselves from too short cuts, incredibly shaggy hair scissors and other horrors you can, before asking the expert a few questions that will help him to understand your preferences. So, the question master, which his case is not afraid:

1. Here's how it will look on me? Stylists say that celebrities are also sometimes bring photos of other celebrities to copy your favorite hairstyle. The fact that flawlessly on the cover, life looks different. If you wish to copy someone else hair stylist is always a good offer to pick up some elements of the haircut, put them together and simulate a suitable hairstyle.

2. What is your degree? Appropriate certificate, as a rule, there are all professionals. There may be other certificates that indicate that the specialist has received additional skills within their practice. The best team is always expanding knowledge, and certificate, certificate of additional courses, they say that person is serious about his work. Nevertheless, the most reliable evidence that in front of you expert in his field - is always pleased clientele.

3. A haircut will make it difficult? Complicated haircut looks super when it puts a hairdresser. If the same hairstyle requires a two-hour fight with a hair dryer on a daily basis, we can assume that the money thrown to the wind. Better enlighten the stylist how much time you are ready to give your hair every day. Practical to choose a generic haircut, which will look good even after a simple wash with shampoo.

4. How am I going to simulate hair yourself? Before you leave the salon, ask your stylist a few tips on laying a new hairstyle. Mean texture of their hair. Curly girl, for example, should be ready for daily use rectifying hair ironing, if she wants to do her hair, which looks nice on straight hair. Ask the Wizard, how to do it, so as not to damage the hair.

5. How short will cut your hair? It happens that the lady who might want to cut your hair for 1-2 cm, resulting in a disaster up to the chin. Part of the problem lies in the fact that people in different ways represent those of 1-2 cm can recommend to show the desired length on a ruler. This way you will soon show that serious about what not to cut your hair more than you need. Plus, just in case the finger at themselves, specify the line to which you want to reach your hair, when they are dried (wet, curly hair to his shoulders may be up to the chin, when dried). Go to a salon with a "natural" hair stylist that could see their natural wave.

6. Should buy the offered goods? Do not buy all sorts of styling hair that you are offered in the salon as a "salon" look there can be no proposed items.

7. What is included in the price? A new haircut, the stylist can casually ask if you want to dry the hair dryer, and you, believing that it is included in the service, and agree in the end find that for laying a charge. Ask questions at the outset: whether the price includes the haircut fee for a consultation, shampoo and / or air conditioner, scalp massage, express lessons on modeling hairstyles, etc.

"Do what you want" - a phrase that will decide your fate in the cabin! In no case shall proceed from your mouth when you're sitting in a chair at the hairdresser. If you let the stylist is free to play Edward Scissorhands, all may end in disaster! Decide what you need, flipped through the appropriate journals. Can not find your style? - Visiting a salon, will share with the stylist, tell me, what hairstyle do you think you are to face, what does not. Specifically, explain what you need and desired result you will always be guaranteed.