Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to Choose A Shampoo Suit for You?

From shampoos should not expect too much, otherwise disappointed. Development of marketing influences on expanding product lines of goods. And to win in the race for profits - manufacturers excel as they can, inventing new promotional moves. As is known, promises to run ads, at best, half full.

Unified guidance on how to choose a shampoo, no. Even the experts advise to find the right product through trial and error. In such a finding important one - to monitor the signals of his body. Shampoo does not suit you if: hair becomes brittle and dry scalp.

Keep in mind that the main purpose of shampoo - shampoo. Everything else - the problem of medical shampoos, conditioners, air conditioners ...

There are also product lines of shampoos, which contain both a shampoo and conditioner. Time has shown that they are not as effective for the hair, rather, are useful for the purse.

If you decide to change the shampoo - Decide on your hair type. Make it simple: if your hair becomes dirty in 2-3 days - you have a normal type, if the next day, you have oily hair, and if you do not have to wash my hair more than a week - you have dry hair.

Keep in mind, if you have a year ago were dry hair - it does not mean that life they will remain so. Hair type a person varies depending on food, lifestyle and age.

The use of unsuitable shampoos may cause dermatitis or dandruff.

The composition of each shampoo is 10, and even more ingredients, each has its own peculiarities. Their dosage may be very different, so, if the consumer will read the composition, is unlikely to find for himself something useful. Better pay attention to uniformity. Poor quality shampoo has a bundle of color and texture.

Very often, consumers are lured beauty shops stock-sale. If you want to buy goods at low prices - look at the expiration date. If prior to the end is nearly here, do not buy the product. After the expiration date the company manufacturer is not responsible for the quality and safety.

Some women choose their shampoo smell, believing that high-quality cosmetics does not smell. In fact, the smell of shampoo has no effect on their cleaning properties. Nor should we delude ourselves labeled on the packaging, "natural". This is not an indicator of quality for this group of products. After all, the main components of shampoos are synthetic surface - active substances, they are responsible for the quality of clean hair. Without them the shampoo does not shampoo!

And if you're the producers promise moisturizing hair, keep in mind we are talking about the scalp and just about a mild shampoo. But when you read on the label reads "volume", you really do get it, though not by increasing the amount of hair, but at the expense of special components that create some space between the hairs.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What to Do if Your Hair Fall Out? Some Myths and Some Suggestions

At a meeting with the man we pay attention primarily on the face. But what surrounds it must be said that "at height". But if your personal "height", meaning your hair, baldness or missing, or you just want to keep it in good condition, you should read this article necessarily. And other people are not hurt, but only help. To begin to debunk a few myths about hair and take care of them.

When beginning to help baldness shampoos against hair loss. Shampoo as a treatment against hair loss is not sufficiently effective, because the duration of its effect on the scalp is minimal. The hair bulb lies deep, and there must be special-conductor components, which are delivered to the required components directly to the bulb. As a rule, the role of these ingredients act alcohol and alcohol-based solutions, contained in medicinal lotions and serums, but no shampoo.

Perms, styling, and coloring cause hair loss. In any case. Because they do not affect the hair follicle. And the styling, and coloring, and painting only affect the structure of the hair, making them more dry and brittle, split ends and dull.

When the hair falls out, they should at least comb. Nonsense. Combing removes dead hair already, which can linger in the skin of your head for up to three months. In addition, brushing and massage are useful as improve blood circulation of the head, and hence the power of hair follicles.

Way. Interesting fact. On the mind of one person 160,000 hairs. That is about to 270 hairs per square centimeter.

Long hair often falls out. Despite the fact that the loss of long hair is more noticeable than the short ones, it is not. Hair length does not affect their life is not life, it affects their structure. The longer the hair, the longer he is subjected to various adverse external shocks - painting, drying, UV, etc. Therefore, long hair requires more care.

Frequent washing helps to strengthen hair. Proper and timely cleaning of the scalp is necessary. In this case, washed out dead hair, but not triggered by loss of healthy. If you do not wash their hair in time, the hair will still fall, but we will get inflammation, dandruff associated with increased activity of the microflora of the scalp. It is important to properly wash their hair. Most people tend to increased greasiness. They need to wash my hair it at least 1-2 times a week shampoo for oily hair, and only then apply the hair conditioner, a mask or air conditioning.

And what right?

Do not forget about vitamins. Building material for our head of hair is a protein food, and strength and shine it gives protein and vitamins C and B. In other words, you need to eat meat and liver, as well as cereals, legumes, citrus fruits, nuts, fatty fish. But the result will be visible only several months after the transition is not this "diet".

Choose the right shampoo. It should contain vitamins C, B, E, retinol, panthenol. Do not forget that the shampoo is selected to the type of the scalp and not hair. Wash your hair properly. Trichologists (professional hair care and skin care) are advised to wash their hair every three to four days. And according to the rules: 1) can not wash your hair with hot water - it stimulates the sebaceous glands, and 2) if possible, do not wash your hair with water from the tap. She's too tough. For washing is better to use boiled or filtered water, and 3) it is better not to comb wet hair - they are easily injured.

The main reasons for the sharp hair loss: heredity, childbirth, abortion, fever during illness, stress, certain medications, a drastic weight loss. (Loss starts after 3-4 months after exposure to adverse factor).

And finally, an interesting fact. Up to 80% of heat from the human body goes through the head. So wear a hat in frosty weather, and did not walk in the rain, bareheaded, in order not to become bald. Bye!

Monday, April 25, 2011

How To Care For Your Hair?

We can forgive a woman, any minor errors in her closet when her beautiful shoes and perfect hair. And the French say: in order to lighten the mood, sometimes quite simple ... wash your hair.

Agree, clean, shiny thick hair really transform a person. Every woman can have beautiful hair, it needs only to give them some attention, because the condition and health of our hair, as a rule, depends only on us. Completely in our power to give hair a healthy substances in the form of nutrients for the hair and provide them with the correct constant care. In hair care is important to regularly and properly fitted in accordance to the type of hair.

Hair type is determined by skin type

head (scalp).
Under the types of hair taken to imply the dry, normal, oily and combination hair. Also, hair can be soft and hard, thick and thin, healthy or degraded hair.

What type of hair you have? You should look into it carefully.

Normal - elastic, soft, elastic and shiny. As a rule, not subjected to chemical attack: coloring, bleaching, perms.
Normal hair reflects the light, shimmer in the sun. These qualities persist for several days after shampooing. This type of hair is also different elasticity, they are easily to comb, regardless of whether they are dry or wet.
Fit well, keep their shape well. Take care of them should be through the means recommended for normal hair types.

Fat - oily, with characteristic brilliance, stick together in strands, do not hold the volume is bad to style, look sleek and fast salted after washing. This is due to the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. It is in this style, both men and women are more intense hair loss, and their appearance causes an unpleasant feeling. To care for oily hair use tools that reduce salootdelenie skin.  For this type of hair are good shampoos for oily hair with extracts of nettle, sage, coltsfoot, calamus, horsetail, seaweed, shampoos containing proteins, vitamins A, C, K, trace mineral zinc, as well as special treatment shampoos . If you have a high salootdelenie you contraindicated scalp massage, and frequent combing hair brush. Not recommended to lay greasy hair dryer and wear them longer - it all enhances salootdelenie.

Increased fatness may be caused by improper care - by rubbing a large amount of fatty nutritional oils, masks.
Reduce the fat content of hair also contributes to compliance with recommendations on diet, lifestyle, etc.

Dry - deprived of natural light, dull and brittle, sekutsya at the ends, it is easy to go awry, it is difficult to comb and poorly fit. Dry hair can be from nature. Hair can become dry and due to frequent perms and prolonged sun exposure. Quite often accompanies them, fine dry dandruff. Often, dry hair - the result of improper care, rather than a consequence of reduced activity of the sebaceous glands. Dry hair requires gentle care. To wash the hair of this type is better to use creams, shampoos, containing biologically active substances, such as lecithin, vitamin B5, chamomile, lime blossom, mint, wheat germ. For dry hair, there are special masks. The masks contribute to the growth of hair, make them less dry and more vital. Cause them to wash. First mask rubbed into the scalp, and then carefully applied to the hair along the entire length. Head wrap towel for 30-60 minutes.

Mixed type of hair - it's usually long hair, greasy at the roots and dry ends due to the fact that they are insufficiently lubricated by sebum along the entire length. The ends of the hair of this type, without receiving the necessary lubrication, often sekutsya. Painting a mixed type of hair is also observed on the hair, are constantly exposed to chemical attack. In fact, in the case of mixed hair the same situation as with mixed skin - and there, and there need to take care of each site, choosing the appropriate program for him. When choosing shampoo for this hair type should focus on the state of the scalp.

Thin hair. The main thing they lack - an additional amount. As a rule, they can easily go awry, and the hair loses its shape quickly. In addition, they are more susceptible to any external influences, and require the most careful handling, especially after coloring and perms (which many women believe the only way to deal with unruly hair thin). Typically, the diameter is smaller than normal hair, which means that they contain less keratin. Unfortunately, change the thickness of hair, given to us by nature, impossible, so the only way - to learn how to properly care for them. Owners of fine hair hairdressers are usually advised to make a clear geometric haircut medium length, and regularly update it in the cabin.
What is the need to thin hair? In a further extent and in the diet. The funds are used for this purpose should not be burdening the hair. Generally, with the help of makeup can unless you increase the thickness of hair, then, at least temporarily change the diameter of each hair with a protective shell. Since the main drawback of thin hair - is the lack of volume, they, like any other hair type, require the application of paving funds. Ideal option for them is a small amount of mousse or liquid styling inflicted primarily on the roots of the hair and nail for fixing hair. Gel and wax should be avoided since they only aggravate thin hair. Some companies manufacture special products for styling thin hair, but you can use and more versatile tools. The main rule when laying thin hair - to create the volume they need to be dry at the roots of the hair dryer, lifting the strands by hand or using the "fingers" nozzle-diffuser.

The frequency of hair washing should depend on how fast your hair dirty and greasy. This can happen on the second day, but can - in a week, depending on the type of hair. Modern shampoos you can wash your hair as often as you want - at least every day. But in this case, you need to use shampoo for daily use, appropriate for your hair type. There are a few simple rules, wash your hair. First, the head is best to wash with soft water. Bottled water - softer than tap water, but if you do not have time to boil water, try to alleviate the normal tap water, dissolving in it a bit ordinary baking soda. Secondly, do not wash your hair too much hot water. The water temperature should be around 50 degrees. Water is such a temperature well dissolves sebum, removes dirt and helps to improve circulation of the scalp. To wash it, you'll need shampoo, conditioner or balm relevant to your type of your hair.

Individual recommendations for the use of anti-dandruff shampoos. Anti-dandruff shampoo - contain substances that retard the division of skin cells and removes dead skin flakes like its peeling of face and body and has a fungicidal effect. Always use dandruff shampoo can not. Alternate it with regular shampoo, because too frequent use of anti-dandruff shampoo makes hair dull and dry.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to Treat Hair?

Did you know that all normal men and women pay attention to the hair. In some magazine even had a note that the hair took 3 place in the ranking of "What to look men." But it was a couple of years ago, but now when the guys in elongated fashion hairstyle, then it is time to pay attention to the quality of what they wear on their head. How nice to look at healthy heavy hair, and how you want to turn away from the crumpled or fat tails. I was even hard to count how many times I was approached by a woman and asked how I take care of hair than I do them and my beautiful, my I have the hair color, and so on. And how many men and boys learned about or simply did compliment because they liked my hair.

Hair - it's not just beauty, it's your health and your mood. If they are elastic and shiny, their tips, looking back at you, then with your hair all right. If they fall down limply on his shoulders, stick together in thick strands on the second day after shampooing, then immediately clear that you have a problem. No matter how beautiful no matter your figure, skin and clothes, if your head like a horrible ugly regrown strand, with remnants of old painting - it will spoil the whole picture. 

So, my advice on hair care products.

Careful grooming, I started 7-8 years ago, the first courses of the Institute, after watching advertising shampoos and pictures in magazines. And it cost me was not expensive for such a beauty. About a year was clearly visible result, and the hair grew from the shoulders almost to her waist. Firstly, every 1,5-2 months have cut the hair ends, regardless of whether you grow them or wear a hairstyle depends on only the length of cut ends. I do not really believe that this is somehow affected, but when her hair began to grow twice as fast, I've never forgotten to update them. (Cost - either as a regular haircut in a simple cabin, or ask a friend, and it will cost you free).

Secondly, every spring, and sometimes twice a year, I drink regular vitamins for hair and nails, which are sold in every drugstore, tried different, the result is the same: the loss is significantly reduced, and the luster and growth is enhanced. (Cost of normal, repeat, not some advertising for 200 bucks, and ordinary vitamins at the pharmacy will cost up to $ 10, writing in U.S. dollars, since each country has its own currency). This is not such a big amount, the more you spend it only once or twice a year.

It is important that you wash your hair. Shampoos are now complete and everyone can choose their type, so I'm not going to paint that for fatty or dry hair need different shampoos. More importantly, the hair should be washed with shampoo 2 times in one session taking a shower or bath. Although all packages written to repeat washing if necessary, I've been experimenting and can say with confidence: Wash 2 times! For the first time washed away all the dirt, dust and grease from your hair, even the water is not very clean. And only after you apply shampoo a second time, you will feel all soft and clean your hair. After washing, I always use a balm or hair mask (in time: once I do a mask, the next time balm, and so alternating). I use different balms, Pantin, fruktisami, and often change them. I do not mean that I have is on the shelf ten bottles of shampoos and conditioners, just when the old ends balm and shampoo, buy another brand. Now I use even the guise of "Green Pharmacy" which is worth 4.50 hryvnia, then there is less than 1 cu Even a girl with a very small income can afford it, and what to say about the men who usually earn more.

Another rule, never, or at least the possibility of dry hair dryer, and if you want a regular blow, then buy a hair dryer with cold air, once spent, but greatly reduced the damage caused by this "killer health of your favorite hairs.

It is necessary to pay attention to such trifles. If you have no money on the natural wool comb, use only wood or plastic, (I usually massazhka plastic and wooden comb). Do not over tighten the hair thin elastic bands, not trimmed with cloth. If you have to paint it, then do not use too distant from your tone colors. If you tint your hair color, they will become shiny and healthy looking, and if the brunette dye blonde, there is nothing more horrible black roots and tips perepalennyh (sometimes I paint in the color after years of burning at sea and after the winter, simply update) .
Well, that's all, no more secrets and effort. And try to say that it is expensive, it's even smaller than a case of beer or a small bottle of cheap brandy, to which many denezhek not regret. The main thing - do not be lazy and take care of yourself, whatever you are tired at work or at the cottage. And remember, do not be sad to look at advertising shampoos and say it's all the models, lighting, computer effects, in the life of this does not happen! Believe me, it happens, and even better and prettier.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Make Your Hair is Really Beautiful?

From time immemorial, people attach considerable importance to their hair, or rather their condition. Hair as a reflection of the inner and outer life can be a source of beauty, and the cause of the complexes. On the other hand the success of women or men, self-confidence, a harmonious state of mind and an awareness of their own beauty, depends largely on how they look on their individual style in which hair plays a paramount role. That's why people tend to give your hair an attractive appearance, making them a variety of manipulations: comb, shear, color, curl, straighten, cover

variety of cosmetic and toilet facilities.

For effective hair care is important to correctly determine your hair type, since otherwise there is risk of harm them. The hair is divided into normal, dry, oily and mixed. Normal type hair reflects the light, shimmer in the sun. Greasy hair is a characteristic dull luster, after a short time after washing stick together and begin to look untidy. Dry hair is easily confused, it is difficult to comb, sekutsya ends. Hair mixed - as a rule, long hair - greasy at the roots and dry at the tips.

Unfortunately, her hair without problems are rare. Hair Care - painstaking work that takes a modern man, especially in women, a lot of time, effort, and money. However, whatever one may say - hair care, as well as care for any other part of the body - is a lifelong lesson. You can not look after hair a month or two and then forget about it, hoping that they are now until the end of life will be healthy. Be consistent and do not leave your hair without attention.

To achieve beauty, hair can follow these simple rules, but in reality it will only on the factors and conditions, beautiful hair, you are under the force of change (hereditary causes and disease - a subject for medical research).
So, what is needed for the beauty of hair:

1. Proper washing hair.
2. Proper drying of hair.
3. Bland styling.
4. Ideal nutrition for hair.

The question of how often to wash hair, solved individually: from daily shampooing to 1 times in 8-10 days. Immutable rule here is one - have to wash your hair as often as you need it. Those who daily use the means of styling products (wax, gels, mousses, varnishes), it is recommended to wash hair every day because these funds aggravate hair that has a bad effect on their quality. You should not wash your hair too hot or too cold water: the best water temperature - 35-45 degrees. The fatter the hair, the cooler should be water. Negative impact on all types of hair water with high chlorine content.

When washing is not necessary to put the shampoo on completely dry hair. First you need to wet the hair with water, then pouring some shampoo on your palm, rub it, and slowly rubbed into the scalp and hair, just wash the formed foam, being careful not to rub them hard, so as not to damage the rod and the hair cuticle. Lather hair should be two-fold: it is because the first soaping his hair is only removed some of the dust, dirt and sebum, and the therapeutic effect of shampoo comes only in the secondary his application. After shampooing your hair should be washed thoroughly with water, not allowing to remain on the surface of the elements of detergents.

About how to choose the appropriate tool is ideal for washing hair, they know almost everything. The initial preference may impose advertising, but with the experience of the man himself determines the optimal detergent. We only recall that to wash your hair absolutely does not fit the soap that removes the protective film of hair and scalp and makes hair dry and dull. Shampoos with slightly acidic environment, a natural for our skin and hair are softer than soap.

If you have not yet been finally decided on the choice of shampoo, then use a simple principle: when you buy carefully read the text on the package and use the shampoo, which is designed for your hair type, and after the use of analyze results. The positive results of using the shampoo - it's clean, shiny hair without a trace of fat and irritation of the scalp, which is well combed and not get confused. It suffices to double the application to understand that the selected shampoo does not suit you, but to come to the conclusion that this shampoo is just for you - you should regularly use it for a few weeks. In addition, a good shampoo should remove the static electricity from the hair, and most importantly - to compensate for moisture and nutrients. The assertion that from time to time to shampoo me - who is a myth. If you have already picked up his shampoo that suits you entirely, changing it to another is not worth it.

In addition to the shampoo for hair wash is desirable to use conditioner, balm or conditioner. In principle, all these tools are designed to perform several functions: to facilitate drying and brushing, to give hair elasticity. Better to use shampoo and rinsing means one brand or cosmetics line - they match each other in composition and action of the rinse aid most effectively complements the action of the shampoo. The combination of shampoo and mouthwash different lines does not make good hair and in some cases may even lead to allergic reactions. Often found in shampoo conditioner 2 in 1 ". The use of such tools will not bring harm, but benefit from it a little. Separate use of the mouthwash is much more effective. To repair damaged hair and for longer, fuller and deeper therapeutic effect, there are special masks - they are put on hair for 15-20 minutes 1-2 times a week.

Once the hair is washed, for many the question arises - to comb immediately or allow to dry. The owner of a chic hairstyles Sophia Loren, for example, never combed her hair wet, letting them dry naturally. Wet hair, really, it's better not to comb, and if it is necessary, not metal, and plastic or wooden comb. And, of course, the best drying is a natural dry hair, sometimes with warm towels. Recommended short hair comb from the roots, and long - with the ends, gradually moving to the roots.

Hair styling and make them more attractive hair dryer can not do without. Currently, many hair dryers are available with the ability to feed cold air, so you can make better and faster styling or build a stunning hairstyle. It is proved that from a hot air hair becomes softer and easier to fit and flow of cold air can be more successful record already modeled the hair. When choosing a hair dryer do not neglect the world-renowned brands such as Phillips, Braun, Rowenta. Foul hairstyle, and even worse - Bad hair is not worth the money you save on buying a hair dryer.

In addition to external care, step by step we examined above, the hair, perhaps to a greater extent in need of care of a different order. Scientists noticed that the condition of our locks depends on the foods we eat. Among them are the real mega-star, which should be on our desk every day - a fish and other seafood, legumes, and various green vegetables.

Foods, which is necessary for the beauty of hair. Required: fish, poultry, lean meat, chicken, and even better quail eggs, nuts, beans contain protein, which provides a hair growth, as well as all of these foods are rich in copper. That she is involved in pigmentation and prevents graying. In addition, copper protects against dandruff. German doctors have tested more than 1000 people in Hamburg and came to the conclusion that those who frequently eat fish and seafood, have the fewest problems with hair than fans of hamburgers.

The most important component of our hair is keratin. For his education regularly includes in its menu a natural vegetable oil, bread, wholemeal, sunflower seeds. To preserve the natural shine, strength and elasticity of hair, do not forget about sea kale, a low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, acidophilus milk. Fresh vegetables and fruits, besides being rich in natural fiber, contain vitamins and minerals needed by the body in general and hair in particular. Vitamin A, which many in carrots, green vegetables and dog rose, makes hair less brittle and fragile, stimulates growth and cell division. Vitamin E - hunter free radicals - contributes to the restoration of hair. Champion of vitamin E - sweet pepper.

Silicon prevents hair loss. They are rich in strawberry, nettles, millet. Pantothenic acid make hair softer and less fat, helps maintain the color and luster. Its a lot of cauliflower and broccoli, beans.

Foods with which the beauty of the hair can be forgotten. This fried foods, canned foods, animal fats, salty and spicy. All of these foods cause a metabolic disorder that adversely affects the condition of hair.

In principle, observing all the rules of hair care and nutrition, you can get beautiful views of hair or simply to improve their condition for a month.
However, there are secrets of hair care and styling, using which you can greatly improve the condition of your hair now.

Secret # 1 - you will have great hair, if in the morning and evening to drink 1 tablespoon of corn, olive or sunflower oil.

Secret # 2 - you will have gorgeous hair, if you use Hercules infusion: 1 cup before bedtime oatmeal Pour 1 liter of water, allow to stand for 12 hours, strain the morning, squeeze and drink during the day to half a cup.

Secret 3 - you'll have beautiful hair if you eat breakfast in French: Pour 6 table spoons of oatmeal, "Hercules" a small amount of boiled cooled water, add a spoonful of honey and a few chopped walnuts. Leave overnight. In the morning, place a few spoonfuls of cream and a little chopped dried apricots. In summer, you can add any fruit and berries - will be even tastier and healthier.

Secret 4 - to quickly make hair attractive and visually enlarge the volume of hair, some strands Colour the bright paint. The paint can be applied to the area from the neck up bangs, without affecting the temporal area, thereby giving the hair a more intense shade.

Secret 5 - tousled hair, direct visual young man with a hairstyle you will throw once a decade.

The secret to 6 - a small amount of wax deposited on the hair, perfectly accentuate the texture of hair and hair relief.

The secret of 7 - to make the hair more stylish, simply apply the gel on dry hair, highlighting their texture.

Secret 8 - lipstick hair styling give you a flawless appearance and maintaining natural hair.

And the most important secret - to be able to enjoy life each day, to love and always keep hope. Your good humor and friendly attitude towards others, and a harmonious feeling in the world, will bring beauty and prolong youthfulness and fill powers will strengthen the spirit and protect you from all evil.

How to Comb Your Hair?

Hair in need of continuous care. Regular brushing, preferably twice a day, is of great importance. Irritation of nerve endings in the skin when scratching revives blood circulation, which promotes the growth and preservation of the hair.

The teeth of the comb must be stupid, that they are not scratch the skin. Combing the hair is well ventilate them and to some extent, clean, remove dust. With increased greasiness and dust is recommended to use a fine toothed comb with a layer of absorbent cotton at the base of the teeth.

Combing long hair should start from the ends, short - from the root. For short hair, combing should only use a comb. Hair longer than 25-35 cm is better to comb first brush, then comb.

Combing hair brushed smoothly tidies tangled long hair. If your hair is very long, it is necessary to cover the hair tightly near the head lock for a lock, and hold on them with a brush to the end. After such preparation the hair easy to comb and comb fit. Care should be taken to combing was not pulling hair. Combs and brushes should be chistmi, they must be washed regularly.

The most common combs of hard rubber (ebonite), so to clean the comb should be applied warm but not hot, soapy water. Ebony in hot water softens takes dull gray, but most importantly, loses its shape and becomes unfit for consumption. Particular attention should monitor the cleanliness of hair brushes.

Brush dirty faster than the crest, due to beard growth. It should be washed frequently (once in 2-3 days) soap-ammonia solution (1 liter of soapy water add 2 tablespoons of ammonia). This solution quickly and easily wash it with a brush for washing hands. Before you wash your brush, you should release it from the remnants of hair and dandruff.

To do this, hit the bristles on a hard surface (shaken), the dirt falls off the end of the bristles, and hence it is easy to comb-toothed comb or metal needles. Bristle brush to clean blows on the surface with soapy water, then rinse with clean water, wiped with a towel and hung to dry. Polished side brushes can be lightly rubbed with oil.

Everyone should have its own comb and brush. Transfer it to others is unacceptable because it can be transmitted microbes.

When washing, combing hair and rubbing hygienic means of mechanical action falls a certain amount of hair. Fall in this old, dead hair. It should be borne in mind that the life of one hair on his head is calculated approximately four years, and therefore loss of a small amount - is normal, especially spring and fall.

So one day can fall up to 80 hairs. The dead hair falls from the hair follicle, called the "root", but the dermal papilla, giving rise to new hair remains in the skin. Therefore, the hair grow again. Insufficient replenishment of lost hair and a gradual thinning of a signal that the hair of patients (a consequence of violations of the nervous, endocrine and metabolism). In such cases, hygiene care is not enough to cure.

How To Dye Your Hair?

Women love to make changes in his appearance: whether it is new stuff, makeup or new hair color. You can radically change the color or change color only, in any case, it gives a boost of energy and creative freedom.


Painting the hair for the first time, matches the color close to natural. In this case, when the hair will grow, the roots will not be very apparent.

If you dye your hair the first time, you can use Rinse-off products. You can easily remedy the situation in case of ill-sorted colors.

If the staining of the hair you do not use the services of a specialist, ask a family member to help you. You can not see how a well-crafted neck, and some other areas. Mirror in this case, of course, can help, but it's not very convenient and does not exclude the fact that you can still miss a lot.

Follow the instructions. Do not miss anything. Test the paint on a few hairs to make sure you choose the color you want.

Comb hair after coloring your hair down and leave the assembled into a bundle. This will ensure a more even color. Zachesyvanie hair up leaves open the possibility for an inhomogeneous staining.

Divide the hair into several zones, dye your hair in the direction from roots to ends. In this case, start the procedure with the temporal region.

Apply moisturizer to the hairline. If dyed hair and gets on skin, wash off the paint will be easier.

If you want to achieve a stylish light-colored, contact a professional. First, the hair color from dark to lighter - not easy. Secondly, to produce color to it once and well, as all subsequent attempts to rectify the failure, do not give excellent results.

Staining spend on dirty hair. " Best of all, if, after washing your hair will be day 2, as just washed scalp becomes more sensitive, and hair lose fat containment.

If you're all set as correct, then your new image will give you lots of positive emotions.