Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What to Do if Your Hair Fall Out? Some Myths and Some Suggestions

At a meeting with the man we pay attention primarily on the face. But what surrounds it must be said that "at height". But if your personal "height", meaning your hair, baldness or missing, or you just want to keep it in good condition, you should read this article necessarily. And other people are not hurt, but only help. To begin to debunk a few myths about hair and take care of them.

When beginning to help baldness shampoos against hair loss. Shampoo as a treatment against hair loss is not sufficiently effective, because the duration of its effect on the scalp is minimal. The hair bulb lies deep, and there must be special-conductor components, which are delivered to the required components directly to the bulb. As a rule, the role of these ingredients act alcohol and alcohol-based solutions, contained in medicinal lotions and serums, but no shampoo.

Perms, styling, and coloring cause hair loss. In any case. Because they do not affect the hair follicle. And the styling, and coloring, and painting only affect the structure of the hair, making them more dry and brittle, split ends and dull.

When the hair falls out, they should at least comb. Nonsense. Combing removes dead hair already, which can linger in the skin of your head for up to three months. In addition, brushing and massage are useful as improve blood circulation of the head, and hence the power of hair follicles.

Way. Interesting fact. On the mind of one person 160,000 hairs. That is about to 270 hairs per square centimeter.

Long hair often falls out. Despite the fact that the loss of long hair is more noticeable than the short ones, it is not. Hair length does not affect their life is not life, it affects their structure. The longer the hair, the longer he is subjected to various adverse external shocks - painting, drying, UV, etc. Therefore, long hair requires more care.

Frequent washing helps to strengthen hair. Proper and timely cleaning of the scalp is necessary. In this case, washed out dead hair, but not triggered by loss of healthy. If you do not wash their hair in time, the hair will still fall, but we will get inflammation, dandruff associated with increased activity of the microflora of the scalp. It is important to properly wash their hair. Most people tend to increased greasiness. They need to wash my hair it at least 1-2 times a week shampoo for oily hair, and only then apply the hair conditioner, a mask or air conditioning.

And what right?

Do not forget about vitamins. Building material for our head of hair is a protein food, and strength and shine it gives protein and vitamins C and B. In other words, you need to eat meat and liver, as well as cereals, legumes, citrus fruits, nuts, fatty fish. But the result will be visible only several months after the transition is not this "diet".

Choose the right shampoo. It should contain vitamins C, B, E, retinol, panthenol. Do not forget that the shampoo is selected to the type of the scalp and not hair. Wash your hair properly. Trichologists (professional hair care and skin care) are advised to wash their hair every three to four days. And according to the rules: 1) can not wash your hair with hot water - it stimulates the sebaceous glands, and 2) if possible, do not wash your hair with water from the tap. She's too tough. For washing is better to use boiled or filtered water, and 3) it is better not to comb wet hair - they are easily injured.

The main reasons for the sharp hair loss: heredity, childbirth, abortion, fever during illness, stress, certain medications, a drastic weight loss. (Loss starts after 3-4 months after exposure to adverse factor).

And finally, an interesting fact. Up to 80% of heat from the human body goes through the head. So wear a hat in frosty weather, and did not walk in the rain, bareheaded, in order not to become bald. Bye!

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