Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to Choose A Shampoo Suit for You?

From shampoos should not expect too much, otherwise disappointed. Development of marketing influences on expanding product lines of goods. And to win in the race for profits - manufacturers excel as they can, inventing new promotional moves. As is known, promises to run ads, at best, half full.

Unified guidance on how to choose a shampoo, no. Even the experts advise to find the right product through trial and error. In such a finding important one - to monitor the signals of his body. Shampoo does not suit you if: hair becomes brittle and dry scalp.

Keep in mind that the main purpose of shampoo - shampoo. Everything else - the problem of medical shampoos, conditioners, air conditioners ...

There are also product lines of shampoos, which contain both a shampoo and conditioner. Time has shown that they are not as effective for the hair, rather, are useful for the purse.

If you decide to change the shampoo - Decide on your hair type. Make it simple: if your hair becomes dirty in 2-3 days - you have a normal type, if the next day, you have oily hair, and if you do not have to wash my hair more than a week - you have dry hair.

Keep in mind, if you have a year ago were dry hair - it does not mean that life they will remain so. Hair type a person varies depending on food, lifestyle and age.

The use of unsuitable shampoos may cause dermatitis or dandruff.

The composition of each shampoo is 10, and even more ingredients, each has its own peculiarities. Their dosage may be very different, so, if the consumer will read the composition, is unlikely to find for himself something useful. Better pay attention to uniformity. Poor quality shampoo has a bundle of color and texture.

Very often, consumers are lured beauty shops stock-sale. If you want to buy goods at low prices - look at the expiration date. If prior to the end is nearly here, do not buy the product. After the expiration date the company manufacturer is not responsible for the quality and safety.

Some women choose their shampoo smell, believing that high-quality cosmetics does not smell. In fact, the smell of shampoo has no effect on their cleaning properties. Nor should we delude ourselves labeled on the packaging, "natural". This is not an indicator of quality for this group of products. After all, the main components of shampoos are synthetic surface - active substances, they are responsible for the quality of clean hair. Without them the shampoo does not shampoo!

And if you're the producers promise moisturizing hair, keep in mind we are talking about the scalp and just about a mild shampoo. But when you read on the label reads "volume", you really do get it, though not by increasing the amount of hair, but at the expense of special components that create some space between the hairs.

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