Monday, May 2, 2011

How to Get Rid of Dandruff?

Dandruff: a terrible bedtime story or a pinprick, from which it is easy to get rid of using any "available means"? Try to understand this complex issue.

Scientists still have not come to a consensus as to the origin of the dandruff. Presumably, it is a consequence of the microscopic fungus, constantly living on the scalp. Usually you will not even notice, but under adverse conditions, it begins to behave aggressively, which leads to the appearance of snow on the hair. " Intensify the fungus can bad state of the environment, stress, accumulated fatigue, hormonal medications, dehydration,

deficiency of vitamins B6, B12, F, and trace element selenium, and incorrectly chosen tools for hair care products. Become a cause of dandruff may work unfair barber, who forgets to handle the tools before you do.

Such different dandruff

If shortly after shampooing itching and white flakes easily crumble, then dry dandruff. The appearance of dry dandruff is associated with the violation of cellular metabolism, when the division of keratinized cells is too fast. If the sebaceous glands secrete less fat, that is, the scalp is dry, a large number of cells accumulated on the surface and begin peeled. Hair become thin and dull.

Sometimes, to moisturize the scalp, it is sufficient to restore normal water balance in the body, that is to drink more mineral, boiled or purified water.

If, however, after washing your hair is getting very glossy and dandruff flakes appeared large and rare, it is oily dandruff. It is not as visible as dry. Scales "masked", sticking to the scalp, and stick together, soaked bacon, serve as an additional food source for microorganisms. The result is a fat accumulation, skin inflammation, killing the hair follicles, hair falling out, and if the process does not slow down, quickly thinning.

Sometimes dandruff can be accompanied by one or another dermatologic disease. If the scalp is inflamed, reddened and itchy - refer to a dermatologist.

Dandruff shampoo

Most dandruff shampoos only wash away the top layer of scales, struggling with the symptoms not the cause of dandruff - a fungus. If you wash your hair every day or even twice a day, the illusion that you do not have dandruff, can last long enough. However, each time the sloughing layer of skin flakes will recover faster, and the fungus is "accustomed" to your shampoo and it begins to "ignore".

If the dandruff in your hair showed up suddenly on the eve of an important event, and you do not have time to treat it, dandruff shampoo - it's really nice out. Just pay attention to the funds listed on the bottle. Ingredients such as Zinc Pirythione, Climbazole, Ketoconozole, Selenium Disulphide have antimicrobial action; Octopirox, Coal Tar (tar), Selenium Disulphide remove flakes of dandruff; Coal Tar (tar), Sulphur (sulfur), Salicylic Acid slow down the reproduction of cells. If you are still on the bottle with a shampoo is not found, then it does to you and will not help.

Medicine for dandruff

The pharmacy ask to show you exactly drugs from dandruff, because only they just treat the cause of dandruff - a fungus and not just wash away skin flakes from the hair. Most likely, the drugs will be more expensive than normal shampoos, and the effect of their application may not appear immediately. But you get rid of dandruff, if not forever then for a very long time.

Kefir + mustard

Make a tincture of nettles. Brew a tablespoon of dry powdered nettle cup of boiling water, leave for a day, and then strain. Thus infusion should be treated within two months. 2 times per week (frequently) at night and rub the mask in the skin, hair does not rinse and wash in the morning dandruff shampoo.

If you have oily dandruff and hair fall out, 2-3 times a week, use the tincture of calendula. Massage the solution into the scalp, then wrap head with a towel for 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Another recipe: take some of the dairy products (yogurt, kefir, whey). Spread thickly their hair from root to tip, lightly rubbing the scalp. Leave for 30 minutes, then rinse the head with warm water and mustard (a tablespoon of dry mustard to 1 liter of water).

Follow the health of your hair, based on the proposed advice! Good luck and good health!

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