Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to Choose a Hairstyle and Haircut?

The choice of hairstyle - not an easy task, because of the hair depends largely on the overall impression of your appearance, and properly chosen and well executed haircut - the main condition for beautiful hair.

The first step is selection cutting must be carried out depending on the quality of hair, face shape and its characteristic features.

If you have a thick and elastic hair, some hairstyles you will not do. For very thin hair have to do bulk haircut, often achieved by thinning the amount of locks. If you have unruly hair, make an elongated cut.

Oval face shape is considered ideal. Women with an oval face will suit any hairstyle. Other forms of face with hair trying to bring to the shape of an oval.

For a round face hairstyle is recommended, the contour which expands from the ears up. Purpose - "extend" the face. The hair on the top of the head to lift, leaving the sides of a small number of them. But better to create an asymmetrical silhouette (forward bangs, side parting and hair combed to one side). Do not comb your hair smoothly parted in the middle.

For the square faces are also suitable asymmetrical haircuts and hairstyles (the problems of the square faces are similar to those of round). Hairdo to pull up the line of his forehead. You fit wavy hair, slanted partings, half-ears. Do not make a long thick bangs, refuse symmetrical hairstyle and do not comb your hair from your face.

For the triangular faces to choose a hairstyle to its widest part located under the middle ear, or earlobes. Do not stress high cheekbones, do not do short chelok and comb side strands smoothly ago. Suitable hairstyle with long straight or slanting bangs with curls at the crown.

For a rectangular face, choose a hairstyle covering the ears and face framing curls. You can make a thick bangs to her eyebrows. So how to visually "shorten" a person give up the long straight hair, hair styles with vertical lines.

When choosing hairstyles should take into account special features of your face. Snook - make fluffy hair with a long lush fringe. Do not put your hair smooth. If you have a snub nose, zacheshite hair up. If you have a small nose, make her hair with small curls without bangs. With a wide flat nose zacheshite hair from the person who raised them high above the forehead.

Wide-set eyes - lift the hair and place them a wave over his forehead, so that they partly fell over his forehead like bangs. With close-set eyes lift your hair up, give them to the splendor of the temples, the lateral strands lay along the cheeks. Long neck to close the hair. If you have a short neck, on the contrary, open it. If you have short hair, make edging back triangle. If you have large ears, cover their hair to about the middle. With a small increase will not fit curvy styling. If you're tall, make a magnificent hair, is visually enlarge the head.

Thus, properly chosen hairstyle can adjust the shape of the face, to emphasize its attractive features, to improve the quality of hair. A hairstyle, made on the basis of good hair cuts, will complement your style and will always bring you joy.

Monday, May 30, 2011

How to Properly Care for Long Hair?

Fashion for the haircuts and hairstyles change, but long hair is never out of fashion. Almost every girl dreams of having well-groomed, thick long hair, but not everyone gets them grow.

Often due to improper maintenance, long hair become brittle, dull, at the ends and fall. Why is this happening? Long hair needs special care. They need a lot more nutrients.

The state of our hair depends on what we eat. If you want to grow long hair, give up the strict diet. Your diet must be present fruits, vegetables, wholemeal bread, dairy products, meat and fish. Take a complex of vitamins and minerals. Promote hair growth especially vitamins A, C, B6, B12 and E, as well as niacin and zinc.

Improve the condition of the hair will also help nourishing masks, which are easily bought in a shop or cook itself. You can not wash your hair too much hot water.

And most importantly - after washing be sure to use balm! This is the main condition for beautiful hair. No matter what the company will be your balm rinse. They all have one main feature - helps flatten hair. If you do not use the balm after washing cling to each other, resulting in hair will be confused and even break.

Try not to blow-dry. If you still have to do this, use the delicate cycle and direct the jet of warm (not in any way not hot) air from the top down.

Helpful to rinse your hair decoction of nettle leaves or flowers of chamomile.

Comb the hair with wooden rather than plastic combs, preferring a massage brush. They massage the scalp, thereby improving blood circulation around the hair follicles and enhancing hair growth. Also helpful to massage your scalp with your fingertips at least twice a day. Try it, and after a month you will see that the hair had improved markedly.

When coloring hair, avoid the use of paint, which is composed of ammonia. Best course would be not to use chemical dyes, especially now that the wide selection of natural tint based on herbs.

Try to pay due attention to the hair, long hair require particularly careful treatment.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to Keep Your Hair After Childbirth?

We all know that immediately after giving birth a woman is the restructuring of the body to its original state (before pregnancy) and in addition, that pregnancy takes a lot of effort an expectant mother, breastfeeding is literally "squeezes" from women all the remaining juices. Unfortunately, this can not but affect our health, and consequently - on the beauty. Become brittle nails, teeth crumble, the skin becomes dry and loses its shape and tone of the old form of hair thinning.

In this article I will share with you my secret, how to keep hair beautiful, and stop them from falling.

Remember, throughout the pregnancy you are just proud of his mane. The fact is that during pregnancy estrogens stimulate hair follicles, so hair is living longer. As a result, the amount of hair that are in the phase of growth, much more. After birth, the estrogen content decreases sharply, which leads to precipitation of "extra" hair. And after some time after birth notice that her hair piled in any manipulation of them (wash, blow). Naturally, this longing finds you, you are irritable, and depressed. By the way, the effects of stress - the deterioration of hair growth and hair loss. A mood of mothers, as we know, is transmitted kids, they become cranky, crying, etc.

You do not know what to do, what's missing? Sure, go to the drugstore, buy doroguschy shampoos, sprays, tonics, and started a course of hair restoration. Improvement does not happen ... You start to panic to chew packs vitamins (vitamins and it really?).

Unfortunately, not so long ago I myself was faced with this. After the birth I did not immediately began to lose hair, but a month later they started to fall out in such numbers that I was scared! Afraid to touch her head once again. You understand what was happening in his soul. I thought, if this continues, baldness can not be avoided.

The first month I made masks, and expensive, and not rinsed herbs. The result - a minimal, there was only a sheen. A gloss on the three hairs in six rows, you know, not happy!

I began to read everything about hair growth, care for them, climbed the entire Internet. To my great joy, I met at his notes on the shelf. After pre-pregnancy I was studying at the courses barber.

Hooray! Here is what I have not tried - head massage. It is known that massaging the hair root zone, as well as cervical-collar zone, we improve the blood supply to the hair bulb. Naturally, with blood flow to the bulb receives all the nutrients: macro-minerals, oxygen. Yes, when I studied the courses of special importance this subject has not given. Why, I think, I do not come in handy bypass. That's naive.

Decided, all of today doing massage on a daily basis. "Beauty requires sacrifice" and you have to carve on it 15-20 minutes a day. At least a week, and then look at the result ...

What do you think? The result did not wait. On the fourth day of massage is the time to wash my hair, I noticed that the hair crawl, but much smaller. Hurrah!

Now I'll tell exactly how to do everything.

The first step is better to trim hair and cut all the split ends. If you do not, the main force will go not to the growth of new hair, and the restoration of power and "sick."

Buy in-store massage brush with plastic tip to avoid scratching the scalp. Every night, before bed, comb her hair in different directions for at least 20 times, not too pressing.

Drying heads temporarily abstain from a hair dryer, I will not talk about its harmfulness. Just tilt your head forward and down fingertips in a circular motion dry hair, while massaging the cervical-collar zone. This is also very effective (improves blood circulation).

And to improve the blood supply make circular movements of the head. 5 times in each direction will be sufficient.

Massage I am doing now.

Has recently been in a barbershop and the barber found me "penechki (new regrown hair) in a 5 cm long - is that I could lose. Well, not cool, huh?

I wish you have a luxurious head of hair, with a minimum of jars and phial. Taking advantage of my advice, you'll help your hair to find its former beauty and density. Take care of them with love, and the result is stunning.

Remember, you must be the most beautiful mom in the world.

Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Choose The Type of Hair Removal?

Baba Yaga had three hairs on her head, she decided to make his hair - braid. Cards hairs - one fell, decided to make a ponytail, even one hair fell out, waving his hand Baba Yaga: "Ouch! Shaggy go! "

Baba Yaga, of course, did her hair on her head, not thinking about other parts of the body, also covered with hair. Perhaps it out there and no hair (once the head is almost bald), and possibly not going to flaunt it in front of Leshim and Kashcheev. But we, modern girls, we want to please men and to themselves, of course. So, something must be done with unwanted hair in unwanted places.

You can, of course, all my life to go shaggy, but it is not fashionable today. And you can use a razor blade, after which go to irritation, and a couple of hours will begin injecting the newly regrown hairs. You can use wax - but it's terribly hurt! No, it's not for us! With the development of new technologies has changed the approach to the removal of unwanted hair on face and body. We fit the photo, laser and electrolysis!

Photoepilation - a modern method of long-term hair removal. Applied to the skin of a transparent light guide, which is served by a short burst of specially filtered light. Hair follicles absorb light and convert it into heat, which damages them. The pulse energy is chosen so that it is enough to remove hair, but not enough to damage the skin. In the field of epilation only occasionally noted mild transient redness. Well this method works for black hair.

Laser hair removal. The essence of laser hair removal is a laser beam on a special pigment called melanin, which is contained in the hair follicle and hair shaft. Laser source generates a pulse that carries a red light and warmth. The outbreak lasted a split second, but this time is enough to the structure of the hair follicle has collapsed from heat. Laser hair removal acts selectively on the hair, and does not damage the epidermis. This allows the procedure to the most sensitive areas - the bikini area, face and armpits.

Electrolysis. Electrolysis procedure is aimed at application of electricity to the area of hair growth. This energy destroys the area of hair growth and prevent further regrowth. Electrolysis works on your hair any color for any skin type and provides removal of hair permanently. Low amount of electrical current delivered to sensitive electronic devices, epilator. Because of the electrical pulse, formed at its end, there is the tiniest spark of heat. Spark gets to the bottom of the follicle (the most important part, since it is responsible for the renewed growth of hair) and destroy it forever. Hair can be removed in almost any part of the body. Some common areas for women include a line of eyebrows, top of the nose, cheeks, upper and lower lips, chin, throat, neck, shoulders, back, chest, breasts, abdomen, arms, legs, bikini line, fingers, feet and hands.

No matter which of these methods of removing unwanted hair, we choose, more importantly, as a result we get a beautiful, well-maintained and cherished.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How Often You Paint Without Damaging the Hair?

You like to experiment. Do you like to frequently change hair color. But your hair, such experiments are unlikely to return to taste. So what do you do? Use unstable colors!

Unstable coloration is often called toning. This procedure does not affect the natural pigment of the skin does not disrupt the structure of hair. Unstable dyes are classified into three types.

Unstable gels, foams, mousses, varnishes and ink washed off in the first wash. Such substances envelop the hair, giving it color. These funds are used to create hairstyles. Most often made colored strands and spots.

Tint means partially penetrate under the scales of the hair. Color disappears after 6-8 times you will wash your head. With these tools you can not lighten hair. But do not forget to be careful! If you are blonde, you will be very difficult to completely get rid of the acquired color.

If you've clarified your hair or a perm done, their structure may be damaged. Unstable paint safely "stuff" under the opened scales and can be held there for several months, even if you wash your hair every day! A dye my hair stand paint can while toning tool does not wash off.

There are soft colors, washed for 10-20 times. This product contains a small amount of oxidizer. This paint is much smaller effect on the hair than usual. The tool will give hair a bright, do no harm. With this color have to walk quite a long time, so do not throw your head into the maelstrom: before be painted in full, check out the tool on one strand.

Unstable color - a great way to experiment. True, the possibility of experiments is quite limited. Greatly change the color of toner you can not. You should not assume that the toning is absolutely safe for the hair. If you carry out the procedure every two weeks for several months, the hair deteriorate. Because the particles of paint are still alien to the hair substance, dried hair. So do not get carried away too temporary staining.

Recently, in beauty salons offering a new service - Illumination. This is a special technique of hair coloring. Illumination is referred to the unstable mind staining. Typically, the effect lasts 1-2 months. The paint is applied a minimum of damage to the hair. Unlike conventional paints, representing an alkaline environment, the dye used to illuminate, slightly acidic. Its Ph is closer to the natural Ph of hair, so it does not make them stiff and dry. Therefore, this kind of painting masters recommend that women, fearing to spoil the hair. Hair after coloring does not look burned. On the contrary, their brilliance is greatly enhanced, hair becomes noticeably more luxuriant. If the result did not like the paint you can wash once a special tool, without hurting the hair structure.

But the main feature is not to illuminate it. The fact that the staining can choose not only the primary color, hair color and low tide! The latter may be very different from the ground. Black hair can be cast in green, purple or golden. Blond is very Pink tide - then the hair resemble clouds at sunset or mother of pearl. Ginger may have a blue, red and golden glitter. In general, what you want. Stylists often compare the effect of Illumination with the effects of fashionable nail polish: color reflux is different from the primary color nail. A new kind of painting can achieve stunning results that seem improbable.

If you like natural color of hair and you just want to give them an interesting ebb, the hair can be treated with glitter. It can be colored or colorless. Of course, with excellent results so quickly you do not want to say goodbye. To prolong the life of staining have to use special tools for hair care products. They must be of the same brand as the dye. Resignation will tell the stylist in the salon. If your hair is severely damaged, most likely at the first attempt to achieve the desired effect will not work. Have to repeat the procedure again. By the way, spend Illumination not more than once in 3 months! Another, perhaps the most serious shortcoming of this service is its price. Illumination will cost $ 100-200. Well, still, of course, it should be noted that the Illumination do not all beauty salons.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What Product You Should Use to Your Hair - A Balm or Conditioner?

Balsam and air conditioning - all the basic tools for hair care products. Often they are included in the shampoo. But better still to avoid vehicle 2-in-1.

The point here is not only a solid raid that leaves a shampoo. Even the best shampoo aggressive acts on the hair, so the tool is better not to keep the hair is too long. But the caregiver as a means of better times to withstand at least a couple of minutes. In addition, the system, when the hair at the same time cleared of fat and enveloped conditioning agents, not too effective. Better to first clean the hair, rinse with pollution, and only then apply the balm or conditioner.

So balm or conditioner? We return to this issue.

Air Conditioning is a tool whose purpose is to minimize harmful effects on hair exerted by washing, brushing and drying. He wraps hair thin invisible layer, protects them from excessive moisture loss, related both to blow-drying and conventional drying. This substance is "glues" the keratin scales, the opened during washing. With this hair, get shine, become less susceptible to environmental influences. Air-conditioning is antistatic, so hair will not "stand on end, easy to comb. By the way, if you plan to make a fleece, do not use air conditioning. He did not allow the hair is well electrified. Thin film gives hair more volume. Air Conditioning spread over the moist washed hair, avoiding roots. Because the roots of the hair should be rigid enough to hair was long. In addition, if the roots caused air conditioning, hair quickly dirty.

Balm cares for your hair, saturate them with useful substances. Shampooing reveals flakes of hair, and deep into its structure can easily penetrate nutrients balm - essential oils, proteins, minerals. Balm, as well as air conditioning, "closes" the keratin scales, so get your hair shine. Balm is applied along the length of hair, including roots, but not rubbed into the scalp. However, there are exceptions. In this case, the instruction states that the remedy should be rubbed into the skin. Balms can be tonic, and can deal with a specific problem.

As we see, by the action of these funds are quite similar. Today, manufacturers often offer us balms, conditioners. Many stylists are advised to purchase these tools separately, not every time you want the protective effect of conditioning, so why once again "envelop" the hair a film? However, it is quite long and not very economical - to put on your hair shampoo, conditioner and then, then "seal" all air conditioned. Moreover, manufacturers themselves are confusing. Balsams, offered today, and have conditioning properties, shampoos and conditioners are enriched with useful substances ... In the end, balsam, and air conditioning still find their refuge in a bottle.

Is it really necessary to use a balm and / or air conditioner every time you wash it? Stylists are confident that the modern woman is necessary. First, shampooing makes hair is very vulnerable to any impact. And you still have to comb and dry. Secondly, the same comb. It hurt very wet hair with a history of exposure to the same shampoo. Air-conditioning can significantly reduce the harmful effects. Thirdly, the thin film protects the hair during blow-dry. Finally, air-conditioning balm and reduce the harmful effects of tap water. Chlorine, heavy metals, micro-organisms - all very serious test. Hair, especially after washing, is very well absorb all of these substances.

In general, balms and conditioners are needed not only for women with damaged hair. If you want to preserve the beauty of your hair, be sure to use these tools. This means basic care for themselves, as a lotion or cream. If you still consider air-conditioning unnecessary expenditure in its budget, can benefit from folk remedies. I'm not talking about the vinegar - it certainly softens the hair, but has an aggressive action. Modern shampoos, which are slightly acidic environment, and so well to cope with the rigidity of tap water. To protect your hair, give them food, add shine, use it rather better than this "balm", like yogurt. Apply it to all your hair, massage your scalp and wash away in five minutes. This means, incidentally, we should remember and when you need to quickly bring damaged, dull or dry hair in order to give them back the life force.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

How To Find a Good Barber?

Finding a good barber - very difficult and important task, which many women sometimes devote a few years. Ugly haircut, complex, but it does not fit your hair, damaged hair - that's a sometimes have to go in this search. And now your life is illuminated by the light - you found my hairdresser! Some time you go contented, happy and amazingly beautiful. And suddenly, your stylist leaves the salon. Where he is now gone, you, of course, the cabin will not tell. And the search begins.

There are several points that allow you to accelerate and simplify the search for him. First, remember that the stylist must have been born. Therefore, highly experienced gray-haired maiden is not always better than a young intern with hairdressing courses. Although the experience is, of course, plus does not happen.

Certificates and awards received in refresher courses and competitions, of course, talk about the art of the stylist. But mind you that the services of such a master would cost significantly more. In this case, not necessarily what he really is the best. Although among the "honored" stylists "their" find a lot easier.

Good idea to take advice girlfriend. Unless, of course, this friend is really well trimmed and groomed. But still very reassuring it is not necessary. It is possible that you have with it different tastes and in terms of hairstyles, and in terms of service. By the way, just to determine whether you need a master that does the job quickly and in strict accordance with your intentions, or whoever does the job well and is able to display on your head are all my imagination. In the first case, you will be safe from unpleasant surprises, and the second - will become the owner of unique hairstyles, not found in one of your mates or employees.

Entering the room, watched a little of the masters. This can be done, for example, accompanying the same girlfriend. It is very important in that barber wearing what his hairstyle. If it is a woman, pay attention to the makeup and nail polish. In the case of men reversible on nails special attention: the extent of their grooming a lot to say about their owners. The external appearance of the barber will tell you about his style and attitude towards their work.

Good hairdresser necessarily talking to the client. Stylist - a special kind of psychologist. His task is to figure out the taste, habits, character client. It is very important occupation. Because of these factors depends on choice of hairstyle.

A good barber is never flattering. If a woman has bad hair, dandruff, she prefers her hair, which she does not go, the stylist must pay attention to it. He will advise how to fix the flaw, or disguise it.

Barber, creating a hairstyle should never go on about the customer, if he is wrong. For example, if a woman asks to cut her hair shorter, and the stylist knows that in this case, the hair will lie bad haircut and get ugly, he should explain this to the client. Even if she insists, the barber must abandon the idea. The words "well you have been so asked for a good stylist unacceptable.

Finding, finally, a barber, keep him faithful. Go only to him - so he will be easier to "remember" your hair, your tastes and habits. From hairdresser to make friends. Subtly suggest to him that if he decided to change jobs, albeit necessarily warn you about this and give the new coordinates. Otherwise, all works will go awry.

How to Treat Hair and Maintain Their Health During the Winter?

In winter, our body is experiencing a particular stress, and this can not affect the condition of hair. Hair becomes brittle, lackluster and subject only to the laws of electrostatics. The main reasons for this - an acute shortage of vitamins, sharp temperature drops and the devastating effect of the hair dryer and dry air, produced by heating in our homes and offices. What you need to do to stay healthy, shiny hair and beauty even in the winter?

Eat right!
Pay particular attention to nutrition. In order for hair beautiful and healthy, your main menu should include seafood, poultry, lean meat, eggs, nuts, natural vegetable oil, bread, wholemeal, sunflower seeds, sea kale, nonfat yogurt, oatmeal, and lots of fruit and vegetables.

Take your vitamins!
This is useful not only for improving the hair. Your body will take the winter unscathed. Hair most essential vitamins - A, C and E. Vitamin A helps your hair grow, Vitamin C - strengthens them, cares about the roots and freshness, E - returns the hair a healthy shine and protects against UV rays.

Nourish and moisturize hair!
Central heating and car stove - the main enemies of our hair. Batteries produce dry air in the room, almost the same as in the desert. Plus, the more often we use a hair dryer, and finally dried hair is always up to the end, afraid of catching a cold, if left out of the house with a wet head. Prefer a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. And be sure to do once or twice a week, a hydrating mask.

Castor and other oils intensely nourish and soften the hair, protect against harmful influences, envelop them, and strengthen the roots and improves the hair structure, making them more flexible and durable. Well affect the hair mask with Burdock oil: it is enough to put it on for 20 minutes once a week and results will not keep you waiting! Vitamin F and elastin warn dryness, flaking and dandruff - funds in such an action are particularly relevant.

Be careful!
In addition to general recommendations for care, there are contra-seasonal. What you can not do with her hair in the winter? Firstly, if the hair dry and brittle, it is not necessary to wait for the dead of winter to their cut and color, and it must be done one month before the cold weather. Second, discard wash your hair under hot water this time of year, otherwise it will contribute to their fragility.

How can I avoid using the hair dryer and curling with a hot dryer. However, if the hair has not dried up, and out of the house to go the time has come, then in any case did not go outside with wet hair! Wet hair quickly freeze in the cold, and this makes them extremely brittle. Better deal for some time the conditioner on the hair and then dry the hair dryer.

Wear a hat!
If you do not want to harm their own hair, would not give up the cap, even if it is slightly hurt your installation or a beautiful holiday hair. With cold blood vessels of the head narrow and limited access to vitamins and nutrients to the hair roots. From this hair weakening and may even start to fall out. So think first and foremost about the health of your hair. Because only healthy hair can be beautiful.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Main Causes of Hair Loss

Our hair - one of the main ornaments given to us by nature. But what if every passing day harder and harder to manage to keep this treasure? That's a lock on a pillow that's on the brush, a towel after drying ... Just do not panic! The reason for more intense hair loss can be anything:

1) Stress - it leads to an early gray hair, wrinkles and general ill-being, and hence to the deterioration of the hair. Good psychologist, a more moderate pace of life, soothing baths, herbal teas, vitamins so simply inactive, rest and positive emotions - that's what you need.

2) Hormonal problems - very often these cases happen in women during and after pregnancy, or in connection with the refusal of taking any hormonal preparations. Initially, some of them contribute to the density of hair, but the rejection of them, for example, if you take birth control pills, but decided to have a baby and stopped taking, they cause great damage to the hair and beauty to recover in this case is not so easy. In such a situation should contact a doctor who will prescribe you the appropriate application "as opposed to".

3) The unfavorable ecological situation - try to use to wash your hair at least to settle the water, and ideally boiled. Rinse your hair with shampoo twice. The first time he washes off the mud, in the second shampoo is effective for therapeutic purposes. Wash your hair if they so require. After all, clean hair is much stronger and did not climb as hard. Undesirable to have hair on strength, walking in the cold with an uncovered head. The room is a hat is better to shoot - let the skin breathe.

4) Improper diet - eat more fruit and vegetables that contain vitamins A and E, take special drugs to help improve the condition of hair and nails. In pharmacies are invited to choose such a number that can orient except for the price. Recommend that in such cases, drinking beer yeast, which are sold there, in pharmacies. Dosage is indicated in the liner.

In addition to these reasons, there is still a lot of different circumstances that can anticipate and identify them can only qualified physician trichologist. If that is hard to find, then a dermatologist or endocrinologist. For a definitive diagnosis must pass several tests that will allow the doctor to establish the cause, what is wrong with your hair. It's pretty expensive, but worth it, otherwise you can buy packs of vitamins, make yourself or acquire the means to strengthen the hair, but this does not solve the problem. Or may even harm if the reason is something else. For example, are often advised to strengthen the hair to rub into the scalp warmed burdock or nettle oil. For those with oily dandruff, it's like death. After all, it is often dandruff can be an obstacle to the emergence of new hair in place fell out. In this case, you must first deal with dandruff.

In addition, thinning hair can be caused by some internal disease, and therefore must again deal with it first and then much to rebuild the hair.

A few words on a hair transplant. This procedure is very expensive, it do not even in all major cities. But it's not so bad. No you do not give a guarantee that all the transplanted hair take root. It's like in the case of tree planting - something to take hold, some have not. But even in the best case we are talking only about the redistribution of body hair, because the donor supports the patient.

Not to mention in this regard about the tools that are now filled all the pharmacies, taking that allegedly can be achieved even at the cannon with a bald-tsatiletnim experience. Yes, down there, but if you do not rub the said means (which is certainly not cheap) for at least a month or two, the hair will return to its original state. On the producers of such "medicine" is often modestly silent. Think about whether you can buy these tools constantly.

In conclusion, I want to say that hair loss - a problem that requires a purely individual decisions. In the sea of various articles on this subject, it is difficult to choose the method that works for you, they provide only general advice. But all of these articles agree on one thing: do not waste precious time, as to prevent further loss of a lot easier to make than "asleep" follicle "wake up". The sooner you will seek a suitable solution for you, the better.

Monday, May 2, 2011

How to Get Rid of Dandruff?

Dandruff: a terrible bedtime story or a pinprick, from which it is easy to get rid of using any "available means"? Try to understand this complex issue.

Scientists still have not come to a consensus as to the origin of the dandruff. Presumably, it is a consequence of the microscopic fungus, constantly living on the scalp. Usually you will not even notice, but under adverse conditions, it begins to behave aggressively, which leads to the appearance of snow on the hair. " Intensify the fungus can bad state of the environment, stress, accumulated fatigue, hormonal medications, dehydration,

deficiency of vitamins B6, B12, F, and trace element selenium, and incorrectly chosen tools for hair care products. Become a cause of dandruff may work unfair barber, who forgets to handle the tools before you do.

Such different dandruff

If shortly after shampooing itching and white flakes easily crumble, then dry dandruff. The appearance of dry dandruff is associated with the violation of cellular metabolism, when the division of keratinized cells is too fast. If the sebaceous glands secrete less fat, that is, the scalp is dry, a large number of cells accumulated on the surface and begin peeled. Hair become thin and dull.

Sometimes, to moisturize the scalp, it is sufficient to restore normal water balance in the body, that is to drink more mineral, boiled or purified water.

If, however, after washing your hair is getting very glossy and dandruff flakes appeared large and rare, it is oily dandruff. It is not as visible as dry. Scales "masked", sticking to the scalp, and stick together, soaked bacon, serve as an additional food source for microorganisms. The result is a fat accumulation, skin inflammation, killing the hair follicles, hair falling out, and if the process does not slow down, quickly thinning.

Sometimes dandruff can be accompanied by one or another dermatologic disease. If the scalp is inflamed, reddened and itchy - refer to a dermatologist.

Dandruff shampoo

Most dandruff shampoos only wash away the top layer of scales, struggling with the symptoms not the cause of dandruff - a fungus. If you wash your hair every day or even twice a day, the illusion that you do not have dandruff, can last long enough. However, each time the sloughing layer of skin flakes will recover faster, and the fungus is "accustomed" to your shampoo and it begins to "ignore".

If the dandruff in your hair showed up suddenly on the eve of an important event, and you do not have time to treat it, dandruff shampoo - it's really nice out. Just pay attention to the funds listed on the bottle. Ingredients such as Zinc Pirythione, Climbazole, Ketoconozole, Selenium Disulphide have antimicrobial action; Octopirox, Coal Tar (tar), Selenium Disulphide remove flakes of dandruff; Coal Tar (tar), Sulphur (sulfur), Salicylic Acid slow down the reproduction of cells. If you are still on the bottle with a shampoo is not found, then it does to you and will not help.

Medicine for dandruff

The pharmacy ask to show you exactly drugs from dandruff, because only they just treat the cause of dandruff - a fungus and not just wash away skin flakes from the hair. Most likely, the drugs will be more expensive than normal shampoos, and the effect of their application may not appear immediately. But you get rid of dandruff, if not forever then for a very long time.

Kefir + mustard

Make a tincture of nettles. Brew a tablespoon of dry powdered nettle cup of boiling water, leave for a day, and then strain. Thus infusion should be treated within two months. 2 times per week (frequently) at night and rub the mask in the skin, hair does not rinse and wash in the morning dandruff shampoo.

If you have oily dandruff and hair fall out, 2-3 times a week, use the tincture of calendula. Massage the solution into the scalp, then wrap head with a towel for 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Another recipe: take some of the dairy products (yogurt, kefir, whey). Spread thickly their hair from root to tip, lightly rubbing the scalp. Leave for 30 minutes, then rinse the head with warm water and mustard (a tablespoon of dry mustard to 1 liter of water).

Follow the health of your hair, based on the proposed advice! Good luck and good health!