Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What Product You Should Use to Your Hair - A Balm or Conditioner?

Balsam and air conditioning - all the basic tools for hair care products. Often they are included in the shampoo. But better still to avoid vehicle 2-in-1.

The point here is not only a solid raid that leaves a shampoo. Even the best shampoo aggressive acts on the hair, so the tool is better not to keep the hair is too long. But the caregiver as a means of better times to withstand at least a couple of minutes. In addition, the system, when the hair at the same time cleared of fat and enveloped conditioning agents, not too effective. Better to first clean the hair, rinse with pollution, and only then apply the balm or conditioner.

So balm or conditioner? We return to this issue.

Air Conditioning is a tool whose purpose is to minimize harmful effects on hair exerted by washing, brushing and drying. He wraps hair thin invisible layer, protects them from excessive moisture loss, related both to blow-drying and conventional drying. This substance is "glues" the keratin scales, the opened during washing. With this hair, get shine, become less susceptible to environmental influences. Air-conditioning is antistatic, so hair will not "stand on end, easy to comb. By the way, if you plan to make a fleece, do not use air conditioning. He did not allow the hair is well electrified. Thin film gives hair more volume. Air Conditioning spread over the moist washed hair, avoiding roots. Because the roots of the hair should be rigid enough to hair was long. In addition, if the roots caused air conditioning, hair quickly dirty.

Balm cares for your hair, saturate them with useful substances. Shampooing reveals flakes of hair, and deep into its structure can easily penetrate nutrients balm - essential oils, proteins, minerals. Balm, as well as air conditioning, "closes" the keratin scales, so get your hair shine. Balm is applied along the length of hair, including roots, but not rubbed into the scalp. However, there are exceptions. In this case, the instruction states that the remedy should be rubbed into the skin. Balms can be tonic, and can deal with a specific problem.

As we see, by the action of these funds are quite similar. Today, manufacturers often offer us balms, conditioners. Many stylists are advised to purchase these tools separately, not every time you want the protective effect of conditioning, so why once again "envelop" the hair a film? However, it is quite long and not very economical - to put on your hair shampoo, conditioner and then, then "seal" all air conditioned. Moreover, manufacturers themselves are confusing. Balsams, offered today, and have conditioning properties, shampoos and conditioners are enriched with useful substances ... In the end, balsam, and air conditioning still find their refuge in a bottle.

Is it really necessary to use a balm and / or air conditioner every time you wash it? Stylists are confident that the modern woman is necessary. First, shampooing makes hair is very vulnerable to any impact. And you still have to comb and dry. Secondly, the same comb. It hurt very wet hair with a history of exposure to the same shampoo. Air-conditioning can significantly reduce the harmful effects. Thirdly, the thin film protects the hair during blow-dry. Finally, air-conditioning balm and reduce the harmful effects of tap water. Chlorine, heavy metals, micro-organisms - all very serious test. Hair, especially after washing, is very well absorb all of these substances.

In general, balms and conditioners are needed not only for women with damaged hair. If you want to preserve the beauty of your hair, be sure to use these tools. This means basic care for themselves, as a lotion or cream. If you still consider air-conditioning unnecessary expenditure in its budget, can benefit from folk remedies. I'm not talking about the vinegar - it certainly softens the hair, but has an aggressive action. Modern shampoos, which are slightly acidic environment, and so well to cope with the rigidity of tap water. To protect your hair, give them food, add shine, use it rather better than this "balm", like yogurt. Apply it to all your hair, massage your scalp and wash away in five minutes. This means, incidentally, we should remember and when you need to quickly bring damaged, dull or dry hair in order to give them back the life force.

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