Thursday, May 5, 2011

How To Find a Good Barber?

Finding a good barber - very difficult and important task, which many women sometimes devote a few years. Ugly haircut, complex, but it does not fit your hair, damaged hair - that's a sometimes have to go in this search. And now your life is illuminated by the light - you found my hairdresser! Some time you go contented, happy and amazingly beautiful. And suddenly, your stylist leaves the salon. Where he is now gone, you, of course, the cabin will not tell. And the search begins.

There are several points that allow you to accelerate and simplify the search for him. First, remember that the stylist must have been born. Therefore, highly experienced gray-haired maiden is not always better than a young intern with hairdressing courses. Although the experience is, of course, plus does not happen.

Certificates and awards received in refresher courses and competitions, of course, talk about the art of the stylist. But mind you that the services of such a master would cost significantly more. In this case, not necessarily what he really is the best. Although among the "honored" stylists "their" find a lot easier.

Good idea to take advice girlfriend. Unless, of course, this friend is really well trimmed and groomed. But still very reassuring it is not necessary. It is possible that you have with it different tastes and in terms of hairstyles, and in terms of service. By the way, just to determine whether you need a master that does the job quickly and in strict accordance with your intentions, or whoever does the job well and is able to display on your head are all my imagination. In the first case, you will be safe from unpleasant surprises, and the second - will become the owner of unique hairstyles, not found in one of your mates or employees.

Entering the room, watched a little of the masters. This can be done, for example, accompanying the same girlfriend. It is very important in that barber wearing what his hairstyle. If it is a woman, pay attention to the makeup and nail polish. In the case of men reversible on nails special attention: the extent of their grooming a lot to say about their owners. The external appearance of the barber will tell you about his style and attitude towards their work.

Good hairdresser necessarily talking to the client. Stylist - a special kind of psychologist. His task is to figure out the taste, habits, character client. It is very important occupation. Because of these factors depends on choice of hairstyle.

A good barber is never flattering. If a woman has bad hair, dandruff, she prefers her hair, which she does not go, the stylist must pay attention to it. He will advise how to fix the flaw, or disguise it.

Barber, creating a hairstyle should never go on about the customer, if he is wrong. For example, if a woman asks to cut her hair shorter, and the stylist knows that in this case, the hair will lie bad haircut and get ugly, he should explain this to the client. Even if she insists, the barber must abandon the idea. The words "well you have been so asked for a good stylist unacceptable.

Finding, finally, a barber, keep him faithful. Go only to him - so he will be easier to "remember" your hair, your tastes and habits. From hairdresser to make friends. Subtly suggest to him that if he decided to change jobs, albeit necessarily warn you about this and give the new coordinates. Otherwise, all works will go awry.

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