Sunday, May 15, 2011

How Often You Paint Without Damaging the Hair?

You like to experiment. Do you like to frequently change hair color. But your hair, such experiments are unlikely to return to taste. So what do you do? Use unstable colors!

Unstable coloration is often called toning. This procedure does not affect the natural pigment of the skin does not disrupt the structure of hair. Unstable dyes are classified into three types.

Unstable gels, foams, mousses, varnishes and ink washed off in the first wash. Such substances envelop the hair, giving it color. These funds are used to create hairstyles. Most often made colored strands and spots.

Tint means partially penetrate under the scales of the hair. Color disappears after 6-8 times you will wash your head. With these tools you can not lighten hair. But do not forget to be careful! If you are blonde, you will be very difficult to completely get rid of the acquired color.

If you've clarified your hair or a perm done, their structure may be damaged. Unstable paint safely "stuff" under the opened scales and can be held there for several months, even if you wash your hair every day! A dye my hair stand paint can while toning tool does not wash off.

There are soft colors, washed for 10-20 times. This product contains a small amount of oxidizer. This paint is much smaller effect on the hair than usual. The tool will give hair a bright, do no harm. With this color have to walk quite a long time, so do not throw your head into the maelstrom: before be painted in full, check out the tool on one strand.

Unstable color - a great way to experiment. True, the possibility of experiments is quite limited. Greatly change the color of toner you can not. You should not assume that the toning is absolutely safe for the hair. If you carry out the procedure every two weeks for several months, the hair deteriorate. Because the particles of paint are still alien to the hair substance, dried hair. So do not get carried away too temporary staining.

Recently, in beauty salons offering a new service - Illumination. This is a special technique of hair coloring. Illumination is referred to the unstable mind staining. Typically, the effect lasts 1-2 months. The paint is applied a minimum of damage to the hair. Unlike conventional paints, representing an alkaline environment, the dye used to illuminate, slightly acidic. Its Ph is closer to the natural Ph of hair, so it does not make them stiff and dry. Therefore, this kind of painting masters recommend that women, fearing to spoil the hair. Hair after coloring does not look burned. On the contrary, their brilliance is greatly enhanced, hair becomes noticeably more luxuriant. If the result did not like the paint you can wash once a special tool, without hurting the hair structure.

But the main feature is not to illuminate it. The fact that the staining can choose not only the primary color, hair color and low tide! The latter may be very different from the ground. Black hair can be cast in green, purple or golden. Blond is very Pink tide - then the hair resemble clouds at sunset or mother of pearl. Ginger may have a blue, red and golden glitter. In general, what you want. Stylists often compare the effect of Illumination with the effects of fashionable nail polish: color reflux is different from the primary color nail. A new kind of painting can achieve stunning results that seem improbable.

If you like natural color of hair and you just want to give them an interesting ebb, the hair can be treated with glitter. It can be colored or colorless. Of course, with excellent results so quickly you do not want to say goodbye. To prolong the life of staining have to use special tools for hair care products. They must be of the same brand as the dye. Resignation will tell the stylist in the salon. If your hair is severely damaged, most likely at the first attempt to achieve the desired effect will not work. Have to repeat the procedure again. By the way, spend Illumination not more than once in 3 months! Another, perhaps the most serious shortcoming of this service is its price. Illumination will cost $ 100-200. Well, still, of course, it should be noted that the Illumination do not all beauty salons.

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