Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to Choose a Hairstyle and Haircut?

The choice of hairstyle - not an easy task, because of the hair depends largely on the overall impression of your appearance, and properly chosen and well executed haircut - the main condition for beautiful hair.

The first step is selection cutting must be carried out depending on the quality of hair, face shape and its characteristic features.

If you have a thick and elastic hair, some hairstyles you will not do. For very thin hair have to do bulk haircut, often achieved by thinning the amount of locks. If you have unruly hair, make an elongated cut.

Oval face shape is considered ideal. Women with an oval face will suit any hairstyle. Other forms of face with hair trying to bring to the shape of an oval.

For a round face hairstyle is recommended, the contour which expands from the ears up. Purpose - "extend" the face. The hair on the top of the head to lift, leaving the sides of a small number of them. But better to create an asymmetrical silhouette (forward bangs, side parting and hair combed to one side). Do not comb your hair smoothly parted in the middle.

For the square faces are also suitable asymmetrical haircuts and hairstyles (the problems of the square faces are similar to those of round). Hairdo to pull up the line of his forehead. You fit wavy hair, slanted partings, half-ears. Do not make a long thick bangs, refuse symmetrical hairstyle and do not comb your hair from your face.

For the triangular faces to choose a hairstyle to its widest part located under the middle ear, or earlobes. Do not stress high cheekbones, do not do short chelok and comb side strands smoothly ago. Suitable hairstyle with long straight or slanting bangs with curls at the crown.

For a rectangular face, choose a hairstyle covering the ears and face framing curls. You can make a thick bangs to her eyebrows. So how to visually "shorten" a person give up the long straight hair, hair styles with vertical lines.

When choosing hairstyles should take into account special features of your face. Snook - make fluffy hair with a long lush fringe. Do not put your hair smooth. If you have a snub nose, zacheshite hair up. If you have a small nose, make her hair with small curls without bangs. With a wide flat nose zacheshite hair from the person who raised them high above the forehead.

Wide-set eyes - lift the hair and place them a wave over his forehead, so that they partly fell over his forehead like bangs. With close-set eyes lift your hair up, give them to the splendor of the temples, the lateral strands lay along the cheeks. Long neck to close the hair. If you have a short neck, on the contrary, open it. If you have short hair, make edging back triangle. If you have large ears, cover their hair to about the middle. With a small increase will not fit curvy styling. If you're tall, make a magnificent hair, is visually enlarge the head.

Thus, properly chosen hairstyle can adjust the shape of the face, to emphasize its attractive features, to improve the quality of hair. A hairstyle, made on the basis of good hair cuts, will complement your style and will always bring you joy.

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