Monday, May 30, 2011

How to Properly Care for Long Hair?

Fashion for the haircuts and hairstyles change, but long hair is never out of fashion. Almost every girl dreams of having well-groomed, thick long hair, but not everyone gets them grow.

Often due to improper maintenance, long hair become brittle, dull, at the ends and fall. Why is this happening? Long hair needs special care. They need a lot more nutrients.

The state of our hair depends on what we eat. If you want to grow long hair, give up the strict diet. Your diet must be present fruits, vegetables, wholemeal bread, dairy products, meat and fish. Take a complex of vitamins and minerals. Promote hair growth especially vitamins A, C, B6, B12 and E, as well as niacin and zinc.

Improve the condition of the hair will also help nourishing masks, which are easily bought in a shop or cook itself. You can not wash your hair too much hot water.

And most importantly - after washing be sure to use balm! This is the main condition for beautiful hair. No matter what the company will be your balm rinse. They all have one main feature - helps flatten hair. If you do not use the balm after washing cling to each other, resulting in hair will be confused and even break.

Try not to blow-dry. If you still have to do this, use the delicate cycle and direct the jet of warm (not in any way not hot) air from the top down.

Helpful to rinse your hair decoction of nettle leaves or flowers of chamomile.

Comb the hair with wooden rather than plastic combs, preferring a massage brush. They massage the scalp, thereby improving blood circulation around the hair follicles and enhancing hair growth. Also helpful to massage your scalp with your fingertips at least twice a day. Try it, and after a month you will see that the hair had improved markedly.

When coloring hair, avoid the use of paint, which is composed of ammonia. Best course would be not to use chemical dyes, especially now that the wide selection of natural tint based on herbs.

Try to pay due attention to the hair, long hair require particularly careful treatment.

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