Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to Keep Your Hair After Childbirth?

We all know that immediately after giving birth a woman is the restructuring of the body to its original state (before pregnancy) and in addition, that pregnancy takes a lot of effort an expectant mother, breastfeeding is literally "squeezes" from women all the remaining juices. Unfortunately, this can not but affect our health, and consequently - on the beauty. Become brittle nails, teeth crumble, the skin becomes dry and loses its shape and tone of the old form of hair thinning.

In this article I will share with you my secret, how to keep hair beautiful, and stop them from falling.

Remember, throughout the pregnancy you are just proud of his mane. The fact is that during pregnancy estrogens stimulate hair follicles, so hair is living longer. As a result, the amount of hair that are in the phase of growth, much more. After birth, the estrogen content decreases sharply, which leads to precipitation of "extra" hair. And after some time after birth notice that her hair piled in any manipulation of them (wash, blow). Naturally, this longing finds you, you are irritable, and depressed. By the way, the effects of stress - the deterioration of hair growth and hair loss. A mood of mothers, as we know, is transmitted kids, they become cranky, crying, etc.

You do not know what to do, what's missing? Sure, go to the drugstore, buy doroguschy shampoos, sprays, tonics, and started a course of hair restoration. Improvement does not happen ... You start to panic to chew packs vitamins (vitamins and it really?).

Unfortunately, not so long ago I myself was faced with this. After the birth I did not immediately began to lose hair, but a month later they started to fall out in such numbers that I was scared! Afraid to touch her head once again. You understand what was happening in his soul. I thought, if this continues, baldness can not be avoided.

The first month I made masks, and expensive, and not rinsed herbs. The result - a minimal, there was only a sheen. A gloss on the three hairs in six rows, you know, not happy!

I began to read everything about hair growth, care for them, climbed the entire Internet. To my great joy, I met at his notes on the shelf. After pre-pregnancy I was studying at the courses barber.

Hooray! Here is what I have not tried - head massage. It is known that massaging the hair root zone, as well as cervical-collar zone, we improve the blood supply to the hair bulb. Naturally, with blood flow to the bulb receives all the nutrients: macro-minerals, oxygen. Yes, when I studied the courses of special importance this subject has not given. Why, I think, I do not come in handy bypass. That's naive.

Decided, all of today doing massage on a daily basis. "Beauty requires sacrifice" and you have to carve on it 15-20 minutes a day. At least a week, and then look at the result ...

What do you think? The result did not wait. On the fourth day of massage is the time to wash my hair, I noticed that the hair crawl, but much smaller. Hurrah!

Now I'll tell exactly how to do everything.

The first step is better to trim hair and cut all the split ends. If you do not, the main force will go not to the growth of new hair, and the restoration of power and "sick."

Buy in-store massage brush with plastic tip to avoid scratching the scalp. Every night, before bed, comb her hair in different directions for at least 20 times, not too pressing.

Drying heads temporarily abstain from a hair dryer, I will not talk about its harmfulness. Just tilt your head forward and down fingertips in a circular motion dry hair, while massaging the cervical-collar zone. This is also very effective (improves blood circulation).

And to improve the blood supply make circular movements of the head. 5 times in each direction will be sufficient.

Massage I am doing now.

Has recently been in a barbershop and the barber found me "penechki (new regrown hair) in a 5 cm long - is that I could lose. Well, not cool, huh?

I wish you have a luxurious head of hair, with a minimum of jars and phial. Taking advantage of my advice, you'll help your hair to find its former beauty and density. Take care of them with love, and the result is stunning.

Remember, you must be the most beautiful mom in the world.

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