Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Seven Questions You Should Ask to Your Barber-Stylist?

Before you fully trust the hairdresser, make sure that invented them your new image as corresponds to the result that you wish to receive. Protect themselves from too short cuts, incredibly shaggy hair scissors and other horrors you can, before asking the expert a few questions that will help him to understand your preferences. So, the question master, which his case is not afraid:

1. Here's how it will look on me? Stylists say that celebrities are also sometimes bring photos of other celebrities to copy your favorite hairstyle. The fact that flawlessly on the cover, life looks different. If you wish to copy someone else hair stylist is always a good offer to pick up some elements of the haircut, put them together and simulate a suitable hairstyle.

2. What is your degree? Appropriate certificate, as a rule, there are all professionals. There may be other certificates that indicate that the specialist has received additional skills within their practice. The best team is always expanding knowledge, and certificate, certificate of additional courses, they say that person is serious about his work. Nevertheless, the most reliable evidence that in front of you expert in his field - is always pleased clientele.

3. A haircut will make it difficult? Complicated haircut looks super when it puts a hairdresser. If the same hairstyle requires a two-hour fight with a hair dryer on a daily basis, we can assume that the money thrown to the wind. Better enlighten the stylist how much time you are ready to give your hair every day. Practical to choose a generic haircut, which will look good even after a simple wash with shampoo.

4. How am I going to simulate hair yourself? Before you leave the salon, ask your stylist a few tips on laying a new hairstyle. Mean texture of their hair. Curly girl, for example, should be ready for daily use rectifying hair ironing, if she wants to do her hair, which looks nice on straight hair. Ask the Wizard, how to do it, so as not to damage the hair.

5. How short will cut your hair? It happens that the lady who might want to cut your hair for 1-2 cm, resulting in a disaster up to the chin. Part of the problem lies in the fact that people in different ways represent those of 1-2 cm can recommend to show the desired length on a ruler. This way you will soon show that serious about what not to cut your hair more than you need. Plus, just in case the finger at themselves, specify the line to which you want to reach your hair, when they are dried (wet, curly hair to his shoulders may be up to the chin, when dried). Go to a salon with a "natural" hair stylist that could see their natural wave.

6. Should buy the offered goods? Do not buy all sorts of styling hair that you are offered in the salon as a "salon" look there can be no proposed items.

7. What is included in the price? A new haircut, the stylist can casually ask if you want to dry the hair dryer, and you, believing that it is included in the service, and agree in the end find that for laying a charge. Ask questions at the outset: whether the price includes the haircut fee for a consultation, shampoo and / or air conditioner, scalp massage, express lessons on modeling hairstyles, etc.

"Do what you want" - a phrase that will decide your fate in the cabin! In no case shall proceed from your mouth when you're sitting in a chair at the hairdresser. If you let the stylist is free to play Edward Scissorhands, all may end in disaster! Decide what you need, flipped through the appropriate journals. Can not find your style? - Visiting a salon, will share with the stylist, tell me, what hairstyle do you think you are to face, what does not. Specifically, explain what you need and desired result you will always be guaranteed.

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