Friday, June 3, 2011

How to Cut Bangs?

A good haircut - is the key to success and good mood. It is no secret that we women adore experimenting with colors, shades of his hair, cut, grow, and place all sorts of configurations in their head ...

Another important detail in the hair of modern fashions - it bangs. What kind of bangs to choose how to lay it and even trim their own hands, today we'll talk. So ...

What kind of bangs to choose?
 Long oblique, universal, it will decorate the owners of a square, oval and round type of person who will balance the proportions. Long Geometric shorten a long, long face stockyard, visually soften the hard chin.
 Deaf, dense, from one ear to fit the possessor of a narrow face. Strictly contraindicated chubby ladies.
 Short is not recommended if you have high cheekbones and large forehead. Straight line to brow-fits-all, without exception.

By the way, if you choose bangs should be guided by the age and growth. Low girl must abandon the lush, nachesannyh chelok and girls high and full of contrast is not "zalizannost" because as the head of this seems disproportionately small.

If you have hair
Subtle, it is recommended deaf bangs, which starts at the top, above the hairline. It visually makes hair thicker, heavier and lush. Curly, beware thick bangs (it will be extremely difficult to stack). Prefer sparse fringe, laid on its side. Tough, unruly. Avoid short bangs, otherwise it will stand upright Shrew. Ideal - a rare medium-length bangs.

Perfect styling
Straight hair should be dried by directing a hairdryer down while making a motion with a brush. If the fringe needs to the extent necessary to direct a jet of air at the base, the roots of the hair.
Coarse hair to prepare for installation: put them on serum or cream for unruly hair. After this fix in the desired position. Curly previously smoothed with a special cream (which is called - Smoothing) and then fit a round brush.

Wetness - the main enemy bangs
Now, when fashionable chelochka laid, it must somehow retain until the end of the day. Main dangers of work five minutes laying on the street - it's moisture. If your hair wet weather "pushatsya" and begin to curl (especially suffer from the subtle nature of the hair or washed up before going out on the street), covers them with antifreeze, rectifying means, and use a special air-conditioning.

The inverse problem - the hair is drying out, suffering from the hot air (from a hair dryer), direct sunlight or salty water. For their protection, use the funds that hold moisture inside the hair, do not forget about safety balms and masks.

How to trim their own
1. Select the most acute of those scissors that is at home.
2. Separate the bangs from the main mass of hair, slay them so as not to interfere, and some extra hairs not mixed with a bang.
3. Cut only need to dry hair. Otherwise, cut wet bangs, you may find that "hvatanuli" too much: after drying the hair have a tendency to rise.
4. Leave a couple of spare inches, if you have curly hair: curls, twisting in the hair, are lifted.
5. Cut the utmost care, directing scissors - attention! - 45-degree angle, selecting a small locks and cutting off a little bit.

That is, in principle, and all that it may be advisable. Still be recommended before thinking: "And if I do not cut your hair?" To get a most useful computer programs such as "Stylist", which you can look at the results (predictable or unpredictable) of their future experiments. But the council's number one, about the circumstances we can not remain silent - to trust his head professionals, because one wrong move with scissors - and again! - A few months of ill mood and depression due to the ridiculous oversights you provided. Is it worth it?

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