Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyle?

Doubts about selecting a new hairstyle can bring to this headache with the consequences in the form of failed (God forbid!) Experiments, and the desire to shave bald.

But it turns out, get rid of this torment is quite simple. Need to remember only two basic rules, and your choice will be optimal.

Rule number 1. Determine your face shape.

Face shape determines the hair. What suits one type, it is not suitable to another. Distinguish 5 types of face shapes: round, oval, triangle, square and oblong. Determine the shape of your face simple to start. Then take something writers, for example, lip pencil, go to the mirror and draw on it reflected. Done. Now go away for a couple of steps back and without the labor is determined by its type.

Oval face is suitable for almost anything: from extremely short hedgehog to infinitely long hair. You can experiment with the curls.

With his round face is best to choose hairstyles medium length. Especially good are the step cut. Bangs can be thinned or combed to one side. But chemistry and smooth bangs try not worth it.

If you have a triangular shape of the face, and his features are soft and rounded, they perfectly complement the lush hair and hairstyles fringe. If the features inherent in some awkwardness, the haircut should be geometrically distinct.

Square face shape suitable structural haircut. The desired effect can be done with strands of varying length or light waves. Parting, long straight hair and smooth bangs that person did not adorn.

When an elongated face can not do without the bangs. It will help reduce the visual face on a couple of centimeters. You can choose any hairstyle: a small short or asymmetrical. But it is worth experimenting with long straight hair and high tail.

Rule number 2. Find your hair type.

To any hairstyle looks great, keep in mind also the hair structure. In order to determine its type, only need one of your hair. Tighten it and tear. If he gave in easily, so you have thin hair. It took some effort, it means that the average hair style. Well, tough, thick hair, torn with difficulty.

Thin hair does not need to leave too long. Strands should be structural. This will give them extra volume. If your hair is curly, fit and short hair, and medium length. For straight hair is better to choose a step cut a semicircle.

On average the structure of the hair you can do almost any hairstyle. But especially well for them look ragged haircut.

Thick hair hard to style and form hold for long. Therefore, for them would be the best step haircut. Facilitate such help and thinning hair. But do it very carefully.

Importantly - in choosing hairstyles wisely. Taking into account your hair type and face shape, the next time you hike to the hairdresser you probably will be satisfied with the result.

Successful you haircut!

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