Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Save My Hair?

Each of us on the head has hair, though there are exceptions. Someone who likes short hair, some long. Hairs are light, dark, different colors. Some like blondes, but someone brunette ...

Beautiful, well-groomed hair is a good addition to our own image. While the luxury hair is given by nature are not for everyone. In our time, had enough of all means of hair care products. It is quite possible to correct the mistakes of nature itself.

Hair - almost the only part of our appearance, which can be changed without the aid of a plastic surgeon. For it is well-matched grooming helps us to be more attractive and even a career. Unlikely to me someone would argue that men love long hair in women. But regardless of the length of hair should be groomed, so that they would like to touch.

Straight hair has attracted more attention than curling or hair. Since straight hair is usually more shine. Well-done cut will boost your confidence. A short haircut will make you relaxed and optimistic.

Neat and tidy hair suggest that the owner is patient and calm.

With the advent of winter hair loses some of its vitality. Hair becomes brittle, Hair begins to experience stress from the drop in temperature, changes in lifestyle and nutrition.

Hair experiencing discomfort from the permanent location under the cap. Also suffer from hair from the stuffy room, heaters. Dry air affects the condition of the hair. Normally, a person per day falls to 100 hairs. If a greater number of daily falls, then you need to take action.

When washing your head, massage the scalp - it improves blood circulation and activates hair growth. Try to eat plenty of vitamins. Eat dried fruits, citrus fruits, cauliflower, spinach. Drink more water and green tea. Nice cup of multivitamin preparations.

Place the jar of water near the battery and Get a humidifier. Use cosmetics that suit your hair type. Make hair masks, but not more than 1 time per week.

Hair lotion, strengthen weakened hair, dull returns shine, gets rid of dandruff: make a strong infusion of green tea (3-4 tablespoons in a glass of water). Add a few drops of lemon juice, vitamins A and E in oil form. Mix well. Rub into the scalp, wrap head with a towel. An hour later, wash the hair.

But this mask will add rich copper-brown color dark hair and strengthen them: Take 1 packet of henna, 1 teaspoon of ground coffee, 0.5 cups buttermilk and 1 egg yolk. Mix and cook in water bath 40 minutes. The resulting put a mask on a clean, damp hair, put on bathing cap, wrap the head with a towel. Hold the mask of an hour and rinse hair.

Even our grandmothers washed their hair with rye bread, egg yolk instead of shampoo. Well-rinsed hair infusions of chamomile, stinging nettle. They strengthen and promote hair growth.

You can rub into the scalp burdock oil, it also strengthens hair and promotes their growth.

Plenty of sleep, watch your diet. Use shampoo with vitamin B5. Do not desiccate the hair! Avoid using hair dryers and curling.

And then your hair will shine with the beauty and health! Good luck!

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  1. Hi,
    I think we should do Oil massage at least once in a week. If you have dry hair then oil it twice a week.Herbal hair oil provides you the necessary nourishment along with the moisturizers.oil massage will make strong your hair..... :)