Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cook Porridge for Your Hair?

Hair, released in late winter day out of a hat, often a sad and not very pleasant sight. Tiny and seemingly unpretentious follicles cheat easy. They are very responsive feel comfortable or uncomfortable to them. They, of course, the remaining atavism and all, but does not reckon with their whims - can not.

It is one thing - advertising space "Winter Care" and another to the harsh reality that is not getting enough sleep lovely waves you on his shoulders, and at best is naturally suspicious of aberrant strands that have not yet icicles, but not graceful curls ...

In spring and autumn - the hair falls out more actively. What of it? Not surprising as we are in the fall and spring shedding our cat or a canary. Normal, fully reversible process. We use the vitamins, buy yourself a new balm-conditioner, and especially the brave men rubbed into the roots of burdock oil, after which the head during the week you can safely fry fritters.

Quite another thing - winter. We are just beginning to upset the cat, which in winter becomes downright round from his fluffy, whereas in our head is not always in a hurry to set the desired thickness and beauty. Maybe the secret is that the cat does not wear a hat or a fur coat? Maybe wear it every morning, down jacket with hood, running in a state at work and drink coffee in abnormal amounts - and it would have diminished gloss, and by evening skin would not have been so happy about their ideal class hair to hair?

And I'm here for anything.
These their bitter observations I shared with my hairdresser Tanya. I came, as always, with a sigh, slowly pulled off her hat and something about any miracle mask. Type I was approached a series of some kind of endless winter holidays, so Tanya went to the issue with all information available to it women's solidarity and professional knowledge.

strongly told me she - let's do this ...
In a large glass, I was asked to pour a tablespoon of pharmaceutical chamomile or nettle. Grass, of course, buy in the drugstore, because Tanya knew that I was not one of those thrifty citizens, which is dried in store for the winter all sorts of botanical wonders of diarrhea and prick ears.

Next tablespoon of hemp had to fill with boiling water, then rub it as henna gruel into her hair. Of course, cool down. My question - whether to pre-wash your hair - Tanya waved her hand and said:
- Do not care ...

My concern is about how long to keep, and whether to wrap up was greeted by more than blithely:
- How do you like ...

Do I have to explain that the answer to the question: How often can I repeat this procedure foreseen?

Then there was a spontaneous workshop.
Until rubbing oatmeal in my head all went well, though, nettle after brewing gets a little slippery and unpleasant to the touch, but this is not the most fun in the process. Stage, which Tanya (accidentally, especially if?) Maintained silence. leaves and other items of medicinal plants. For thin, thick, long hair, it can take half of your cozy evenings in which you expect to lie and read.

But the result ... The result is definitely worth and effort, and the situation in this time. Within a week the daily herbal "kash" I'm not looking to January and a hat - could look at my hair without sadness and compassion.
Hair, lift and fluff that I had managed only a hair dryer - cheerful resilience, and even if not dazzlingly shone like in those commercials, but, well, nice and glistening mysteriously, at the right time drawing attention to themselves.

Is the same for us so that soup or fried potatoes we bother? Despite the fact that they grew almost all the children of the Soviet Union? And sometimes suddenly want something ... sort of ...
Imagine that, and hair as well ... shampoo, conditioner, air conditioner - and so every day ... and suddenly - p-times! And wonder porridge!

There is not just a joy - from surprise to shine ....

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