Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Choose a Hairdresser?

The French say: "Do you want to change yourself, change your hairstyle."

How often is following the spiritual impulse, we go into the first room, sit in a chair and says: "Cut me beautiful, fashionable. I want to change. " The wizard begins to cast over our heads, and when finished, room in your throat - the expectations were not fulfilled, for you to look in the mirror any other person that you are not pretty. "I would not, I told you - it is beautiful, I wanted slightly shorten the length of the hair and change shape!" On the master you calmly responds: "It's the most fashionable haircut, you are one such in the city, you really are." Sound familiar?

So what do you do? First, pay attention to what salon you go, talk to an administrator, ask any of the masters, he advises. It is not always the stylist, who cuts well you know, could you please. Because you have different hair textures, lengths, etc. Most often, every barber qualifies for certain hairstyles, he can perform flawlessly haircuts, for example, on short and medium hair and long - not his path. Conversely, there is a wizard specializing in haircuts for long hair.

Secondly, we should not choose a wizard based on his appearance. His head was put in order colleagues, and not himself, as the cut itself, well, very uncomfortable, tell their own experience. And as they say: "shoemaker without shoes", so a stylish on the head does not mean skill.

Third, all people are different and have different hair, someone gentle and docile, someone hard and erect, dense or rare, etc. Always comes from the fact that you have from nature: a hair growth, what is their capacity for stowage. Never you will not have the same haircut, as in the magazine in the picture.

Because the model for magazines to choose very carefully, with a special structure, texture and hair growth. Then the stylist, or a whole team working for several hours to create this masterpiece, using all means of laying. A professional photographer makes a series of pictures of them choose one of the most successful. Thank you all, all are free, a model for another hour trying to wash your hair, and all the magic is over. And we think that everything is so easy: a skilled master of a new haircut, you have washed his head, shook the hair - and all as it should, no worries, the solid beauty.

Hike to a beauty salon must be carefully planned, you should have time to spare. Run into the lunch break to make a beautiful haircut only to his master a long time friend who knows your hair and shape of the hairstyle as his own. If not, then you have in reserve should be at least an hour and a half. Literate stylist should conduct consultation with you, to diagnose the hair, find out exactly what you want to get as a result of what form, how long, how you style your hair afterwards. And only then proceed directly to the haircut.

During operation, do not be afraid to ask the master what he was doing, and watch carefully what happens in the mirror, and then you run the risk of eventually not know that someone out there will see. Often, the master begins to speak in riddles: We think: "Professional" Knows so many words! ". Words - not important! Professionalism is correctly selected the form of cutting, which will suit you in every way.

If, however, you end up not very happy, feel free to talk about it. Maybe you can fix it. You have the right not to pay for the work, if it does not suit you.

Successful you will change!


  1. When choosing a hairdresser, ask them how long they have been doing hair. Find out what their experience is & in the event that they have had any special training. Some hairdressers are not properly trained to do sure types of hair. In the event you have curly hair, you need to pick somebody who has experience in working with curly hair.
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  2. I think hairdresser you are choosing should be well trained hairdresser. good hairdresser can give you good advice about different hairstyles and points you made is good, did get good information.
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