Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Choose a Hair Spray?

Today, to keep her hair long, do not cheat your hair in curlers while dampening their beer or sugar syrup, as did our mothers and grandmothers.

You can buy just the foam, mousse or gel for styling. But the leader is still lacquer. However, many regard it with suspicion. Believe that he glues hair, they are more polluted. But in fact it is misleading. Before I talk about how to choose paint, let's talk a bit about how to use foams, mousses and gels. If you do not take these moments, to keep long hair does not help even varnish.

Foam is applied to the hair is clean damp hair. It helps when laying: the hair becomes more manageable, easier to fit and, most importantly, the hair gets bigger. But, as experience shows, they are worse than coping with his appointment.

The fundamental error when using the gel in that it is used instead of foam for hair that is applied to clean damp hair. This is wrong! The gel can not replace the foam. Foam is easily distributed evenly through the hair, and the gel is not possible to distribute evenly. He simply glues hair, and make a good quality styling you do not get. The gel is intended to simulate a finished hairstyle. It can make stylish, trendy "feathers" or the beautiful, resilient curls with a "wet effect". For the same purposes intended and waxes for hair.

When using a hair dryer (or cheat in curlers), your hair is ready, it is necessary to fix with varnish. Modern paints are not only long retain her hair, but thanks to vitamins and amino acids strengthen the hair structure, protect against UV rays and other harmful environmental factors that give hair shine and a special connotation. Also on offer is a varnish with herbs. They will make even the most unruly curls and ringlets flexible and soft as silk. In the varnish, as foams for hair, can include special inks to give hair a particular color. Some varnishes form on the hair very thin film, and she keeps her hair perfectly even in the rain.

What kind of paint to choose? The answer to this question is simple: read the labels carefully. The first and most important condition: the structure of varnish should not be part alcohol. It changes the structure of hair, can cause scalp irritation, allergic reactions are unpredictable.

Lucky (as well as foams and hair) are of different fixation: low, medium, high and ultrahigh. Strength of fixation depends on the concentration of polymers: the higher it is, the longer survive hairstyle. Different fixation is used for different types of hair, for example, soft hair, thin enough and weak nail fixation, but the hard unruly hair will only fit superstrong. To nail went smoothly, it must be sprayed from a distance of approximately 15-20 cm

What should be a good paint? Firstly, it is not glued to the hair. Secondly, we can easily sprayed, and third, no odor, and fourthly, leaves no white "trails" after scratching, fifthly, on the can necessarily be the label that contains much information about this product. This composition, storage time, the address of the manufacturer recommendations for use. If you use a good polish hair retain brilliance, flexibility, plasticity, and do not look dull.

Do bad strong smell of varnish, hair is kept long hair look dirty, difficult to comb, and nail badly washed.

Well, if you are against "chemistry", a hairstyle can help ... brew diluted with water in a ratio of 1:1. After shampooing rinse your hair with this solution and place.

The way your hair is always perfect!

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