Sunday, June 12, 2011

How Do I Know if A Man Threatens to Baldness?

Alopecia - this is the problem that begins to disturb men almost from adolescence. Baldness - one of the reasons male nightmares and complexes. Hair loss men perceive as the beginning of old age. But contrary to popular belief, baldness is not a sign of old age, and full sexual maturity males. There is only one group of men who never grow bald. This is a eunuch.

It is known that castration of men before it starts to go bald, it guarantees the preservation of hair because of alopecia men needed to operate the testicles. Bald men from that testosterone wrinkles hair follicles. For reasons unknown, this action is directed only at the hair follicles of the upper part of the scalp, and hair-temporal parts or beard is not affected.

Contrary to popular belief, male pattern baldness is not the result of hair loss. Each of us loses about 100 hairs per day, because the normal hair fall out once every few years, and in their place, grow new ones. Since follicles balding man declines, growing them into new hair is shorter and thinner than the fallen, and even on a completely bald head is always invisible fluff.

But some men may already cease to worry about coming in the future baldness. What to do this? Never mind, just remember his relatives. A more precise, we must recall the father of your mother, because the tendency to baldness is passed through the genes of the mother. If you do not know whether there was a bald your grandfather from the mother, the state of the scalp relatives mother - men, of course - can predict the future of man.

The method I checked on her relatives. So far it has paid off. But also do not forget about the factors that influence growth and hair loss. They are:
• health status and medications that are taken;
• usual manner of her hair: excessive heating of the hair dryer or some ways to injure a hair styling;
• Stress and poor nutrition;
• Bacterial and fungal infection that affects the scalp.

If you are healthy and the scalp looks normal (dandruff does not count), then the thinning or thinning hair indicates the onset of baldness.
A clear sign of early baldness is thinning of hair on top, or thinning of hair on the front boundary. This is typical for men start balding.

But men often do not even notice that they began to go bald until the time comes that fateful epiphany. Twenties men may not notice the decrease in density of hair over the years. There is a very routine, tedious and not very accurate test. Only need to calculate the total number of fallen hair a day. At this time, it is advisable not to use shampoo, do not forget to thoroughly collect all the hairs from the pillow in the morning and those that remain on the comb during the day. Not to lose, it's best to put them in an envelope. At the end of the day to calculate the "yield" per day - over 200 fallen hair signal that the disease, strengthening the hair loss. Sometimes the reason is obvious - the current illness or fever.

For those who are remembering their relatives came to the conclusion that still threatens to baldness, there is hope. Ever since the mid-80's appeared lotion for baldness, but they are effective only at early stages, when there appeared a bald patch. But these lotions must be buy in the pharmacy and use them every day. Cosmetics sold in stores are often ineffective.

But remember that for those who love you is not so important how much you have hair on top! They love you so what you are!

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