Monday, June 13, 2011

What a Hair Dryer Fits Your Girl?

Girls in the world are many, and they are all different. If you have decided to give your friend a hairdryer, then Be aware that not every model will have to taste it. In order to know exactly what types of machine is right for her, pay attention to her hairstyle.

Your girlfriend - the very natural, and her straight locks are not torn the daily washing and complex packings? Hence, her once or pay too close attention to your hair, or laziness. This girl fits the simplest model, with a nozzle hub. Hub - a hollow cylinder, tapered at the base to direct the flow of hot air in the right place and quickly dry hair, simultaneously giving them shape and volume. In addition, these dryers are small and convenient enough to carry around sometimes.

If a girl is a winner of exciting curls (natural or chemical), in addition to creating hairstyles suitable thoroughly, it makes sense to give it a hairdryer with a nozzle-diffuser. The diffuser is a plastic dish with lots of holes and hollow tubes, called "fingers". Cone nozzles are used for more rapid and gentle drying.

With their help, you can:

1. Carefully dry the hair. This requires a diffuser with short fingers, or one in which the air comes out not through the "fingers", and through the very surface of the diffuser.

2. Give volume. With longer "fingers". They direct the hot air directly to the roots and help lift the hair.

3. Give special splendor. Existing dryers with the so-called active diffuser. This device allows the hot air through the rubber membrane and sets in motion the "fingers" which, vibrating like a whipped her hair at the roots. This model is suitable only to owners of short or medium length hair. Long-haired need a diffuser in the form with very long "fingers" to raise Bole heavy strand.

4. Write a wave. To do this, there are diffusers with the function. Their "fingers" grab the hair, after which the nozzle to rotate and dry in this position.

Diffusers are ideal for curly hair.

If a girl loves creativity and change the hairstyle with the frequency of day and night, her suit fen-brush, he is the styler. This device is a cylinder with a nozzle in the form of a round brush on the end. However, in these models of attachment, as a rule, not one, and it allows you to create the most intricate hairstyles.

Lack styler that they are less powerful than conventional dryers, and the best results show, once again, the hair short and medium length.

Besides all this, it is desirable that possessed a hair dryer next characteristics:

1. Had few options adjustments. At least two power levels and temperature switches (more welcome).

2. Frequently encountered feature «Cool» - supply of cold air. This feature allows you to fix my hair. The hot air makes your hair supple and pliable, and under running cold as if they freeze and become a specified form.

3. Humidity sensor. For those who are very responsible about his hair. Hair contains about 15% moisture, which gives them a healthy appearance, softness and shine. When blow-drying of the needed moisture evaporates and the hair may be affected. To avoid this, the sensor detects the moisture level and if necessary, automatically switches the dryer mode delicate drying.

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