Friday, June 17, 2011

How To Cope With Unruly Curls? Straighten!

Most of the girls, which nature endowed straight hair, buy hair curlers, electric tongs, make braids, in general, tend to make hair more wavy. A girl with curly hair, by contrast, just dream of perfectly straight and smooth hair. Do not they understand my happiness! But, as the saying goes: "Smooth Dalmatian does not understand." How to bring about direct and smooth hair?

There are several methods of rectification.

The easiest way - is hair styling with hair dryer and a round hairbrush. It's easy and accessible to everyone, but there are very strong disadvantage: the result very quickly becomes invisible. Especially if the weather is wet, it is still "nature take its toll and hair.

To enhance and prolong the effect when installing use the gel, foam or other means for straightening hair, and start laying until the hair is wet. Separating the strands of hair and pull them through brushing. For maximum hair straighteners are best to use the most powerful hairdryer and brushing with the addition of natural bristles.

Hair straighteners use and special paddles. The result of their use as short duration, but straightened hair is much better than a hair dryer. Better to choose a pad with ceramic plates, not metal. It spoils the less hair.

Hair can be "ironed" only if you have them completely dry hair dryer! In no case do not use the paddles on wet hair - it can be very damaging to them! You also can not stay long tool in the same place: the hair can simply "fall off"! And do not forget to always use a thermal protector means (milk, serum, lotion, etc.) before using the paddles.

But still not worth them to get involved. Once or twice a week - is the limit, otherwise the hair is very hit and perepalyatsya! Even professional ceramic pad for very frequent use can make your hair overdried "tow."

Straighten hair can also use chemicals (relaxation). They change the very structure of hair. This kind of "chemistry vice versa." Only the hair is wound on special sticks for a perm, but on the contrary, the maximum rectified and wetting solution for a wave, which penetrates the hair, changing its structure, and thus rectifies it. Usually the effect of straight hair after this procedure retained 2 to 6 months.

If you do decide on this, remember to make rectification will regularly as it will grow, you have wavy hair!

By the choice of cabin and a wizard that you will do "chemistry, conversely, approach very responsibly and seriously. Straightening do not in any salon, and not everyone is a master of it is taken. Most importantly, from the salon, where willing to do relaxation, without even looking at her hair, it's better to stay away! This is a clear sign of incompetence, but in such a delicate procedure that is very important!

In no case do not perform chemical straightening hair yourself at home, as in the best case on your head will be "chewing sponge, and at worst - a bald head!

The hair after chemical straightening need a more thorough and careful care, as they in any case be damaged: the first time we can not use rubber bands and bobby pins, very carefully conduct subsequent staining (if needed), a smaller comb them wet, it is desirable to reduce to minimize use of hair dryer and curling and a little more "pampering" of different restorative masks, oils and conditioners.

If you have dyed hair, chemical or natural dyes (henna, Basma), it is best to refrain from relaxation. After chemical hair dye and so damaged, as if to add a solution for straightening, the hair will become even more dry and porous. And if you're painting with natural dyes, then straighten your hair almost unreal. Henna and basma firmly envelop the hair, so the solution is to get inside it can not.

You can not say for sure that the relaxation - it's definitely good or bad. This is very individual. Some of it thrilled and say that it does not affect the health and condition of hair, and some have enough once to lose half of the hair.

Straight hair - the dream of some girls. But do not forget, the execution of this dream may lead not only to the beauty of hair, but also to the strong damage. All the methods described above, in varying degrees, damage the hair: dry and split ends, loss of elasticity, thinning hair cores - all this will be a payback for the change of image. Therefore, hair straightening should be very careful and accurate.

And yet, look at yourself in the mirror, well: maybe your sick of the curls you are to face, and straightening them, you lose your charm?

Take care and love your hair, whatever they were: straight or wavy!

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