Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tips on How to Color Your Hair at Home?

Coloring hair at home - troublesome. There is no dispute: it is better painted in the barbershop or salon. But if this procedure hurts in your wallet, then you may well save by using the paint itself. This process may seem complicated and time consuming, but after a few painting of you will gain enough experience and learn how to dye your hair better than the novice stylist.

A week before the hair coloring makes sense to hold a series of procedures, heals the hair: it is possible to make a mask made of natural almond butter, you can use ready-made cosmetic products. Way for the lazy - for a week to wash my hair every other day using a regenerative balm after every wash. To healthy hair dye falls better: they stain uniformly and retain their color longer.

One day prior to staining should be skin test paint, which will help avoid allergic reactions. Draw a bit of substance from a bottle with a pigment in the crook of the elbow during the day and watch this place, if unpleasant reactions (itching, redness, peeling, blistering) was not followed, then there is an allergy and the paint can be safely used.

In order not to stain clothing during hair dyeing, it is best to wear an old shirt or at least put an old towel over his shoulders. Before painting, you can sprinkle the hair with water from the sprinkler, as wet hair dye absorbs better. Then apply a thin coat of any fat cream (works best pharmacy Vaseline) on the skin around the hairline to avoid staining it.

A small detail: gloves that come with hair dye, as a rule, a huge and terribly uncomfortable. Better stock up in advance by a pair of thin gloves  its size (you can buy at any pharmacy).

Divide the hair into four roughly equal parts (two - from the forehead to the nape of the neck, and one in each ear) and secure them with plastic clips. Begin to paint the hair from the back part of the roots, in turn releasing the hair from the clips. First paint the rear locks, then - the front. When all the hair will be treated uniformly dye composition, assemble them on top and note the time.

Many ladies think that if you hold the dye on the hair for 10-15 minutes longer than the recommended time, the result will be more durable. This is plainly wrong! Obey all instructions of the manufacturer of paint: prolonged contact of hair with an oxidizing agent can be bad for their health.

When time is up, do not wash away with the sprint speed of the paint with a soul. Wet the hair with a little water until the paint turns into foam. Then thoroughly rinse your hair and if you complete a balm, use it as recommended by the paint manufacturer.

After dyeing the hair a couple of days you should not use shampoo - let the paint to gain a foothold on your hair, and she will entertain you for two months.

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