Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Main Causes of Hair Loss

Our hair - one of the main ornaments given to us by nature. But what if every passing day harder and harder to manage to keep this treasure? That's a lock on a pillow that's on the brush, a towel after drying ... Just do not panic! The reason for more intense hair loss can be anything:

1) Stress - it leads to an early gray hair, wrinkles and general ill-being, and hence to the deterioration of the hair. Good psychologist, a more moderate pace of life, soothing baths, herbal teas, vitamins so simply inactive, rest and positive emotions - that's what you need.

2) Hormonal problems - very often these cases happen in women during and after pregnancy, or in connection with the refusal of taking any hormonal preparations. Initially, some of them contribute to the density of hair, but the rejection of them, for example, if you take birth control pills, but decided to have a baby and stopped taking, they cause great damage to the hair and beauty to recover in this case is not so easy. In such a situation should contact a doctor who will prescribe you the appropriate application "as opposed to".

3) The unfavorable ecological situation - try to use to wash your hair at least to settle the water, and ideally boiled. Rinse your hair with shampoo twice. The first time he washes off the mud, in the second shampoo is effective for therapeutic purposes. Wash your hair if they so require. After all, clean hair is much stronger and did not climb as hard. Undesirable to have hair on strength, walking in the cold with an uncovered head. The room is a hat is better to shoot - let the skin breathe.

4) Improper diet - eat more fruit and vegetables that contain vitamins A and E, take special drugs to help improve the condition of hair and nails. In pharmacies are invited to choose such a number that can orient except for the price. Recommend that in such cases, drinking beer yeast, which are sold there, in pharmacies. Dosage is indicated in the liner.

In addition to these reasons, there is still a lot of different circumstances that can anticipate and identify them can only qualified physician trichologist. If that is hard to find, then a dermatologist or endocrinologist. For a definitive diagnosis must pass several tests that will allow the doctor to establish the cause, what is wrong with your hair. It's pretty expensive, but worth it, otherwise you can buy packs of vitamins, make yourself or acquire the means to strengthen the hair, but this does not solve the problem. Or may even harm if the reason is something else. For example, are often advised to strengthen the hair to rub into the scalp warmed burdock or nettle oil. For those with oily dandruff, it's like death. After all, it is often dandruff can be an obstacle to the emergence of new hair in place fell out. In this case, you must first deal with dandruff.

In addition, thinning hair can be caused by some internal disease, and therefore must again deal with it first and then much to rebuild the hair.

A few words on a hair transplant. This procedure is very expensive, it do not even in all major cities. But it's not so bad. No you do not give a guarantee that all the transplanted hair take root. It's like in the case of tree planting - something to take hold, some have not. But even in the best case we are talking only about the redistribution of body hair, because the donor supports the patient.

Not to mention in this regard about the tools that are now filled all the pharmacies, taking that allegedly can be achieved even at the cannon with a bald-tsatiletnim experience. Yes, down there, but if you do not rub the said means (which is certainly not cheap) for at least a month or two, the hair will return to its original state. On the producers of such "medicine" is often modestly silent. Think about whether you can buy these tools constantly.

In conclusion, I want to say that hair loss - a problem that requires a purely individual decisions. In the sea of various articles on this subject, it is difficult to choose the method that works for you, they provide only general advice. But all of these articles agree on one thing: do not waste precious time, as to prevent further loss of a lot easier to make than "asleep" follicle "wake up". The sooner you will seek a suitable solution for you, the better.

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