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How to Make Your Hair is Really Beautiful?

From time immemorial, people attach considerable importance to their hair, or rather their condition. Hair as a reflection of the inner and outer life can be a source of beauty, and the cause of the complexes. On the other hand the success of women or men, self-confidence, a harmonious state of mind and an awareness of their own beauty, depends largely on how they look on their individual style in which hair plays a paramount role. That's why people tend to give your hair an attractive appearance, making them a variety of manipulations: comb, shear, color, curl, straighten, cover

variety of cosmetic and toilet facilities.

For effective hair care is important to correctly determine your hair type, since otherwise there is risk of harm them. The hair is divided into normal, dry, oily and mixed. Normal type hair reflects the light, shimmer in the sun. Greasy hair is a characteristic dull luster, after a short time after washing stick together and begin to look untidy. Dry hair is easily confused, it is difficult to comb, sekutsya ends. Hair mixed - as a rule, long hair - greasy at the roots and dry at the tips.

Unfortunately, her hair without problems are rare. Hair Care - painstaking work that takes a modern man, especially in women, a lot of time, effort, and money. However, whatever one may say - hair care, as well as care for any other part of the body - is a lifelong lesson. You can not look after hair a month or two and then forget about it, hoping that they are now until the end of life will be healthy. Be consistent and do not leave your hair without attention.

To achieve beauty, hair can follow these simple rules, but in reality it will only on the factors and conditions, beautiful hair, you are under the force of change (hereditary causes and disease - a subject for medical research).
So, what is needed for the beauty of hair:

1. Proper washing hair.
2. Proper drying of hair.
3. Bland styling.
4. Ideal nutrition for hair.

The question of how often to wash hair, solved individually: from daily shampooing to 1 times in 8-10 days. Immutable rule here is one - have to wash your hair as often as you need it. Those who daily use the means of styling products (wax, gels, mousses, varnishes), it is recommended to wash hair every day because these funds aggravate hair that has a bad effect on their quality. You should not wash your hair too hot or too cold water: the best water temperature - 35-45 degrees. The fatter the hair, the cooler should be water. Negative impact on all types of hair water with high chlorine content.

When washing is not necessary to put the shampoo on completely dry hair. First you need to wet the hair with water, then pouring some shampoo on your palm, rub it, and slowly rubbed into the scalp and hair, just wash the formed foam, being careful not to rub them hard, so as not to damage the rod and the hair cuticle. Lather hair should be two-fold: it is because the first soaping his hair is only removed some of the dust, dirt and sebum, and the therapeutic effect of shampoo comes only in the secondary his application. After shampooing your hair should be washed thoroughly with water, not allowing to remain on the surface of the elements of detergents.

About how to choose the appropriate tool is ideal for washing hair, they know almost everything. The initial preference may impose advertising, but with the experience of the man himself determines the optimal detergent. We only recall that to wash your hair absolutely does not fit the soap that removes the protective film of hair and scalp and makes hair dry and dull. Shampoos with slightly acidic environment, a natural for our skin and hair are softer than soap.

If you have not yet been finally decided on the choice of shampoo, then use a simple principle: when you buy carefully read the text on the package and use the shampoo, which is designed for your hair type, and after the use of analyze results. The positive results of using the shampoo - it's clean, shiny hair without a trace of fat and irritation of the scalp, which is well combed and not get confused. It suffices to double the application to understand that the selected shampoo does not suit you, but to come to the conclusion that this shampoo is just for you - you should regularly use it for a few weeks. In addition, a good shampoo should remove the static electricity from the hair, and most importantly - to compensate for moisture and nutrients. The assertion that from time to time to shampoo me - who is a myth. If you have already picked up his shampoo that suits you entirely, changing it to another is not worth it.

In addition to the shampoo for hair wash is desirable to use conditioner, balm or conditioner. In principle, all these tools are designed to perform several functions: to facilitate drying and brushing, to give hair elasticity. Better to use shampoo and rinsing means one brand or cosmetics line - they match each other in composition and action of the rinse aid most effectively complements the action of the shampoo. The combination of shampoo and mouthwash different lines does not make good hair and in some cases may even lead to allergic reactions. Often found in shampoo conditioner 2 in 1 ". The use of such tools will not bring harm, but benefit from it a little. Separate use of the mouthwash is much more effective. To repair damaged hair and for longer, fuller and deeper therapeutic effect, there are special masks - they are put on hair for 15-20 minutes 1-2 times a week.

Once the hair is washed, for many the question arises - to comb immediately or allow to dry. The owner of a chic hairstyles Sophia Loren, for example, never combed her hair wet, letting them dry naturally. Wet hair, really, it's better not to comb, and if it is necessary, not metal, and plastic or wooden comb. And, of course, the best drying is a natural dry hair, sometimes with warm towels. Recommended short hair comb from the roots, and long - with the ends, gradually moving to the roots.

Hair styling and make them more attractive hair dryer can not do without. Currently, many hair dryers are available with the ability to feed cold air, so you can make better and faster styling or build a stunning hairstyle. It is proved that from a hot air hair becomes softer and easier to fit and flow of cold air can be more successful record already modeled the hair. When choosing a hair dryer do not neglect the world-renowned brands such as Phillips, Braun, Rowenta. Foul hairstyle, and even worse - Bad hair is not worth the money you save on buying a hair dryer.

In addition to external care, step by step we examined above, the hair, perhaps to a greater extent in need of care of a different order. Scientists noticed that the condition of our locks depends on the foods we eat. Among them are the real mega-star, which should be on our desk every day - a fish and other seafood, legumes, and various green vegetables.

Foods, which is necessary for the beauty of hair. Required: fish, poultry, lean meat, chicken, and even better quail eggs, nuts, beans contain protein, which provides a hair growth, as well as all of these foods are rich in copper. That she is involved in pigmentation and prevents graying. In addition, copper protects against dandruff. German doctors have tested more than 1000 people in Hamburg and came to the conclusion that those who frequently eat fish and seafood, have the fewest problems with hair than fans of hamburgers.

The most important component of our hair is keratin. For his education regularly includes in its menu a natural vegetable oil, bread, wholemeal, sunflower seeds. To preserve the natural shine, strength and elasticity of hair, do not forget about sea kale, a low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, acidophilus milk. Fresh vegetables and fruits, besides being rich in natural fiber, contain vitamins and minerals needed by the body in general and hair in particular. Vitamin A, which many in carrots, green vegetables and dog rose, makes hair less brittle and fragile, stimulates growth and cell division. Vitamin E - hunter free radicals - contributes to the restoration of hair. Champion of vitamin E - sweet pepper.

Silicon prevents hair loss. They are rich in strawberry, nettles, millet. Pantothenic acid make hair softer and less fat, helps maintain the color and luster. Its a lot of cauliflower and broccoli, beans.

Foods with which the beauty of the hair can be forgotten. This fried foods, canned foods, animal fats, salty and spicy. All of these foods cause a metabolic disorder that adversely affects the condition of hair.

In principle, observing all the rules of hair care and nutrition, you can get beautiful views of hair or simply to improve their condition for a month.
However, there are secrets of hair care and styling, using which you can greatly improve the condition of your hair now.

Secret # 1 - you will have great hair, if in the morning and evening to drink 1 tablespoon of corn, olive or sunflower oil.

Secret # 2 - you will have gorgeous hair, if you use Hercules infusion: 1 cup before bedtime oatmeal Pour 1 liter of water, allow to stand for 12 hours, strain the morning, squeeze and drink during the day to half a cup.

Secret 3 - you'll have beautiful hair if you eat breakfast in French: Pour 6 table spoons of oatmeal, "Hercules" a small amount of boiled cooled water, add a spoonful of honey and a few chopped walnuts. Leave overnight. In the morning, place a few spoonfuls of cream and a little chopped dried apricots. In summer, you can add any fruit and berries - will be even tastier and healthier.

Secret 4 - to quickly make hair attractive and visually enlarge the volume of hair, some strands Colour the bright paint. The paint can be applied to the area from the neck up bangs, without affecting the temporal area, thereby giving the hair a more intense shade.

Secret 5 - tousled hair, direct visual young man with a hairstyle you will throw once a decade.

The secret to 6 - a small amount of wax deposited on the hair, perfectly accentuate the texture of hair and hair relief.

The secret of 7 - to make the hair more stylish, simply apply the gel on dry hair, highlighting their texture.

Secret 8 - lipstick hair styling give you a flawless appearance and maintaining natural hair.

And the most important secret - to be able to enjoy life each day, to love and always keep hope. Your good humor and friendly attitude towards others, and a harmonious feeling in the world, will bring beauty and prolong youthfulness and fill powers will strengthen the spirit and protect you from all evil.

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