Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to Treat Hair?

Did you know that all normal men and women pay attention to the hair. In some magazine even had a note that the hair took 3 place in the ranking of "What to look men." But it was a couple of years ago, but now when the guys in elongated fashion hairstyle, then it is time to pay attention to the quality of what they wear on their head. How nice to look at healthy heavy hair, and how you want to turn away from the crumpled or fat tails. I was even hard to count how many times I was approached by a woman and asked how I take care of hair than I do them and my beautiful, my I have the hair color, and so on. And how many men and boys learned about or simply did compliment because they liked my hair.

Hair - it's not just beauty, it's your health and your mood. If they are elastic and shiny, their tips, looking back at you, then with your hair all right. If they fall down limply on his shoulders, stick together in thick strands on the second day after shampooing, then immediately clear that you have a problem. No matter how beautiful no matter your figure, skin and clothes, if your head like a horrible ugly regrown strand, with remnants of old painting - it will spoil the whole picture. 

So, my advice on hair care products.

Careful grooming, I started 7-8 years ago, the first courses of the Institute, after watching advertising shampoos and pictures in magazines. And it cost me was not expensive for such a beauty. About a year was clearly visible result, and the hair grew from the shoulders almost to her waist. Firstly, every 1,5-2 months have cut the hair ends, regardless of whether you grow them or wear a hairstyle depends on only the length of cut ends. I do not really believe that this is somehow affected, but when her hair began to grow twice as fast, I've never forgotten to update them. (Cost - either as a regular haircut in a simple cabin, or ask a friend, and it will cost you free).

Secondly, every spring, and sometimes twice a year, I drink regular vitamins for hair and nails, which are sold in every drugstore, tried different, the result is the same: the loss is significantly reduced, and the luster and growth is enhanced. (Cost of normal, repeat, not some advertising for 200 bucks, and ordinary vitamins at the pharmacy will cost up to $ 10, writing in U.S. dollars, since each country has its own currency). This is not such a big amount, the more you spend it only once or twice a year.

It is important that you wash your hair. Shampoos are now complete and everyone can choose their type, so I'm not going to paint that for fatty or dry hair need different shampoos. More importantly, the hair should be washed with shampoo 2 times in one session taking a shower or bath. Although all packages written to repeat washing if necessary, I've been experimenting and can say with confidence: Wash 2 times! For the first time washed away all the dirt, dust and grease from your hair, even the water is not very clean. And only after you apply shampoo a second time, you will feel all soft and clean your hair. After washing, I always use a balm or hair mask (in time: once I do a mask, the next time balm, and so alternating). I use different balms, Pantin, fruktisami, and often change them. I do not mean that I have is on the shelf ten bottles of shampoos and conditioners, just when the old ends balm and shampoo, buy another brand. Now I use even the guise of "Green Pharmacy" which is worth 4.50 hryvnia, then there is less than 1 cu Even a girl with a very small income can afford it, and what to say about the men who usually earn more.

Another rule, never, or at least the possibility of dry hair dryer, and if you want a regular blow, then buy a hair dryer with cold air, once spent, but greatly reduced the damage caused by this "killer health of your favorite hairs.

It is necessary to pay attention to such trifles. If you have no money on the natural wool comb, use only wood or plastic, (I usually massazhka plastic and wooden comb). Do not over tighten the hair thin elastic bands, not trimmed with cloth. If you have to paint it, then do not use too distant from your tone colors. If you tint your hair color, they will become shiny and healthy looking, and if the brunette dye blonde, there is nothing more horrible black roots and tips perepalennyh (sometimes I paint in the color after years of burning at sea and after the winter, simply update) .
Well, that's all, no more secrets and effort. And try to say that it is expensive, it's even smaller than a case of beer or a small bottle of cheap brandy, to which many denezhek not regret. The main thing - do not be lazy and take care of yourself, whatever you are tired at work or at the cottage. And remember, do not be sad to look at advertising shampoos and say it's all the models, lighting, computer effects, in the life of this does not happen! Believe me, it happens, and even better and prettier.

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