Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Comb Your Hair?

Hair in need of continuous care. Regular brushing, preferably twice a day, is of great importance. Irritation of nerve endings in the skin when scratching revives blood circulation, which promotes the growth and preservation of the hair.

The teeth of the comb must be stupid, that they are not scratch the skin. Combing the hair is well ventilate them and to some extent, clean, remove dust. With increased greasiness and dust is recommended to use a fine toothed comb with a layer of absorbent cotton at the base of the teeth.

Combing long hair should start from the ends, short - from the root. For short hair, combing should only use a comb. Hair longer than 25-35 cm is better to comb first brush, then comb.

Combing hair brushed smoothly tidies tangled long hair. If your hair is very long, it is necessary to cover the hair tightly near the head lock for a lock, and hold on them with a brush to the end. After such preparation the hair easy to comb and comb fit. Care should be taken to combing was not pulling hair. Combs and brushes should be chistmi, they must be washed regularly.

The most common combs of hard rubber (ebonite), so to clean the comb should be applied warm but not hot, soapy water. Ebony in hot water softens takes dull gray, but most importantly, loses its shape and becomes unfit for consumption. Particular attention should monitor the cleanliness of hair brushes.

Brush dirty faster than the crest, due to beard growth. It should be washed frequently (once in 2-3 days) soap-ammonia solution (1 liter of soapy water add 2 tablespoons of ammonia). This solution quickly and easily wash it with a brush for washing hands. Before you wash your brush, you should release it from the remnants of hair and dandruff.

To do this, hit the bristles on a hard surface (shaken), the dirt falls off the end of the bristles, and hence it is easy to comb-toothed comb or metal needles. Bristle brush to clean blows on the surface with soapy water, then rinse with clean water, wiped with a towel and hung to dry. Polished side brushes can be lightly rubbed with oil.

Everyone should have its own comb and brush. Transfer it to others is unacceptable because it can be transmitted microbes.

When washing, combing hair and rubbing hygienic means of mechanical action falls a certain amount of hair. Fall in this old, dead hair. It should be borne in mind that the life of one hair on his head is calculated approximately four years, and therefore loss of a small amount - is normal, especially spring and fall.

So one day can fall up to 80 hairs. The dead hair falls from the hair follicle, called the "root", but the dermal papilla, giving rise to new hair remains in the skin. Therefore, the hair grow again. Insufficient replenishment of lost hair and a gradual thinning of a signal that the hair of patients (a consequence of violations of the nervous, endocrine and metabolism). In such cases, hygiene care is not enough to cure.

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