Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Color Your Hair Safely and Cheaply? Traditional Methods.

At all times, women and girls wanted to have beautiful hair color. He emphasizes the beauty of their owner, said the health and female attractiveness. When there was no diversity of chemical dyes, which we have today, our ancestors used natural dyes. And the color options are pretty diverse.

"And we are something's that for? - You ask - because in any beauty store such a large selection of colors in any color and intensity. Why resort to some kind of prehistoric methods? "

Stop. First, many chemical dyes are contraindicated or not recommended. Some such products occurs on an allergy. Especially careful to be red-haired the fair sex - that they most often seen in hypersensitivity to the dye.

Secondly, the chemical dye on the basis of peroxide or ammonia damages the hair. Burned, dull, lifeless and brittle, such hair is not added to the attractiveness of their owner. Furthermore, if the hair is dyed, for them requires special care: the hair roots grow, they need to be painted at least once a month, which again is a hair test.

Third, the so-called dye without ammonia with caring, not all components are available, because it really high quality paints are not cheap.

So, what gives us the people's makeup?

For blondes is the best means of chamomile. Owners complain of blond hair that often looks dull hair, especially in winter, and paint them with paint and ammonia sorry. And then comes to the rescue Daisy.

100 g of inflorescence (you can buy at any drugstore) for light hair and 200 grams - for darker pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and leave for 40 minutes. Dampen your hair and hold it about an hour. Then rinse. You will receive a soft golden hue.

Instead, a variety of shampoos for black hair, you can use a product that is sure to find the home of everyone - black tea (baikhovi, but rather Chinese). It will give your hair a reddish-brown color (if the 3 tablespoons of tea 20 minutes in a glass of water). And if the color is sick, it will wash off relatively quickly, leaving no damage to the hair.

Rich Brown color can be obtained by using the following recipe. Mix equal parts bark oak (there is all there in the drugstore) and peel onions. Glass mixture to fill a liter of boiling water and keep the fire an hour. Moisten with broth hair, wrap a warm towel and hold an hour. Then dry the hair, not wiping. This recipe fits in and if you have thin or falling hair.

A rich shade of auburn hair with henna will give. To properly prepare the henna in a water bath heats it with water, stirring constantly until the condition of slurry. Then distribute evenly on hair, wraps and polyethylene wrap in a towel. Keep the hair for 2-3 hours.

If you want a darker color, add the henna coffee, somewhere tablespoon (more than add, the darker the shade will). If you want to amber color, add a strong brewed tea, but if a red or ruby hues - beet juice.

In addition, coloring or tinting hair with natural dyes and has a therapeutic effect of caring. So sometimes it's worth to give up chemical dyes and pamper your hair with natural dyes.

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