Monday, July 4, 2011

Attractive Force of the Hair - What Hairstyle Will Tell About A Person?

Remember the myth of Samson and Delilah from the Old Testament? In the ancient hero all the power stored in his hair. A treacherous Delilah shorn them ... There is something to think about. It is believed that the comb or cut hair to drown in the water or burn. Bird's nest and will sovet your head hurt, go away from you the strength drop by drop. Old wives' tale, but the truth is hidden in them, the age-old wisdom. Why do people in all ages and times of such an important role to your hair? Even now there is a lunar calendar Hair. Even now, a new hair style we associate with the turn of fate.

How many changes have been the fashion for hair! With portraits look down on us from the stern faces of the past - in powdered wigs, huge pile, with lots of lace, pins and jewelry on your head. Every woman knows a win-win Adult men - dissolve a knot on his head - and falling hair flowing over her shoulders ... Who can resist such beauty? Play the tip of the locks or screw the lock on my finger ... How men reacted to it? Oh, flirt!

Asa hairdressing skills know that hairdo - one of the most important elements of interpersonal communication. There is even a so-called dress code for solid companies with clearly defined hairstyles for employees. No frivolous radical cuts and aggressive colors of hair. Neat haircuts. The washed hair, beautifully arranged on a business hair.

Hair will tell a lot about human health. Dull, sluggish, dandruff ... It's time to go to the doctor. Weight of internal medicine may cause such unwanted signals.

Psychologists have developed tests to determine the nature of the owners of different hairstyles. Look closely at the sides. Here comes the young man with long hair, a mustache, beard and sideburns. Who is he? Maybe it has to do with the art world? His anarchistic nature? He Bohemian? Clearly, to the business world he has nothing to do - it has its own laws. Psychologists say that for long hair hiding diffident man, capricious and sham. Infantile and hysterical. This imposing facade and such a weak person ... I do not believe me? Check!

Personally, I always was impressed by the men shortly cropped, with open faces. It's the fighters, they have highly developed competitive spirit. Business people. They walk and confident, and we are competent, clear-cut. They are leaders. And leadership is manifested in everything - in business, personal life, sex, friendship and sport. But they can dominate.

Softer, flexible people are democratic and hairstyles - medium length, with a step-haired. Soft, flowing. They usually even temper, a cheerful disposition. They will not alien to the romantic and quite creative in their actions.
Adventurers and extremals usually shave - both men and women - and are very short, radical haircuts. This is a risky people, players and life. But as a rule, such people are very practical!

A woman with her thick hair. What could be nicer? These women know their own worth. Usually this is a very remarkable person. Strong-willed and energetic. Clearly understand their purpose and well go to achieve it. They are leaders in the home and at work.

And finally - the advice from my grandmother's chest hair care products.

For oily hair, dandruff and enhanced by loss.

After shampooing and drying hair to rub nettle infusion. Tablespoon dried nettle leaves brew a cup of boiling water and insist for 1.5 hours. Apply once a week for a long time. The effect is noticeable almost immediately.

Excellent tool to strengthen the hair.

Old, proven recipe. Onion juice - 4 parts brandy - 1 part burdock root broth - 6 parts. Take not inside! Rub into the scalp before the next wash. After an hour rinse shampoo.

Tempt, boldly declares itself! A gift to hear from their favorite:

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