Friday, July 8, 2011

Changing the Hairstyle What You Should Know the Customer Salon?

What does it cost to tip? Do I need to pay if the result did not like? Let's start with a story that, I'm sure many will seem familiar.

Output turned out to be crazy. In the morning I had to go to work, after some shopping, then the child in the pool, at last, exhausted, fall into a chair. Salon unknown, but seems to be good. Now get out of here is not just a beauty, a beauty queen, full of strength and energy! Master stares at me and decided that I needed a new image. Yes, perhaps this is true. Change the image, add a little fashion lines, transformed. I have a traditional square, ash-colored hair, it is somehow fed up and bored. Meekly submit to the girl-stylist, relaxing.

After some mysterious manipulations in my hair strands appear bold. In place of relaxation comes anxiety. After an hour in the chair hair color changes dramatically. Trying to convince myself that I really is that you just need to get used to, but the auto-training does not help. I come from a blonde turn into red-red girl with dark strands. Nightmare! Girl-master chirps that it's the latest rage that glamorous ladies of London and Paris are just that ...

In shock, I agree to a haircut, in the hope that it somehow change the outcome. Another hour in the chair, and now I'm not just colorful but also like a girl working in a nightclub. Asymmetrical bangs cover one eye, hair glistening strands unexpected length.

In my dumb question for the girl's chair said that the style becomes fashionable polish punk, ragged strands and the length of the game are coming into fashion and go to business meetings - says she was with a certain pressure. Of course, her well say her hair and normal, and natural hair color. And I recall a cat, not a home. And for this I pay a lot of money. What can I say, because the master performed his work, honestly busy with my hair for over two hours. We were just different tastes and views on fashion ...

I think many have learned in the story itself. At least, dissatisfaction in a new way, probably at least once every spoiled life. In this case, unfortunately, all that can be done - to make it the most dissatisfaction. Another thing, if the barber was wrong. For example, if instead of blonde highlights turned a greenish color or by mixing the paint color is very different from what you talked about. In this case the master is obliged to fix the problem free of charge. If he does not, you can not pay.

Better, of course, to protect themselves in advance. From the outset, clearly agree on what you would like. The best way - to poke a finger in a particular image (of good quality and large enough). If you came with a request to change the image, right off, how far would you go, changing the image.

If you're new to a new salon, and you think anyone is to entrust their fate, a closer look to the masters of hairstyles. That's just hairstyle eloquently tells views on fashion. The same importance is the age. Sometimes, of course, that master of pre-retirement age is better versed in all youth haircuts, but this is rare.

Tipping is traditionally left in 10% of the total, but in light of the crisis, the size was reduced to 5%.

In a good salon you have to show and explain how to lay a new haircut. True, personally I never learned to style your hair, although I was shown these things act many times.

And, of course, it is worth remembering that the best insurance against the corrupt image - the master with whom you are dealing for years. After all, the image of beauty is still associated in our minds with the luxurious and fashionable hairstyle.

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