Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hair Legs Removal - How To Do it Correctly? Women On the Note

The desire of women to be always beautiful and well groomed generates a lot of effort on their part. Back in the Stone Age to the feet of beauty women resorted to sharp rocks and sea shells to remove unwanted vegetation on them: they just scrape it, and shells are often used for pulling out the hair, using the principle of tweezers. But the American in the late 18th century, used a more cruel method - burned the hair on the legs caustic lye.

Speaking of shaving, his history is more than one millennium, how to remove unwanted vegetation during this time tried a great many. And the way to a more or less painlessly get rid of the hair was not quite simple: using the means at hand, women are often traumatized themselves, leaving the cuts.

It is now no way to just get rid of hair on the legs is not beautiful: hair removal wax, bio epilation, chemical depilation, etc. But most women still remain true to the proven method and remove all unnecessary in the old way, but without feeling pain. What kind of way? Well, of course - close, only to replace the stones came to high-quality razors.

So, we have more than 11 000 hairs, pushing up through a layer of skin on each foot. But it is necessary to make one wrong move with a razor blade - and the sad consequences are inevitable.

"Women, unlike men, tend to shave in the shower, where the slippery, wet and difficult to maintain a balance," - explains Jerome Litt, a professor of dermatology at the Medical School of the University of Cleveland.

Razors for women appeared in our everyday life not so long ago. Prior to this, we used a razor in his view, belong to our men. But the use of male razors significantly complicates the procedure itself, because women have to shave the rough surface - at the ankles, knees, and men's razor is not too suited for this purpose.

To keep your skin was shaved perfectly, even and smooth, and so on it was cut and bruised, just follow your advice, happy to share that Dr. Litt and experts of "vest" in New York.

First, one must always choose the razor designed specifically for women. It should pay particular attention to its design, "should have a pen-slip pad of material, a razor blade to be single or double with a lubricating strip, impregnated with aloe and moisturizers, shaving head - turning to slide easily along the ankles and knees. The choice of such machines is very diverse. "

Second, before the procedure, shaving, skin should be lubricated humidifier. You can use any moisturizing gel, soap and shaving cream. It is desirable that they contain vitamin E and other moisturizing ingredients to wet hair so that the razor glides over the skin and cut the risk remains. In addition, moisturizers have another significant advantage: they do not dry the skin and not clog the razor, as it makes the soap.

Thirdly, it is necessary to comply with rule 2.15. It means that the procedure needed to start shaving, not earlier than 2 minutes after you get up in the shower and finish no later than fifteen minutes. The secret is simple: in the first two minutes, the hair softens under the influence of warm water, the pores widen, contributing to a rapid and safe removal of hairs. But after 15 minutes the water clog hair follicles, skin wrinkled, and get a close shave is problematic.

Check out the shaving procedure is a special lotion. This requires a slightly wet towel wet feet, and then while they are still damp, apply moisturizer to the skin.

It is worth remembering that shaving legs shaving one movement is sufficient. You do not need to shave twice the same place, since removing the hair in one movement, the second time already razor removes the top layer of skin, which can lead to bleeding and possible infection.

Regarding the frequency of replacement blades, the general recommendations are as follows: they must be replaced after every four shaves, as blunt blades cause cuts and skin irritations. To make it easier to remember when you last changed the blade, you can suggest the following way: in that case if you shave your legs twice a week, then just make it a rule to change the blade of the 1st and 15th of each month or each second Sunday. Well, women with dense vegetation, the blades should be changed frequently.

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