Monday, July 18, 2011

Hair Removal - Which Offers A Modern Cosmetology?

Even in times of Cleopatra, women have fought with excess hair on the body: do sugaring - hair removed with a mixture of sugar and lemon juice. And always the presence of excess hair growth in women was considered mauvais ton. But now men are paying more attention to their appearance.

First of all I want to make a classification of methods for removing the "extra" hair. This - depilation and epilation. By waxing should be understood as the temporary removal of hair above the skin are: shaving, depilatory creams application, hair removal and wax depilation elektro depilatorom, or, as it is called, biodepilyatsiya. Among the above methods of the latter is considered the most effective because the effect is smooth and shiny skin very long - two to four weeks, and re-grow back the hairs are not as rigid as after shave.

Under epilation understand the full or temporary removal of hair with a hair follicle or hair bulb. By modern methods of hair removal are owned electrolysis, epilation and laser hair removal.

The latter is considered the most effective in the fight against unwanted hair. Unlike other methods, a laser can be achieved by removing about 70-85% of excess body hair, and those 30% that will grow, just turn into a soft light fluff, which will not create any discomfort.

The essence of this method is to use light energy, which, when applied to the skin, heats and destroys the cells that contain melanin. Thus, the laser beam penetrates the hair follicle and destroys it rapidly. A special system instantly cools the skin, so do not feel the slightest discomfort during the procedure. The only drawback to this method is that the laser does not react to cells devoid of pigment, therefore, can not influence the blond and gray hair. Also to possible complications include the appearance of burns, if the procedure was performed correctly. To avoid this, you need to very carefully as to the choice of method of hair removal, and the choice of specialist, given his experience.

The results of laser hair removal can be felt immediately after the procedure. According to information collected by the American Academy of Dermatology, after the first procedure on the arms, legs and bikini area for a month it grows about 55% of the previous amount of hair a month after the second procedure - 40% after the third - about 25%, and after seven months after the fourth and fifth only 10% of the hair. But even the hairs, which continue to grow, turn into fluff that does not create any discomfort. Cleopatra could only dream about ...

This gradual destruction of the hair is predetermined by the fact that the laser only affects hair follicle, which is in a growth stage. In this phase the hair follicle receptors are most sensitive to the influence of external stimuli. And if you're somewhere will ensure that at a time getting rid of unwanted hair forever - do not believe, because such an effect can only be achieved by radiation or high-power X-ray irradiation. But it is better not to put yourself in unnecessary experiments.

If you decide to make the procedure of laser hair removal, it is necessary for 4-6 weeks before the session to abandon all other methods of hair removal. You can only use shaving. Also, because the laser affects the cells with a sufficient amount of melanin, you can not tan in the sun or solarium, two weeks before the procedure.

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  1. Probably the best hair removal method is using a hair removal creme. After use hair is removed for a number of weeks. Best of all it's fast and effective, meaning less time in the bathroom.